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Grimmjow breathed deeply, following the orange-haired shinigami through the welling darkness of the house. The gentle thump of bare feet against worn wood filled the hall, along with the natural sounds of Ichigo breathing. A dreamy kind of mood filled the cool night, it was so calm here, not like Hueco Mundo…..not like the empty sadness and the frightening apprehension the Hollow World's night projected upon its residents. 'Will I die tonight?' was once a familiar thought that escaped Adjuchas Grimmjow as he stared up at the blank moon from the desolate white sand…..before he settled down for another dreamless… hollow…sleep.

In the midst of thought Grimmjow's foot kicked something. He stopped and looked at the floor, his night vision purposely flicking on with a blink. Grimmjow saw a small paper-back book brushing his foot. Curiosity over took him and he crouched down inspecting it. Grabbing the book he felt a presence kneel beside him.

"Oh hey… Karin's Manga…. She just got it. I wonder if she was reading it when the whole Ice-cream thing happened. That's probably why it's out here."

"…Manga?" Grimmjow murmured glancing at Ichigo then back to the book.

"Uhhmmm Japanese Comics, I love 'em…. C-comics are books with pictures that tell stories…" Ichigo explained like he would to a child seeing Grimmjow's confusion.

"About what?" The blue haired Arrancar said standing, book in hand.

Ichigo followed and whispered, "About anything really…. But the one you have there is a romance drama I believe…"

With another frustrated sigh from Grimmjow, Ichigo went on, "Ya know romance, love, girls and guys falling in love dramatically? …. Grimmjow are you serious? You really have no clue what that stuff is?" Ichigo whispered crossing the hall and opening the door to his room, gesturing for Grimmjow to come in. The blue-haired man walked through the door as Ichigo closed it behind him.

The Arrancar went to sit on the bed with a brooding expression , "Well why should I? It's all a loud of crap." Just as he said this the little smile on Ichigo's face disappeared and he felt the teen tense…. He decided to go on, "I mean really I might not know what it is but I keep hearing you talk about it ALL THE FUCKIN' TIME, and it's such a load of bull. All humans living or dead who REALLY see the world for what it is can see right through your simple illusion of love. There is no love. It's just a nice idea. All the shit you feel? It's chemical, nothing MAGICAL, nothing that can…whatever you guys think it does. "

"You're wrong," Ichigo said turning around harshly then forgetting that he said it outloud he regained his composure, "Love is real and just because you haven't seen it, or are too DUMB to realize that you did well then it's not my problem to enlighten the idiots of the world."

"Fuck you…. So if the wise and loving Kurosaki can tell me all about it, go right on ahead!" Grimmjow barked while challengingly kicking Ichigo's office chair out in front of him.

The teen scowled and immediately rebelled. Ichigo sat in the chair backwards so he could face Grimmjow, he placed his elbows on the chair back and leaned towards Grimmjow gaining ground, "Alright listen, I'm not repeating myself. Love, it's a pretty important word, but the only thing more important is this word in action. People throw themselves in front of bullets and swords to defend the ones they love, life is not important without love. I mean really what's the point? If you don't have your friends by your side, or your family supporting you, or that one person…. What's the point?" Ichigo trailed off, his eyes practically staring through the Arrancar.

"Are you high or something? This doesn't make any sense you're just rambling." Grimmjow said frowning.

"Or you just don't get it yet… huuuu *he rubs his temples* Ahh.. well there isn't just one type, ya know? You got about three…. The love you feel for your friends, the love you feel for your family, and the love you feel for…. Your uhmm… your lover"


"Uhmmm….your Mate….. look ok? Love makes you feel many different emotions, I mean very different, they can even fool you into thinking you hate the other person for awhile. Well…. They're the person you want to protect the most, the one who makes you the happiest… they can make you happy from just being alive…to just be around you. You feel that if they were gone, they'd take a piece of you if they left. You love them because they make you feel full… uhmm have you ever felt like there was something missing?...oh and I don't mean in your abdomen…I mean like when you're alone do you feel empty? " Ichigo replied.

"…well….sometimes I dunno…" The blue-haired man sighed looking at Ichigo's fingers, which were playing with the label on the chair.

"They fill up the empty place, but would make a bigger empty place if they were gone. They are your blood, your oxygen, your reason. They're your everything. They're in your mind all day, you dream about them all night, it's like they moved into your brain. Unfortunately you pay a price for that rush, you crash and crave them when they leave and can barely function without them… haha but it's worth the price. Basically love is an addiction. It's in your blood, you got this itch, it's an obsession. Love is a drug. Yet just because it sounds like a chemical reaction in your brain, then why would we have so many more side effects then just horyness? Shaky sweating palms, dizziness, word diarrhea (meaning you can't shut up), nausea, nerve sensitivity, extreme emotional disturbance, hallucinations, insomnia- " Ichigo suddenly cut himself off.

"Sounds like you've been reading that psychology book to much..….Why'd you stop?"

"N-nothin… so yeah you have all those lovely symptoms and more, but the one important one is this burning feeling in your chest…. It travels through your entire body and you can't breathe, but it's the greatest feeling in the world…" Ichigo whispered while he stared at his hands, a little smile on his face.

Grimmjow snorted angrily, "Bullshit…. Complete and utter bullshit I can't believe you're that stupid to believe in something like-"

"Idiot!" The teen snarled under his breath, his voice dripping in malice.

The Arrancar furrowed his brows getting angrier, "Fuck you then! Where the hell did this come from?!"

In an instant Ichigo stood and pushed the chair out of his way, "How did you get so angry so quickly?" His eyes dark and his face a calm mask/ frown.

…and Grimmjow gave Ichigo a look that said loud and clear STOP. "Because it's stupid!"

Ichigo grabbed Grimmjow by the collar and pushed him backwards so Ichigo was leaning over him, his knee on one side of the blue haired Arrancar, "Answer. "

There was an intense silence, Grimmjow breathed loudly almost panting, his shoulders were visibly moving with each intake of air. His eyebrows furrowed angrily, his mouth slightly parted, his eyes open wide and searching Ichigo's face.

Ichigo stayed calm and serious.

Grimmjow regained his ground and grabbed Ichigo's shirt front and screamed into his emotionless face:


Ichigo's mask broke a look of child-like amazement spread over his face while the Arrancar was struggling for breath and still shaking him a little. Ichigo's eyebrows inclined apologetically, "………what…?"

"No No! Fuck you I'm leaving, this is crap I'm… I've gotta…. What am I….What's wrong with me?…….." Grimmjow whispered, his gasping growing more desperate…. And it wasn't from the shouting. They let go of each other's shirts and collars. Grimmjow started coughing and he closed his eyes … his face making a mask of desperation. He clawed at his chest and shook a little.

Ichigo still had his knee on one side of Grimmjow, he put his other knee on the Arrancar's opposite side. This made Grimmjow worse.

"The..f-fuck are…. You doin'!?" Sputtered the surprised man who felt the knee beside him, but as soon as he was about to look up at Ichigo, the teen had grabbed the Arrancar's arms and gently pushed him making him fall onto the bed, pinning him. Grimmjow panted and breathed like a man who hadn't breathed in an hour. He struggled a bit but succumbed to the teen his breathing driving him to just accept whatever the hell went on around him, he was a little helpless… this was the first time Ichigo had ever seen Grimmjow like this…

"….Grimmjow…" Ichigo whispered trying to calm the violent man beneath him, Grimmjow tried to look anywhere but at Ichigo.

Then icy teal eyes met deep brown, another set of intense silence… Ichigo leaned in a little.

"Go the fuck away…" Grimmjow whispered, pleading, while he closed his eyes and desperately tried to hide his face in the bed.

Ichigo leaned to the left, searching for Grimmjow's face, they were inches away now. Grimmjow's eyes shined warily.

"Please…. Just lemme go." Grimmjow pleaded again.


"…..I can't breathe….."

"……………Niether can I…..always… burns too much…"

"….All the way to my fingertips….." Grimmjow whispered scowling painfully. Ichigo slid his hands up Grimmjow's wrists and into his powerful hands, he gently rubbed his fingers, feelings them close tightly on his own hands.

Ichigo smiled, and closed his eyes, the mood was so soft and warm… peaceful, suddenly he felt his whole body flip over. He opened his eyes to find Grimmjow over him now. He felt a little scared but I guess this was how Grimmjow felt.

Grimmjow laughed, leaning into Ichigo's face. Ichigo eyed him warily, his eyes darting from the glowing feral eyes full of lust, and to his mouth. Grimmjow licked his lips exposing his sharp canines.

Ichigo felt the pressure on his lips immediately followed by the same tingling burning, except this was just so much more… so fucking fantastic… so superior to the previous feeling it couldn't even compare. Ichigo felt himself shaking, Jesus were all kisses this good? Oh my god…

Ichigo felt Grimmjow move his head to the right and deepened their kisses. Ichigo broke away panting while Grimmjow paused, breathing against Ichigo's cheek, "Ugh… haa…W…What happened…haa….haaaa.. to the breath-thing…..problem…..guh?"

"When you look at me like that… It's like I'm breathing for the first time……." He whispered into the teen's ear.

Both bodies lying against the other began feeling heat accumulate between them, so much so that it was difficult to take. Finally Grimmjow found his way back to the teen's mouth; pressing against Ichigo's lips softly at first, then with a little more speed and pressure. They broke away every other kiss, only to get pulled back in like a magnet. With a great intake of air Grimmjow began hungry passionate kisses feeling his mind empty of everything, and his senses begin to take over.

Soon they were frantically exploring each other. Hands began flying to grab hair and unbutton shirts atop tanned chests… caress faces and bodies, lips finding sensitive necks and the intoxicating scents of the other…..gentle and hurried breaths mixing together on skin and sweat….the creak of bodies undressing on the old mattresses, the sounds of gaps and moans when skin and skin met preforming a symphony created by flesh and lust.

Soon Grimmjow was steadily kissing Ichigo's clavical and neck, finding his sensitive spots that made Ichigo jump from the sensation, his cheeks vibrant red. He dug his hands into Grimmjow's hair to keep himself still….and sane, oh but it felt so good… It was driving him out of his mind…. He let out a throaty moan and bit his lips. Grimmjow chuckled into his neck, Ichigo could feel the blue-haired man's teeth vibrate into his moist skin. Oh god where did he learn to do that…?

Ichigo felt the blue-haired Arrancar return to his chin and nip it lightly. Ichigo kissed him roughly grabbing his face and lustily moaning when Grimmjow's hands began to run up and down Ichigo's chest, sometimes caressing randomly until reaching his abdomen, and trailing his fingers over the ripples of muscles…. Lower still, beneath the soft cotton boxers…..his fingers found the warm flesh, the supple tanned skin….

"Oh Fuck…" Ichigo panted fiercely knotting his hands in Grimmjow's open jacket trying hard not to shake from the stifling heat and strong muscled hands stroking him. Ichigo licked his lips as his brows furrowed over tightly shut eyes. Oh god how many hands did he have?....

In the cool night air heated breath hissed through teeth like smoke, the moonlight glowed down lightly, illuminating the two bodies in a soft dim blue light. Ichigo leaned his head back beginning to rock his hips to the movement below, "We…. Shhh…Shhouldn't be….. doing this ughh…..ugh…" He said overcome with desire.

"Why not?" Grimmjow whispered against Ichigo's ear, nuzzling into the side of his face like a cat.

"So many…. R-reasons Grimmjow." Ichigo said leaning into the bone mask on the panther's left cheek. He jerked for only a second but knew Grimmjow felt him freak a little.

Grimmjow's eye, shining with an unnatural glow in the darkness whispered deeply, "I'll make you forget every single one…" and began to fondle the teen vigorously.

Ichigo gasped and felt himself fall backwards onto the bed with a soft flop Grimmjow following hungrily, meeting Ichigo's lips in a frenzy of lust.

"W-wait…a sec…mmmph…"The orange-haired teen sat up a little, putting his hand on Grimmjow's to stop his slicked fingers. He got to his knees and pushed Grimmjow back lightly so that he sat back. Grimmjow stared at him with half-lidded feline eyes, daring him to do something. They shined like the glowing end of a cigarette in pitch blackness.

Ichigo placed his hands on Grimmjow's knees and bent over the blue-haired man, staring longingly from his eyes to his lips, Grimmjow encouraged him with a low chuffle that sounded like a deep short purr.

He kissed his cheek, then pulling an inch away, he kept staring at the snowy skinned man who turned to meet his lips. Ichigo stayed close but looked down and with shaking fingers began to unwrap the sash of Grimmjow's flowing pants. Slowly, and with many self-conscious pauses, Ichigo slid the material off of the Arrancar's body.

Grimmjow's hands came up and found Ichigo's waist, and slipped the thin cotton boxers from's the Shinigami's waist.

"Don't cry." Grimmjow whispered, his expression evil. Before Ichigo could respond, Grimmjow was on top of him again, holding the teen's wrists together with one hand over his head.

Suddenly Ichigo felt Grimmjow inside of him, "FUCK!!! TOO FAST ASSHOLE!!!" Ichigo growled getting into Grimmjow's face.

"So sorry Princess Kurosaki." Grimmjow said still thrusting.

Ichigo snarled back feeling himself assimilate to the speed, "Princess?...urg..I'll s-show you princess, you knob gobbler."

Before the Arrancar could question the name, Ichigo rocked his hips vigorously along with the motion, sometimes quickening the pace; making Grimmjow lick his canines and chuckle/moan, "Oh-ho-ho fuck…" Steam flowed from his exposed tongue and teeth.

The blue-haired Arrancar leaned down, lying his bare chest against the others making Ichigo quiver. He could feel….everything. The teen never thought he could experience his enemy this way… he never thought he could experience anyone like this…. He could feel Grimmjow's heart beat on every inch of the skin touching his, he felt the other's muscles glide under skin, he could feel the panther's breath flowing over his skin like an old friend. Everything was so new, and yet so familiar. Grimmjow was all around him… The teen buried his face into moist skin and blue-hair, feeling the Arrancar kiss his neck.

Grimmjow's free hand cradled Ichigo's head by the nape of his neck while he delivered more nips and kisses to the panting shinigami.

"…Ichigo…." He murmured into the other's ear.

"Grii-iih-hmm…jow… ughha..haha," the teen laughed in a euphoric daze. Grimmjow snickered, enjoying witnessing the shinigami so completely overcome with lust, just because of him. Grimmjow slid his hand down Ichigo's chest again finding the neglected member which he began to pump along with a new rigor to thrusts.

Ichigo moaned happily, stretching his neck out in pleasure, beads of sweat forming on his skin. Grimmjow slid his tongue over the teens flesh tasting the delicious flavor of his enemy making the teen moan, his chest rising and falling powerfully. He could feel the teen breathe beneath his chest an tongue and it was kind of amazing to be able to feel that … feel the body of another so easily … be able to be trusted so much… when Grimmjow had never been this close to anyone….physically or emotionally…..

Ichigo felt a numbness in his dripping member which could only mean one thing, his head felt like it was spinning, "Grii…mjow…ugh..gonna.s.. gonnaaaahhh….mph!"

But all Grimmjow did was laugh and begin to thrust harder and faster, rocking the teen with such strength the bed felt like it was about to break. Ichigo yowled and spastically kept pace, the tension becoming to great. Everything… everything was so- oh god it just felt too damn good, the rough strong fingers slicking his…..the body pounding into his…

Ichigo gritted his teeth feeling the release in his member immediately as an amazing sense of ecstasy spread over his body, a few sharp muscle contractions ensued each time Grimmjow's fingers pumped his releasing organ.

Grimmjow chuckled feeling his self climax as well, he moaned and slowed his rocking hips until finally freeing himself in the teen.

The two bodies panted and heaved against each other a little amazed how fucking good they were. They were still, finally resting, the sweat rolling off their muscled bodies. Ichigo and Grimmjow stared at each other. Both had a fire in their eyes the other had never seen…. They felt so alive. As Ichigo searched the cat-like blue eyes, he laughed through his deep euphoric breaths. Soon Grimmjow followed, both laughing together, their nerves all live wires, their hormones raging. This was better than… anything…..this…. high was…..incredible.

Grimmjow released his captive and rolled to Ichigo's side. They both tried to catch their breath but still couldn't, Ichigo looked to his left, to see the panther staring at him. Those brilliant shining eyes….so intense, staring at him. His skin and hair glowing with moonlight… looking so natural with the beams glistening off his hair. Ichigo suddenly noticed……everything about Grimmjow was artificial…. Except his soul…

Grimmjow must have lived hundreds of years alone in the dessert…. He wondered how many times the Arrancar was scared….lonely…….when he was first turned into a hollow he must have been scared.....although it was hard to imagine he was sure the loneliness and hurt from dying turned into rage and hate, it must have been easier… to deal with it that way. Then when he turned into a Menos…. How amazing that he was so strong only his consciousness remained out of a great deal of hollows….. and then he was able to become an Adjuchas but once a hollow reaches this stage….. it's dangerous and…. He was probably terrified. When a hollow reaches that state…. If they don't eat enough hollows… they will lose their consciousness and return to Menos state. That must have been… unbearable… so he killed, he killed so he wouldn't disappear. And even when he could've let a hollow bite him and stop his growth, thus stopping his reversal as well, he didn't because…. He was strong. Ichigo wondered if he could ever be that resilient.

"Oi Kurosaki….. why do you look so sad?" The blue-haired man asked calmly.

"………..What did you do it for?" Ichigo asked with wonder.


"When you were a Hollow…..and a Menos, and finally an Adjuchas……Why did you keep fighting? What was the point? Why not let another hollow devour a piece of you?" Ichigo whispered.

"….What have you been thinking about?," the Arrancar chuckled a little confused, "What brought this up?"

"….I dunno…. Your face kinda tells a sad tale, hah specially the mask….. just that's what I always wondered when I looked into your eyes, how you never lose that passion….even through all the shit you've been through you still look so…alive, your soul is so unbreakable." Ichigo said smiling… there was an awkward moment of silence, "Ohh… I'm sorry was that weird?... oh never mind me haha" Ichigo laughed.

"…I knew there was something more to it, I had this….feeling. That if I tried hard enough… I would find it….you know that feeling you were talking about? How sometimes humans get that little empty feeling? Like they're missing something? …. This might be odd but, Hollows never feel like that….ever…. maybe a few, but any that do are killed pretty easily because they begin without a desire to kill. Mine kinda… grew." Grimmjow said staring at the moon, out Ichigo's window, a bit of nostalgia shining in the iridescent pools. He sighed.

"Did ya find it?" Ichigo said staring at the ceiling.

Grimmjow glanced at him.

Ichigo felt a presence around a few of his fingers. He gazed down to his hand in surprise, finding gentle fingers curled over his. Ichigo's eyes immediately looked at Grimmjow who's eyes were still fixed to the moon. The eyes were softer now, a smile so slight Ichigo could barely see it, graced his lips. He whispered something in a warm meaningful voice followed by a little chuckle:

"…Who knows…"

Ichigo smiled wistfully. He slid his fingers into an embrace with Grimmjow's and closed his eyes… this moment… right now….was so peaceful….so perfect…

Grimmjow heard Ichigo's breathing become softer… slower. He turned, finding a sleeping teen dozing peacefully… a smiled still on his lips. Grimmjow laughed and rolled to his side to face him. Grimmjow kissed him softly, and settled down to watch him.

"….Grimmjow?" Ichigo whispered his eyes were still closed.


"Are you afraid to die?" Ichigo asked innocently… like it was a simple question.

"What is it with that weird mind of yours?"

"….Well…are you?"

There was a moment of silence. "Why do you want to know?" The Arrancar whispered.

"Because you'll lose all your memories again. You'll go to Soul Society and forget everything you fought for… I mean the only way you'd die was if you were killed by a Shinigami….or another Arrancar, you'd still be dying by a Shinigami blade… so you'd go to Soul Society 'cause we purify souls of all the evil they have done as Hollows. So… you'd lose your memories….some people lose them forever… some never lose them at all… but…. Are you afraid of the gamble? …..You act like you're not afraid of anything but…sometimes I think you act like that to forget about the gamble…because you wouldn't bet on your own chances….." Ichigo said seriously, half muffled on his pillow.

"…Well…..why should I have any reason to win?" Grimmjow whispered in a serious tone.

"Because I'd bet it all on you, Grimmjow." Ichigo said smiling sleepily. He opened his eyes just a bit, finding his love's face. He brushed his fingers over the exposed jaw bone. Grimmjow reached up to hold his hand there. He turned to kiss it softly.

"…I'll remember you, Kurosaki. I would never forget the way you're looking at me right now…."

"Haha please….. your face is permanently engraved into my mind. I couldn't forget you… it'd like be forgetting how to breathe…. I couldn't if I wanted to haha…I love you, in all your glorious asshole-ness." Ichigo said snuggling deeper into his pillow so only one soft brown eye could sleepily trace the lines of Grimmjow's face.

"…..I love ya Ichigo. Even though you're a retard."

"Awww…how nice of you, dickface." Ichigo laughed

"I know right? Now go to sleep already…" Grimmjow chuckled lying his forehead on Ichigo's….

And finally, Ichigo got a long deserved sleep…… and Ichigo never had a bad night's sleep on a full moon again…. If you get what I mean…hahaha

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