Title: Distinction

Fandom: Sweeney Todd, because there's not enough Johanna/Anthony D8

Pairing: Johanna/Anthony

Word Count: 154

Rating: G

Prompt: .x. For the sense of smell, almost more than any other, has the power to recall memories

A/N: More or less a drabble. I handwrote it one day during math class in really pretty cursive, though!

Summary: In the end, it turned out Johanna couldn't love Anthony.

In the end, it turned out Johanna couldn't love Anthony. She was grateful for him, and in some ways, she did love him, or had at least convinced herself she had. But it wasn't that type of love - not the type of love they had both wanted. So now, they were friends. Sort of, as Johanna had yet to explain any of this to Anthony.

He didn't ask for much. For that, Johanna was also grateful. But the fact that Anthony thought that she loved him, for some strange reason - that hurt.

No matter what she did, he reminded her of Judge Turpin. It was his smell - it wasn't nearly as distinct as the actual man's, but it was there, somewhere. Or maybe, just maybe, it was permanently imprinted in her brain. To be truthful, that was more than likely the case.

Johanna didn't want to hate Anthony.

She didn't want to love him either.