Here's a short story I thought would be cute to write about. Ok so Ichigo has insomnia, Grimmjow wants to fight, and keeps bugging Ichigo who's trying to get to sleep. And they start talking about really random stuff...

Ichigo stared at the shadowed ceiling of his room with exhaustion. Nothing, absolutely nothing should've been keeping him awake, yet here he was, wrapped in another fit of insomnia. He looked over his room again, trying to occupy his time. His room was bathed in dim moonlight, the grey-blue light filtered through his window, making a bright rectangle stretch across his floor and came to a stop on his closet. His book shelves and desk were hidden in darkness. His chocolate eyes drifted out his window, they were met with the obscured tops of buildings off in the distance and the vibrant blue swirling clouds above. The sky was a mixture of blues. Around the full moon it was an almost white blue, that faded out to a deep almost black blue. Stars glittered the sky like shining bits of glass. He sighed as his face was cast in the pale light. He closed his eyes feeling his heavy lids droop. But he could not drift off to sleep. Something was wrong, again. Flashes of violent pictures and scenes of old battle came to mind and he immediately opened his eyes gasping.

It was one of those nights again.

Whenever it was a full moon he would have so many awful dreams. Either something about his mother, or Hollows ripping apart his friends and family, or about all the people he had to hurt.

He rolled over angrily facing his shadowed room. He hated fighting. He hated it so much. All it did was hurt people. He looked at his hand, tracing the lines in his palms. How many people had he really hurt? Ichigo thought that there were three reasons to fight, to train to protect your loved ones, to save someone, or because-

Ichigo felt something different in the air, a pulse through the atmosphere that made his heart pound. He found himself trying to catch his breath. The hair on the back of his neck pricked up, and he opened his eyes. It could only be an Espada. He sighed angrily. Why now!?!! He thought sleepily. Then he saw a shadow in his window. A light tap sounded behind him and he felt a wave of confusion lap at his conscience. Why would an Arrancar knock…?

He turned to the window sleepily, his eyes squinting at the light of the moon. His hands fumbled for the latch to his window. It slid open in an instant as the wind filled his room, making his curtains dance. He opened his eyes in surprise as he saw who the shadow was.

"G-Grimmjow?" Ichigo whispered meeting a pair of shining blue eyes, that reflected the light of the stars. Grimmjow was looking as happy and sadistic as ever. He smiled wickedly, "Oi Kurosaki! Long time no see! Ok so let's go!" He said turning from the teen and jumping to the tip of the roof. Ichigo's eye twitched and he fell back onto the bed with a huff. Grimmjow noticed Ichigo wasn't following and the Espada looked confused.

"Oi kid….c'mon." He murmured to the teen who threw a pillow over his head.

"I'm tired. Leave me alone!!!" His cry was muffled by the fabric.

"Excuse me?! I don't think so! I came all this way and now you won't even come out to play?! Man I'm hurt…" He cooed evilly.

"Well go find someone else to baby sit you, god you come to fight at the worst times!" Ichigo moaned into his pillow.

"Damnit I'm serious! Let's go you're, getting on my nerves!"

"Not if you begged me on your hands and knees…"Ichigo said hauntingly.

Grimmjow growled lowly grimacing. He poked Ichigo with Pantera. Nothing happened. He did it again but muttered, "Fight." Again nothing happened.

5 minutes later.

"Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight. F-"

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOULD YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!????" Grimmjow stopped poking Ichigo and looked upset. Ichigo threw the pillow at Grimmjow, who ducked his head lower, becoming eye level with the annoyed teen. Ichigo stared into the pale face that was surprisingly close to his. For a few seconds he was speechless but found the words, "Just, shut up. Ok? I'm not going to fight you….how did you find my house anyway? Now are you and you're little friends gonna start coming here and obliterate my house?"

"No body else knows you live here….and you know I'm not exactly Aizen's little bitch like Ulquiorra so, that's the way it's gonna stay."

Ichigo looked with wide eyes at the Espada. He didn't expect someone like Grimmjow to keep a secret. To keep his secret. Ichigo was at a loss for words. He glanced away at the floor and muttered, "T-thanks…"

"It's not for you. It's so that we can fight whenever I want and no one can stop me. And hell if I'm going t' be stopped by you now do I have to drag you out side!?"

"Shut up, I can't right now. You're like an untrained puppy! What do you want from me? Oh I'm sooooo sorry, it's just frickin breakin my heart not punching your face in right now, I promise, so just go away so I can try and start my summer by actually getting some sleep!!" he hissed sarcastically.

"…What's Summer?"

Ichigo sat up again looking into the confused eyes. For once he saw innocence. He had forgotten Grimmjow probably didn't know a lot of human customs and things.

"Summer is when us teenagers don't have school for 3 months and there' fun stuff we do…"

"Like killing people?"

"No! Grimmjow is that really you're idea of fun?!"

"Well it's what Aizen's taught us from our transformation…it's only natural for Hollows to destroy."

"Yes, but that's only because everyone tries to kill you….I wonder why no one else seems to care about them. They just think they're dumb animals…"

Grimmjow looked surprised and hopped into Ichigo's room. Landing lightly on Ichigo's bed, laying down Pantera. He looked around, examining the room. He looked back to Ichigo, his elbows balanced on his knees.

"And…you, don't think that?" Grimmjow asked.

"Well, it's different for every Hollow. Some are completely different from others." Ichigo murmured glancing at Grimmjow. He continued, "Some….have consciences, which they try to hide."

Grimmjow's gaze flickered from Ichigo to the room again. It was quiet for a few moments and Grimmjow leaned back against the wall behind Ichigo's bed. He ran his fingers through his glossy blue hair. He closed his glowing eyes feeling defeated.

"Damn it Shinigami why aren't we fighting?" He hissed slightly offended.

"Grimmjow," Ichigo said squinting in thought, "What is so great about fighting? What do you get from it? I mean….all I think about it are scars, and blood, and pain."

"Nah…I guess you wouldn't understand…..In a world where you have nothing, I guess you get selfish…you want to take everything away from your opponent, maybe hoping it can become yours….but it never can. But for me, the taste of blood, the feeling of metal crash against metal, being able to feel at one with your sword…being able to feel for those few moments….that is what fighting is to me."

"So let's see…" Grimmjow heard the teen ruffling pages in a book. He turned his head towards the teen.

"It seems that fighting is like an alternate universe for you….? Am I right?" Ichigo said looking up from the book.

Grimmjow nodded with a serious expression.

"And…it's a place where you feel you can control the outcome?"

Grimmjow grunted a yes.

"Then it says here that you have control issues…like everyone tells you what to do and you know you can't escape it, but when you fight….you're free." Ichigo said slowly looking up from the book.

Grimmjow blinked a couple of times before going on the defensive, "Pffft nice anaylisis Dr. Kurosaki why don't I just lie back on the couch and tell you all about my abusive father, my alchoholic mother, and my friends who don't understand me! What the hell is that book anyway."

"It's my pshycology book, I love that kind of stuff….Plus it says 'The dominant male will try to laugh this off with an obscure reference, making himself seem unaffected.'"

"Shut up Kurosaki!"

" 'Now the alpha male type will become violent…'"

"I swear to god…."

" 'The anger will continue to rise until-"

Grimmjow grabbed the book and flung it out the window. Ichigo couldn't believe what had just happened. He looked over to Grimmjow who was contently enjoying the sound of the book flying over the roof into the street.

"You ass hole!! I really liked that book!!" Ichigo said throwing a pillow. It hit Grimmjow square in the face and slowly flopped off.

All Grimmjow did was smirk darkly. "Here. We. Go!" Grimmjow said hurling the pillow back at Ichigo and picking up Pantera. In one quick motion Ichigo caught the pillow and it was cut in half by the ragged blade.

"M-my pillow!! Dude not cool!!" Ichigo said reaching behind him and grabbing his sword. As soon as he felt Zangetsu's handle he immediately looked down cast. He dropped the sword and closed his eyes trying to calm down. "I don't care what you do but I'm not fighting with you…"

"Shit there you were and I lost you again! URGGG!....I'm gonna kill you!!"

Ichigo fell back against his pillow feeling the blade meet the soft flesh of his neck. He remembered the familiar charge he felt when the sword met his skin. He gasped slightly but kept his eyes closed. "Maybe if you do I can finally get some sleep… Grimmjow do I keep having to ask the same questions? What is so great about fighting with me? Don't you have someone else?"

There was a silence and Ichigo thought he felt a minute shaking in the blade.

"No I don't have anyone else, so can we please just get a quick battle in?"

"Did….did you just say please!? Oh my god, are you dying?!" Ichigo joked.

Grimmjow gave a low chuckle and ran the blade lower finding Ichigo's clavical, making the teen shudder slightly.

"Ohhhhh see? It really has been a long time. You feel it too don't you? The longing to feel alive? We continue on with our dull existence, finding fewer and fewer reasons to continue on with the idiotic charade… but when we fight each other, god it's like fucking Armageddon. You act like you hate fighting but I know you crave it just like me….You're addicted…And so am I…..I'll say it here and now, you are my drug Kurosaki, and I need a fix….bad…."

"Why me?"

"I…don't know why….but I do know that I can't wait until our next battle, or the one after that…hell maybe I never wanted to kill you…."

Ichigo sighed heavily looking Grimmjow in the eyes. He knew the Arrancar was right, he loved fighting Grimmjow, he knew he only liked fighting Grimmjow, no one else. But he hated it at the same time. For some reason he cared for the Arrancar and hated hurting him.

"Can't we ever just talk? Jesus, there's more to life than fighting!"

"T-talk? Ichigo….I'm dead…."

"Not to me. I meet so many dead people the lines been completely destroyed. I hate fighting it's that simple. I only….I only like fighting you…"

"Haha! Good now get you're sword-"

"But I don't want to fight you."

"Damnit why!!?"

"Because I hate hurting people."

"……." Grimmjow kept starring at Ichigo like a small child, he didn't understand why his plaything would not play.

"I….I hate hurting you dumbass…." Ichigo said pushing the sword away and turning over. Grimmjow looked troubled and put Pantera at his side. He folded his arms and thought hard. His vibrant blue eyes intent on Ichigo.

Ichigo felt his face redden. Why did he have to say that? He felt so retarded. Ichigo froze when he felt a pressure next to his folded wrist through the blanket. He opened his eyes expecting to see Pantera, but found a pale arm. Ichigo's head snapped up to stare Grimmjow, who was only inches away from his face, straight in the eyes. Ichigo nearly jumped out of his skin as Grimmjow put his other hand on the other side of Ichigo. The orange-haired shinigami tried to say something but he could only say, "G-grimmjow! What're you doing you big-!?"

"I don't believe you so I'm testing you….I guess you didn't punch me so…"

"What do you mean testing me!?"

"I thought that if I gave you the chance you would definitely take advantage and kick the crap outta me… Man you humans are unpredictable…"

There was a moment of silence and Ichigo couldn't help but keep staring into the beautiful blue eyes. The curtains slowly danced in the background, followed by Grimmjow's hair. A few strands fell into the Arrancar's face. Ichigo looked softly into the eyes, feeling an airy feeling in his stomach. Grimmjow looked back absent-mindedly he murmured, "Why don't you like hurting me? C'mon first punch's free."

Ichigo laughed softly, "No, Grimmjow."

"C'mon it's fun."

"It might be fun to hurt me but-"

"Maybe it's not that fun either…" Grimmjow said looking down.


"When you look at me like that…I….can't…" He said seeming to look through the teen. "Why do you look at me like that? Nobody else does….is it an eye technique or something? It affects me so much…." Grimmjow finished.

Ichigo felt a blush come to his cheeks. Ichigo felt his eye brows furrow and he flicked Grimmjow in the forehead. Grimmjow growled and shrunk back, while Ichigo got up. The orange haired Shinigami pushed his way off the bed and stretched. He felt the familiar pop of spinal columns and bent backwards slightly. He let out a little sigh of pleasure, and felt his heavy muscles remind him of how exhausted he was.

"Now that I know I'm not going to get anymore sleep…Do you wanna go get a snack?"

Ichigo looked behind him, then slipped out his door, to check the fridge down stairs...this was going to be a strange night. Better get out the ice cream...