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Summary: Konoha Gakuen was a normal high school – it had cliques, fights, and the normal teachers. Haruno Sakura is new however and is blissfully unaware of the workings of this strange school. It supposed to be like any other, right? Then why are all these guys suddenly falling for the same new girl?! Who will win her guarded heart of ice and who will be left, drowned in their hearts' despair?

I was walking down the road that led to my house with my friends following, there was supposed to be some big get together today with the whole gang. Sasori and Deidara had some art exhibit at school and couldn't make it until later. Itachi had Student Council to worry about and Pein was too busy worrying over one of his little brothers, Nagato, to come over early.

So basically it was just me, Tobi, Kisame, Hidan, and Madara. The boys – a.k.a. Tobi, Kisame, and Hidan – were being stupid. Hidan and Kisame were playing 'Monkey-in-the-middle' with Tobi's mask. Madara was busy listening to his iPod on full blast and I was busy thinking of ways to successfully get rid of those stupid sophomores who think they're Kings and Queens of the world just because they're in that goddamn Honors class – it's just a frikkin' class for the people who like to think that the world revolves around them and their little posse.

We were still on the way to my house when Sasori and Deidara came running up. There was a happy grin on Deidara's face and Sasori's eyes held a triumphant glaze in them; it was obvious the exhibit went well. If they have three more that go well enough they can get into Konoha University with an art major. Madara still had his iPod on when they came running up, he said a simple "Congratulations" in that silky smooth voice of his, its baritone sound sent tremors down my spine…in a good way.

"Thanks, I really hope I get into Konoha U. it would suck if I didn't. All of my hard work would've been wasted. Deidara would probably sulk for a year straight if that happened, I don't think we could handle that." Sasori said, slowing to a walk next to me and Madara.

I was still contemplating the chances of me getting into Kurokami University. I really wanted to become a stylist, or a fashion designer, or even a cosmetologist. I need something to do with beauty, maybe I'll take more than one college course and become a professional in all of them. It would take about eight to thirteen years for me to complete all of the courses though, even if I get through university.

I've wanted to be a stylist since I was a little girl. People always thought I was too dark, too foreboding; they also thought I hung out with all the wrong people. I don't know how many times I told them they were wrong, that my friends loved me and treasured me. It was true, but that's not the point. I wanted to add some of my own style to the fashion world; it's becoming corrupt in the ways of the preps. There were too many bright colors, so few stores with clothes and designs that I liked and approved of. I want that to change, the people in charge of the fashion community are too focused on one style, not all people want to look like that, dress like that, act like that.

I was brought back to earth by a hand waving in front of my face. "Konan… Konan, Earth to Konan!" I blinked at the hand for a moment and my bewildered stare turned into an icy glare as I trailed my eyes slowly from the hand, to the arm, up the neck, and my murderous glare reached the hesitant and frightened face of Hidan. My glare turned into a happy gaze as I asked what was wrong and why we had stopped walking. "Well, you were kind of spacing out there," he started, "and we were kinda suspicious because you almost walked into a pole. You sure you're okay?" I smiled at him and nodded. "I'm fine, I'm fine. Don't be such a pansy-ass." I started walking again and after a couple of seconds so did the others.

I turned and walked backwards - somehow Madara had kept pace with me the whole time - and looked at the rest of my friends. Deidara was screaming at Hidan, who had stoned his face into a mask of indifference but was still on alert; he was a paranoid man…well who wouldn't be with a past like his? Any who, Deidara was screaming his ass off about how only Madara, Pein, Itachi, and Hidan can make me happy or calm after I became angry and Hidan continued to ignore him with a slight smirk on his face.

Tobi was busy trying not to step on every crack he saw while keeping away from Kisame at the same time. Apparently, Tobi had killed Kisame's pet goldfish and he had just found out about it – Sasori had given Tobi away, asking where he buried the goldfish after its 'funeral ceremony'.

Sasori was talking on his cell phone, probably with his girlfriend, she was a nice girl and very easy to get along with. She also didn't like the little sophomores and was a senior at the school while we were juniors.

Madara was still listening to his iPod with his eyes closed as he mouthed the words to the song that was playing. I studied his beautiful face with fascination; his lips were plump and pale pink and moved with every word of the song. His nose was straight and aristocratic – a trait for the truest of Uchihas'. High cheekbones and sharp onyx eyes that weren't open but I've memorized his face enough to know that his eyes weren't just black and endless, but held tints of gray in them – that was the profile of the perfect man. His inky black hair spiked wildly in the back and his bangs fell over his right eye and framed his face – ending at his collarbones.

He must've felt me staring because he opened his left eye and smiled at me and I tentatively smiled back, the corners of my mouth lifting ever so slightly. After a couple of seconds of staring at each other I turned to face the front, a tinge of pink dusting my cheeks and over the bridge of my nose. He wouldn't know, he won't figure it out, I'm sure of it. No one but Pein and Hidan needs to be aware of my love for Uchiha Madara, because it's not right. He's perfect and amazing – he's smart, athletic, graceful, and polite and everything I'm not. He shouldn't love me, he can't, he'd be in love with something lower than him and I want to see if I can try to reach his level before ever thinking about being with him.

After walking for twenty minutes we had made it to my house, it wasn't small and wasn't big. It was a normal two story house - Pein, Yahiko, Nagato, and I live here. Pein's parents had abandoned him long ago with his two younger brothers to fend for themselves. Pein was twelve when that happened, and I had been friends with him for nine years. My parents knew him very well and were friends of the family, and were ashamed of what they had done. They took Pein in and raised him and Yahiko and Nagato, my parents had passed away four years later – leaving me everything when I turned sixteen.

My home was a simple two story white house with a large pear tree to the left of the house. In the driveway were two cars, a black Mercedes and a silver 2009 BMW M3 Coupe-Cabrio – both of which were built for speed, it's something Pein and I love. We walked into the house and noticed the large, white envelope sitting on the table in the kitchen.

I walked up to the table and gently picked up the off-white envelope. Written on it was the school's insignia and it was addressed to me and Pein. It was odd since we've never really received a letter from the school before. The boys walked in and sat at the couch where Pein was sitting, right hand holding the remote control, left resting on the back of the couch and feet on the glass coffee table in front of the couch and TV.

I opened the letter, unaware of Madara's eyes on me the entire time, and pulled out the manila colored paper – the top was covered in vines and diamonds. Proof that this was from Tsunade-sama – our principal and my godmother – and that this must've been very important. I walked into the living room and sat down on the loveseat by myself, I didn't really notice the look Pein sent Madara but I bet if I did I'd be blushing by now.

Dearest Konan,

I hope you are having a good school year so far and everything is to your liking. Tell the boys I said hi as well before I start saying anything important.

I've received news recently about a girl who is supposed to be moving here by herself. Her mother committed suicide and the father just recently got out of jail, the step-mother was the father's mistress and was the reason for the girl's parents' divorce and the mother's suicide. The birth mother tried to kill the girl with her while she was going to commit suicide but instead killed her twin brother and had the girl watch.

This girl is my grand-daughter and is very precious to me, I wish for you to watch over her when she gets here. She will be living close to you anyway, she's a very nice girl and if you mention my name she'll know you're not an enemy. I warn you though, she's very violent and very quiet, but do not, under any circumstances, make her angry. She can literally punch a crater in the ground with her fist alone and has taken many martial arts and weaponry classes, and all the sports she's been in add on to her strength.

She's also been bullied since she was little; she wasn't able to use her martial arts abilities because if we were to let her loose, at that age, she would be a threat to national security. She's pretty scary when she wants to be, and if she smiles for you at all then that is a sign that she trusts you – cherish that because after that single one it'll probably be awhile before you get another, trust me.

She'll arrive on the 5th of Jun, by the time you get this letter it should be the next day that she arrives – that should give you enough time beforehand to do anything you need to before she arrives. Don't force the boys on her, invite them but tell Deidara, Kisame, Deidara, Tobi, and Hidan to behave. I know Sasori, Itachi, Pein, and Madara can handle their emotions and not cause problems.


Ja Ne Konan-chan!


It was really sad to hear something like that had happened to a defenseless child at that age, it must be torture for the poor girl, and I wonder how she's taking it. I felt stares directed at me and I turned slowly to look at the guys across from me, Deidara and Tobi were bouncing up and down in their seats looking at me like I was about to give them a present. Madara looked at me expectantly and smiled a little, making by breath hitch. Pein looked like he didn't care – like always.

I handed them the letter, too lazy to explain it to them and walked into the kitchen to find something to eat. I was always hungry after school, stupid Council meetings – the upperclassmen were elected each year to be the representatives for their school for any festivities or activities any school took part in. I was one of them, damn you Deidara.

I jumped onto the counter, my legs dangling uselessly, and took a look around my kitchen. There was no wall separating the kitchen from the living room and from here I could see the boys on the floor and Madara and Pein sitting on the couch still, they haven't moved an inch since I handed them the letter.

The walls in the kitchen were painted a dark navy blue with white window curtains hanging from above the back door – which was a sliding window-door-thing – and from above the large window in the living room that was behind our large plasma TV. The island counter I was sitting on took up the middle of the kitchen and was quite large, the countertop itself was an ivory marble and the cabinets had chrome finishing. The sink, dishwasher, and stove were attached to the island counter and were complete with the latest – a.k.a. shiniest – kitchen utensils we could afford.

I looked down at my outfit then as well, I was wearing a pair of baggy black sweatpants with the word 'Fight' on the left leg in baby blue calligraphy and a white T-shirt with a lighter blue lace tank-top underneath. My fuzzy dark blue slippers stayed on the floor directly under my feet while my flip-flops sat on the wooden floor in front of the front door.

I finished my smoothie and put the cup in the sink, washing it and putting it on the rack to dry. I walked back into the living room and sprawled out on the only loveseat available. Tobi, Deidara, and Kisame were busy doing something I was too lazy to stick my nose in and Madara had finally taken his iPod out of his ears to watch TV with Pein. I think they were watching my recording of Leverage, I wasn't totally sure.

Within a few minutes I guess I fell asleep, I didn't notice that's for sure but I felt like I was being lifted…


I silently watched as she fell asleep, no one but Pein and Itachi knew. Itachi had figured it out long ago, he is my cousin after all. Pein had also figured it out; how the both of them had done it, I had no idea. Getting back to the subject that was in my line of vision, I discreetly watched her out of the corner of my eyes. I drank in the sight of her so defenseless, like a little girl. She always kept up her guard when she was fully conscious, always so quiet and serious to the point where it was overly hard to see what she was thinking. I can usually read people very well, hell I could figure out what anyone in the Uchiha clan was thinking…except for Itachi.

Her sapphire colored hair escaped her bun long ago, preferring to wear it down inside of her home. A perfectly straightened lock of hair fell in her face as she turned in her sleep; my fingers tingled, wanting to feel the silk-like texture of her hair. Eyelids tinted a violet color hid piercing ice blue eyes from my sight, those eyes sent chills down my spine every time I gazed into them.

Her baggy sweatpants and plain T-shirt somehow only emphasized her beauty in my eyes. Her persistent ways and ability to control people amazed me and made me love her so much more.

I noticed that she was about to fall off the couch and I got up. "What're you doing Madara?" Pein had asked as I walked over to the sleeping female on the couch. "I'm taking her to her room," I started. "She's falling off the couch. Cancel the get-together today. Everyone's tired, and we just finished our mid-terms for the semester." Pein nodded and a whining sound came from the blond in front of the TV, he was looking forward to the beer pong tournament. Tobi would've thrown a fit…if he was paying attention to anything but the commercial about the Color Blend© markers.

Kisame was sleeping too, but he was on the floor and drooling. Nobody really cared for moving him, even if he got in the way.

I picked her up and I noticed her eyes flutter; she was so beautiful I could hardly stand it. I had always wanted to hold her like this – it made me unbelievably happy to finally have the chance to do it.

Pein watched me through the corners of his eyes, I knew he didn't like Konan – she was just like a sister to him. I ascended up the stairs with her light body in my arms; she was so light it was hard to believe she was a seventeen year old. I navigated my way through the upstairs hallway to her bedroom, one I visited frequently with the amount of times I've been in this house. It was quite odd being in here without her being awake. It made me wonder if there was anything here I could find out about her before she wakes up, but I won't do that – after all I was raised to be the perfect gentleman.

I set her down on her queen sized bed and took a look around her room. The walls were a simple ivory white, and the door was painted silver with blue and green glitter – her name was written in icy blue calligraphy on her door. To me, it seemed as if she had an odd obsession with calligraphy, anything blue, and origami. Her bed was covered in silky baby blue sheets, a darker blue comforter with a design of an off-white oriental flower, and a pair of midnight black pillows with bright fluorescent moons and stars on them. She had a dark wood floor and a fuzzy white rug with a light lavender tint to it; it went well with all of the art hanging on her walls. Konan seemed to like art in general because her walls and tables held all of the presents Sasori and Deidara had given her for her birthday or any leftover work from their art shows. Her closet door was a mint green colored shoji door with a design of off-white lily pads on it. There was a large bookshelf to the left of the closet and it held a multitude of mangos and fantasy books – Konan loved to read, whether it was for school or not, she just refused to read those girly books filled with drama and crap. Her desk was a corner desk made of black metal and chrome, its design was fairly modern and her black suede swivel chair was very comfortable – I would know I'm sitting on it. Her school bag lay harmlessly on the floor against the desk.

After my little surveillance of her bedroom I quickly exited, not wanting to give the guys the idea I was molesting Konan in her sleep… Though I wouldn't deny it's getting very difficult. She refused to lie under the covers, and her T-shirt and tank-top were hitched up to just under her breasts and I could see the flat plains of her stomach. Her sweatpants were so baggy they were falling because the tie around her waist was undone, I could very clearly see the slight V that made up the top of her pelvis. My pants were getting tighter the more a thought about it and I decided to leave the room as quickly as possible before I did something she wouldn't like – an angry Konan is something no one wants to see in their life if they like being alive.


I walked through the gates of the airport and into the baggage claim area; it was hard to believe I was back in Japan. How long has it been? Eight, ten, maybe twelve years since I've last been here, I'm pretty sure it hasn't changed at all in that time. I leaned against the wall as I watched for my luggage, it wasn't hard to miss them – I had brought all of my belongings with me and those weren't much at all. All of my things fit in a, rather large, metal trunk, a briefcase, a backpack, and a large sling bag that hung beside my leg that was made of red yarn.

Simple things were brought with me, sentimental things, and things that I loved. I saw my bags come out of the opening and dashed for it, no one noticed my speed and if they did they wisely kept their mouth shut. I stoned my face into that of an unreadable expression, it always scares people how quiet, uncaring, and slightly shy I can be – like an ever present calm.

But I don't think people look at me just because my face is stony and expressionless, I think it's because of the way I look. I've always had a preference of dark colors and my hair sort of stood out. My hair reached to the top of my thighs and was a dark pink – the color of bloody orchids – and had streaks of black running through it. My hair was parted so that the majority of my hair covered my left eye. My eyes were a forest green color and were constantly outlined by a sharp, thick line of black and silver eyeliner. My lips were covered in chapstick that smelled like mangos, and I found it odd that I've always liked the scent of fruit and flowers paired with blood.

My outfit wasn't odd at all in my opinion; in fact it was probably one of my favorite outfits. I was wearing a solid black V-neck shirt with the long sleeves pulled up to my elbows and a blood red tank-top with lace trimming underneath. My jeans were light colored and faded and torn in many spots, black, white, and silver paint stains littered the fabric and random words were written in sharpie all over my jeans. I wore a pair of faded cherry red converse with black and white checkered laces, and a black leather studded belt hung slanted around my hips over my shirt. I left my hair down and put in a pair of silver dangly star earrings in the first set of earlobe piercings, in the second I put in diamond studs, and in my left cartilage piercing I put in a simple silver hoop. On my fingers were a multitude of rings, some of them black, some of them white, and some of them silver. My favorite one, however, was the one on my left middle finger – it was a gorgeous piece of work, the band was a white gold and the gem was in the shape of a butterfly, the frame itself was made of the same white gold as the band. The gem was an amethyst and there were designs on the butterfly that were made of onyx, emerald, and sapphire – overall it was the most beautiful ring I had ever laid eyes on… and to think, it was a gift! This thing must've cost a fortune, around 500,000¥ that's a lot of money, especially for someone who can't afford it – a.k.a. me.

I walked through the throng of people exiting the airport and found one of the exits; I went to look for a cab when a car suddenly drove up to the curb in front of me. I simply raised an eyebrow as the window lowered and the face of a very handsome male peered at me. I didn't say anything as the car turned off and I heard a car door open and close and a girl who looked about seventeen walked around the front of the white BMW M3 GT4. It was a tasteful car, I'll give them that.

The girl leaned against the car and scrutinized me as I did the same to her with a smirk on my face. She was actually one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen. Her hair was a sapphire blue and was kept in a bun with her bangs framing her face; an intricately made origami flower was attached to her hair above her left ear. Her eyes were ice blue and sharp but warm at the same time, they were outlined by kohl black eyeliner and her long eyelashes were dyed with ocean blue mascara.

Her body was one a model would be jealous of, she was tall and shapely – her curves were probably the cause of her being trailed by a rather large group of fan-boys most likely. Her outfit wasn't bad either; I could tell I would get along great with this girl. She was wearing a navy blue T-shirt and a pair of solid black shorts that weren't too short – she had on knee-high periwinkle and black horizontal striped socks and a pair of black close to knee high boots with metal buckles. A black, long silk ribbon was tied in a neat bow around her neck and blue glitter fishnets adorned her hands and arms as a single ring with a ruby on it sat perfectly on a long, elegant purple-painted finger.

"Hello, I'm guessing you're Haruno Sakura. Am I correct in my assumptions?" She asked, she looked trustworthy – but then again I know than to trust on looks alone. I lowered my eyebrow and looked pointedly at her. "And if I am?" I countered in the same quiet voice that my family had grown accustomed to since I was but a child; she smirked nodded, as if approving something. "I see, well if you're not I could just tell Tsunade-sama that her precious grand-daughter hasn't arrived yet…" My breath hitched just a bit and a slight smirk crawled upon my features. I acknowledged that she was well informed, not many people were aware that I had a grandmother, hell most people thought I was the last person alive in my family – she must've had a good information source.

"Who told you?" The quietness of my voice was so apparent even I couldn't hear myself… if that made any sense whatsoever. I seriously wanted to know who told her though. She turned her smirk into a smile and seemed to take notice of my discomfort; it sort of unnerved me actually. "Tsunade-sama actually notified me in a letter yesterday that I would be your guide until further notice." At this she held out her hand, altering the smirk on her face to one of a smile. "Ohayou Haruno Sakura-chan. My name is Reiame Konan; it's a pleasure to meet you."

I hesitantly took her outstretched hand in my own and shook it with a shy smile on my face. "Pleasure to meet you as well Reiame-san," was my reply. The classes my mother had sent me to were still fresh in my mind and the training I had endured since a child had still left its mark after I had strived so hard to get rid of it. The male in the car seemed oddly quiet; it was like he was studying me. I blushed slightly under his gaze but continued my way around the car to the trunk and unceremoniously dropped my luggage – I kept my sling bag on though, it wouldn't do me any good at all to lose this… in fact it would be the complete opposite.

Hesitantly stepping into the car, I immediately noticed its glamour. It looked like it was expensive outside, but the atmosphere was warm and friendly and the seats were worn and the carpet stained so lightly you almost couldn't see it. I made a tiny smile and sat it the back seat. She was going to like living here already!


The silent sixteen year old reached into her bag and looked through it, only to pull out a shiny purple new generation iPod seconds later, along with a book. The cover read, 'City of Bones' by Cassandra Clare. [[A /N: For all of you who don't know what books this is you should really just shoot yourself in the foot. For those of you who like reading, go and buy this book! Cassandra Clare is amazing, too bad I'm broke and have yet to buy City of Ashes and City of Glass. Damn.]] Jace was obviously her favorite character and sounded totally hot, while Isabelle sounded like a complete and utter bitch but ended up turning nicer once everything was settled, Clary sounded cute and scared – like a little bunny rabbit – and Simon and Alec weren't much involved, though she could see that Simon would be a big character in the next two books.

She turned her song to 'Xin Li You Shu' by Fahrenheit. It was one her favorite songs. [[A / N: As it is mine! Aaron Yan is probably one of the cutest guys I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot.]] Listening to it always made her happy, turning it up louder she continued reading.

"…Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?" Clary asked. Jace responded, "Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself."

"At least," she said, "You don't have to worry about rejection, Jace Wayland."

"Not necessarily, I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting…"

She was interrupted from her musings when the car lurched to a stop in front of a simple one-story white house. Konan turned in her seat and looked at the teenager who resembled a little kid curled up in a ball in the corner of the seat with a piece of pocky in her mouth, an open book in her hands, and a pair of earphones in her ear hooked up to an iPod sitting on the seat in front of her.

"Sakura-chan, we're here. Welcome to your new home." And as the older female smiled a loving smile Sakura felt like smiling herself.