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The Doctor smiled as he held the baby in her arms.

"Mr. Linderman we are ready."

The Baby was laid out on the table as a Nurse rolled in a tray. Resting on the tray was a vial of blood marked P. Petrelli and the second was a vial of a red serum that seemed to be glowing.

Behind a window stood Daniel Linderman.

"Very good Dr. Thorn. You're sure that by mixing the Formula with the blood sample we can copy the abilities of the donor."

"Yes Sir we are positive that we will be able to copy powers with this procedure."

"Very Well Dr. Begin." Linderman told Dr. Thorn over the intercom.

Linderman turned to the man next to him.

"When they finish wipe them clean of this Maury this remains hidden I want this child keep secret from the others."

Maury Parkman smiled.

"You got it boss. Have you given any thoughts to a name for the baby before we send him to foster parents in Sunnydale?"

Linderman smiled. "Our little conqueror? Name him Alexander."

Xander Harris sat on the bus to the Zoo. Little did he know that this day was going to change the way his life was going to unfold.

"I love field trips nothing like spending the school day outside of class." Smiled Xander as Willow sat next to him.

"It is nice to get out of the school every once and a while." Willow agreed half heartedly.

Buffy looked over at her to friends and smiled for a while today she got to be a normal girl.

As the students got off the bus Xander looked at man carrying a boy it was if he could sense something was different about them.

The Boy cried as his balloon slipped out of his hands.

Xander's hand shot out grabbing the small lanyard and handing it back to the boy.

"Here you go." Smiled Xander as he handed the balloon back to the boy.

The little boy beamed at Xander.

"Thank you." Smiled the boy's father as the headed back to the parking lot.

"Hank yu." Waved the boy.

Xander smiled and waved back it was nice to help people.

As they began the tour thru the Zoo Xander felt odd as if something was changing in him. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling it. I was just odd it felt like this was going to be different from this point on.

"You ok Xan?" asked Willow as she looked at her best friend.

"I'm fine Will just having this really odd feeling. Like something has changed and damned if I know what." Xander answered.

"What do you mean Xander?" asked Willow almost frightened at what his answer would be.

"I feel like there is something out there just over the horizon and it has something to do with my destiny. I think things are going to change and soon." He admitted. Willow's stomach churned as she processed what Xander said.

Xander stumbled forward as a man ran into him. Willow caught him as he lurched forward.

Xander spun around and saw the man was running from a lion that had some how gotten loose.

"HOLY SHIT." Xander yelled.

"Willow RUN."

Willow took off with Xander hot on her heels.

Xander glanced back so see the lion was gaining. Xander's heart pounded in his ears as his world changed.

Xander suddenly became aware of everything around him as an image of golden graphics swirled across everything that could be of use to him. The objects the graphics swirled around glowed. Xander knew what he had to do.

Bolting ahead of Willow Xander jumped on to a garbage can and kicked off the lid jumping up higher grabbing a banner that hung from two light posts.

The banner ripped under his weight causing him to swing like Tarzan. Xander swung hard building up force his swing ended when he feet connected with a statue of an Ape that was directing people to the primate house. The statue toppled over slamming to the grounded where it covered the lion knocking it cold and pinning it to the ground.

Xander landed feet first onto the hard concrete not believing what the hell just happened.

"Jesus H. Christ." Muttered Willow as she stared in shock at what Xander had done.

Xander nodded dumbly as he saw Principal Flute and a group of students and zoo keepers running towards them.

As the assembled group praised Xander. Further down the path a group of 5 students looked on a green tint in there yes.

"That on will be my mate." Smirked Harmony Kendal.

"Nice Choice Alpha." Smiled Tor.

"Letting loose that big cat was a great way to test them." Laughed Kyle. The others joining in on the Hyena cackle.

Xander sat in the library. He was hiding from the school. Over the day he had been hail a hero. He was given a 10,000 dollar reward by the Mayor. Hell ever his drunk of a Father sobered up long enough to have his picture taken with Xander and the Mayor. His dad even told Xander he was proud of him.

But underneath all of this he was scared. This strange ability can come forth and now he kept seeing pattern and probabilities where ever he looked. He could look at a card game and see the most likely winner. His mind was showing him the Mathematics of how the world worked.

And while the money making potential of this was astonishing. It was scaring the hell out of him.

"Xander." A cultured British voice shocking him out of his musings.

"G-man you scared the hell out of me." Xander moaned.

"Why are you hiding in here? You're a Hero my boy why don't you go out and enjoy it while it lasts?" Giles smiled.

Xander gave Giles a sad smile. "I'm hiding because they would ask me how I was able to stop that lion and what am I gonna tell them. I can't tell the truth that I saw the possible outcomes in my head and acted on the one most likely to be a success."

Giles eyes widened.

"You saw the possible outcomes?"

Xander nodded. "I remember running then I suddenly became aware of everything around me and I saw the different ways they could be used and I acted to make use of the objects around me to make the outcome of what was going on be the one I wanted." Xander explained as best as he could.

Giles was awe struck.

"Xander could be something very useful."

"You think Giles. I'm kinda freaking out about this."

Giles smiled.

"Yes Xander I think so if you can train yourself to use this ability it would let you see the best way to fight someone

"Well then let's get training." Smiled Xander.

Unsung Chapter 2: The Hunt Begins.

Disclaimer: Heroes and Buffy do not belong to me.

Xander groaned as his back hit the practice mats once again. For past 3 days. He and Buffy had been training.

"Let's get training me and my big mouth." Xander groaned as he sat up.

Giles smiled as he looked on at Buffy and Xander spar. Xander's new found ability to see the probabilities of events had allowed him to dissect Buffy's movements by watching her train but he seemed unable to use his ability in the way he had the day before at the zoo.

Xander turned toward the Skylight and stared for a moment he had the feeling that someone was watching him.

"You ok then Xander?" asked a smirking Buffy as she extended her hand to help up her friend.

"Just the old male pride is hurt Buffy." Xander smiled as he was dragged to his feet by her super strength.

Buffy smiled she was having fun with Xander. More fun then she realized.

Xander winked at Buffy and smiled. "Thank you for helping me with Buff it means a lot."

"It nice to not be the only one with a secret for a change." Buffy admitted as she gave Xander a quick hug.

"Thanks for making me feel like I'm not such a freak Xander."

Xander rolled his eyes. "No one who knows you ahs ever thought you were a freak Buffy." Xander told her.

"Hey guys I think I found something." Willow's voice came from the computer bank across the Library.

Buffy and Xander jumped apart like that had been shocked at Willow's voice.

"What did you find Willow?" Asked Giles as he rounded the computer bank.

Buffy and Xander quickly following behind him.

" ofEvolutionandhehastheorizedthathumanmaybegintodevelopsuperhumanabilitiesMaybe Xanderisoneofthesepeople. Willow babbled out excited about what she found.

"What?" asked Giles and Buffy?

"And cue the X-men theme." Muttered Xander.

"What did she say?" came the stereo reply of Buffy and Giles.

"Cut that out Giles." Snapped Buffy.

"The gist is there is a Doctor in India thinks Humans are being born with super human powers and I maybe one of these said people. A literal Mutant." Xander translated.

"That's what I said" Willow answered once she caught her breath. "Plus he just published about book about his theory. I ordered a copy for the Library." Willow smiled.

Giles glanced at his watch.

"We had best end here for now as your free period is almost up and I believe you have P.E. next period." Giles smiled. For once he was not the one being hit by Buffy.

Xander groaned as the hot water of the shower. After training with Buffy and the intense Dodgeball game. His muscles ached.

Xander was glad Lunch was next he needed a break.

The slam of the locker room door shocked Xander back to reality. As he dried off he saw he was the last one left in the locker room.

Something was off about this. This wasn't right there was something at play here.

"Hello Xander" came a silky voice that seemed like it was trying to be seductive.

Xander gulped as he turned around.

Xander turned and saw a sight beyond anything he would've ever believed possible in this school.

Harmony Kendall stood not three feet from him. Dressed for seduction.

She stood in black high heels thigh high black silk stockings. A barely there red thong and a strapless red bra

Xander's eyes bulged as he saw her.

"I thought the Hero deserved a reward." She smirked as she closed the distance to Xander and began to try and taste tonsils.

The probabilities shot thru Xander's head. The 2 highest being one. She was trying to increase her social standing by bedding the local Hero first. The second one was that she was acting under the control of an outside force.

As he felt her remove the towel from his body. The odds on the second option rose dramatically.

Xander's mind accelerated and the golden graphics appeared once again and swirl around the locker room. Xander knew what he had to do.

Harmony's smirk grew as she felt Xander grab her waist jumping up she wrapped her legs around him and started to grind against him. Xander began lowering her to the ground as Harmony grabbed one of his hands and forced it under her bra.

As they neared the ground Xander shifted and slammed Harmony's head against the wooden bench he had been lowering her too.

Making she was out cold Xander grabbed his clothes and got dressed before dragging Harmony over to the equipment locker and grabbing a couple of jump ropes to tie her up.

"Dear Penthouse I'd never believe it if it hadn't happened to me." Growled Xander as he dragged Harmony toward the back doors of the gym which would let him move her to the library unseen thru the back entrance Angel liked to use.

Rupert Giles believe he was capable to deal with anything The Hellmouth could throw at him. But that thought was quickly proven wrong when he saw Xander Harris dragging a bound woman into the library's rear entrance.

"I say Xander what's going on?" Giles demanded.

"Something is controlling Harmony Giles. She just tried to seduce me in the locker room."

Giles looked at the young lady and taking into account her current attire decided that Xander was most likely correct.

"What did you do to her Xander?" Giles asked as he helped the young man move Harmony into the book cage.

"I knocked her head against one of the benches in the locker room. I needed to do something fast so what ever was controlling her couldn't react." Xander explained.

"Sound thinking my boy. I know a minor spell that will allow us to see what is controlling her." Giles walked into his office to gather what he needed for his spell.

Xander closed his eyes and leaned against the book cage. This day was taking more out of him then he ever imagined.

Giles returned with a small bowl and a pouch of herbs and a bottle of water.

"Reveal to me that which controls this body." Giles whispered as he poured the herbs into the bowl then poured water over the herbs.

Xander was amazed as a blue fire shot out of the bowl and red smoke followed. The smoke drifted over Harmony and then began changing from a smoke cloud to an animal shape.

"Good Lord. A primal spirit." Giles gasped.

"And that means what for those of us in the intellectual cheap seats?"

"The Spirit that is controlling Ms. Kendall is an animal spirit. While it is controlling her she is quite literally an Animal in Human form."

"How does something like this happen Giles?"

Giles began polishing his glasses. "Normally a ritual is done in front of the animal you want to join with."

"So how did Harmony get possessed?"

"I don't know the only way that would happen is if the person doing the ritual did it incorrectly and left the charged spell in place and Ms. Kendall completed it correctly without knowing it."

Xander rolled his eyes. Then froze in place as he remembered something from the day at the Zoo.

"Giles at the Zoo Harmony was hanging around with a group of kids. I can't remember who I saw them after the Lion got loose I just thought it was odd that she was with them instead of the Cordettes. There could be more then one student that is being controlled by a Primal Spirit."

"Oh my." Was all Giles could respond with.

"I'll go get Buffy and Willow. You get your books and start researching. We need to find the one who are possessed and fast."

With that Xander ran in search of the Scooby Girls as this could prove to be bad in a big way.

"What are you students doing?" came the shocked voice of Principal Flutey.

Xander groaned was no way that this couldn't be connected to Harmony.

Xander ran to Flutey's office and saw them ready to pounce on Flutey.

"Hey Assholes leave him alone." Xander yelled.

The 4 assailants turned to Xander.

"Flutey run." Xander yelled as he sucker punched Kyle and ran back towards the library.

The four Primal students chasing after him.

Xander ran thru the halls as the four Man-imals chased him. The scent harmony left on him drawing them after him to find their missing Alpha.

Kyle grabbed him Xander reached the door. With no other option Xander slammed the door into Kyle's head. Stunning her and dropping her to the ground like a bad habit with a spin kick to the head.

Xander ran into the library and yelled. "I found them Giles and boy are they pissed."

As the other three burst in thru door. The stopped dead as Harmony now away screamed from the Cage.

"Get me out of here."

The pack wasted no time in freeing their Alpha. Ripping off the door to the book cage and freeing Harmony.

Harmony stalked out of the cage. Smirking at Xander.

"I like you foreplay lover. See you soon."

Xander watched in Horror as the pack ran out the back entrance.

"Giles where are you?" Xander looked around the library and came on a sight that chilled him to the bone.

Rupert Giles Librarian and Watcher was laying in the book cage. Bleeding and hurt among the books and broken jump ropes.

"NO." Xander yelled as he ran to Giles frantically checking for a pulse as he used pulled off his shirt to keep pressure on the wounds on Giles arms. Xander was shocked to see they were bite wounds.

The doors to the library flew open as Principal Flutey lead several police officers into the Library.

"Alexander are you in here are you all right." Flutey yelled to the young man who saved him.

"Over here quick call an ambulance Dr. Giles is hurt bad." Xander yelled for help as he tried to keep his friend from bleeding.

Xander slummed in the chair in the Hospital waiting room. He had gone with Giles to the Hospital Willow was at the Library trying to find anything she could on Primal Spirits and how to exorcise them. While Buffy had gone in search of the Pack to keep them from hurting anyone else.

Xander's eyes fluttered as sleep claimed him. The events of the past few days drained him.

As he slept Xander was about to be to have a nasty shock.

As his eyes opened he founds himself in a cave with a Hyena in front of him.

"Gah where the hell am I?" Yelled Xander as he saw where he was.

"We are in you mind pup. We need to talk." Growled the Hyena.

Unsung part 3


Disclaimer: See Part 1

"If this is my mind what the hell are you doing here?" Yelled Xander.

"Well pup I'm here because you proved Stronger then the Alpha by knocking her out and when you beat that other weakling I was inhabiting I jumped to you and became an Alpha spirit. The only problem is you're not human so we can't join together and until someone beats you I'm stuck here." Snarled the spirit.

"Great so where does that leave us?"

"I'm offering a deal pup. I'll protect your mind for any outside invasions and in return you don't try to get rid of me and I'll go when we find away to get me out of your head with out hurting either of us?"

"Since your stuck here I guess we have a deal."

The Hyena raised its paw to offer a shake. Xander shook the paw with a smile.

"You mention one dog trick you're going to spend the next 6 months knowing what's it's like to be prey." Snarled the Hyena.

A Dr. woke Xander with a gentle nudge.

"Mr. Harris you were waiting on word on Mr. Giles?"

"Yes Dr. how is he?"

"Truthfully he is lucky to be alive. You saved his life young man if you hadn't did what you did I'm afraid he wouldn't have made it son." The Doctor rested his hand on Xander's shoulder.

Inside Xander didn't feel like a hero he felt like a complete asshole that he had left Giles alone with Harmony tied up. He didn't realize that the primal spirit gave her super strength. It was his fault Giles almost died.

"Mr. Giles is awake and asking to see you."

Rupert Giles hurt. They had told him he had been attacked by a wild dog. But in truth he had been attack by a feral student. One he was dumb enough to turn his back on when he went into the book cage to get a book.

If not for Xander he would've died. A very sobering thought to say the least.

Giles smiled as Xander walked in the door.

"Xander. Thank you for what you did my boy. I owe you my life." Giles told him as Xander shifted nervously next to his bed.

"I'm sorry Giles I never should've left you alone with Harmony it's my fault you almost died." Xander told him the sorrow in his voice

"Xander that's not true." Giles told him in a firm voice.

"You had her tied up knocked out and locked up. I was careless in not checking her before I went into the cage it was my own carelessness that got me hurt you saved me and for that I will be forever in your debt."

Xander managed to drag his eyes off his sneakers to look Giles in the yes and see that he meant every word he just said.

"I guess so Giles."

Giles smiled and nodded.

"You best get back to the library. They won't release me till tomorrow and I think we can't let those students run loose so it going to fall to you Willow and Buffy. Please Xander be careful, But stop them."

Xander nodded.

"Rest up G-man we got you covered on this one but hurry back." Smiled Xander as he left the room.

As Xander left the Hospital he didn't notice the black Ford Taurus that was following him.

"Alright Mr. Linderman we have the Target located. We will follow him and once we get him alone we'll take him to Dr. Walsh at the Campus base." One of the men spoke into a Cell phone.

The Man smiled as he close the phone and then reopened it and dialed another number.

"Mr. Petrelli this is Maury Parkman. It seems that Linderman's project is developing nicely I'll forward all information to Pinehurst and I'll send the edited file and bogus tracking data to Primatech as per your orders once Walsh has finished her exam."

Xander's walk back to the library was filled with his mind generating the most likely actions and locations of Harmony and her pack.

When Xander finally made it back to the library Willow was there studying one of Giles books as quick as she could trying to find information on Primal Spirits.

Willow smiled as Xander entered the Library. Word had passed thru the school that Alexander "Xander" Harris was once again a real life hero. Saving Flutey from a Gang and Saving Giles life after he had been attacked by a wild dog. He had been elevated from the depths of the Sunnydale High food chain from King Cretin and Loser to Hero and Full Boyfriend Material. Any girl in Sunnydale High could now date Xander and not be looked down on. If the Queen of the School Cordelia Chase descended from her throne and claimed Xander as her boyfriend. It was completely acceptable now.

That fact alone had Willow worried. Her Xander was now a target for other girls. Up till now she had him all to herself. Now she may have to fight for him.

Xander smiled at Willow. Giles had told him that it wasn't his fault he was hurt, it meant a lot to him that Giles cared about him like that when his own family didn't.

"How's Giles Xander?" Willow asked the concern evident on her face.

"He's tough he is gonna be fine." Xander told her firmly so she would believe him.

"That's good. I'm not having any luck so far in trying to find our feral students."

Xander smiled that Willow didn't know about Harmony's attempt to seduce him or the fact the Harmony set the Lion loose in the zoo.

"Any news from the Buffster on tracking them down?" Xander asked.

"Yes she has had no luck at all and it's pissing her off." Came a whine from the stacks.

Xander smiled at Buffy's whine it made him feel like things were almost normal.

'Hey pup the pack is heading toward your house.' The spirit in his head warned him.

"Buffy we gotta I think I have an idea where they may go." Xander told the slayer suddenly very worried.

"Where Xan?" Buffy asked scared because she knew Xander maybe right because of his new powers.

"My house." Xander whispered as he ran to Giles office and grabbed a Battle Axe Giles kept in there for when they needed something bigger then a sword.

Buffy and Xander ran from the library as if the hounds of hell were on their heels.

Xander's only thoughts were he had to reach his house. He had to protect his Mother.

He moved thru the streets of Sunnydale the passive affects of his powers showing him every shortcut one could've imagined. As he reached his street his fear grew it was too quiet.

'Pack maybe planning an ambush cub.' The Alpha spirit in him warned him.

Xander swung the axe into a defensive stance as Buffy came running up behind him.

"Why'd you stop Xander?" asked Buffy worried about what was going on.

"This might be a trap Buff it feels wrong." Xander whispered as his eyes shifted looking for any hint of the pack.

Buffy's Slayer senses started working over time as she tried to find the pack as well.

Slowly the Teenaged Demon Hunters moved toward Xander's house hoping they would find Xander's family say and sound and that they had beaten the pack there but it was not looking good.

The silence inside the house was not encouraging. Venturing inside they moved quietly moving first into the living room. The living room was quiet it the TV was off and cool.

They moved quietly and quickly thru the first floor of the house. In the kitchen they found something.

Laying on the floor was Xander's father. The old drunk's throat had been torn out his blood had stopped flowing not long before.

"Mom." Xander yelled as he raced up the stairs.

Buffy called 911 the Sunnydale cops may make the Keystone Cops look like Sherlock Holmes but this needed to be reported.

"Mom." Xander called out again as he moved thru the house trying to find his mother.

As he checked every room he found nothing. Only his parent's room and his room remained.

Checking his parents' room he found it empty,

Finally the only room left was his knocking the door open he found the no trace of his mother. He stopped as he found a package on his bed.

Tearing the package open he found several pictures of Harmony ranging from Seductive to pornographic and a note.

"Dear Lover,

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I have your Mother if you want her back. Come to Roof of the School tonight at Midnight. When we meet you will give yourself to me if you want your mother to keep breathing. Show up alone and on-time or mommy dies.


Xander was beyond pissed. The bitch had taken his Mother. While he considered his father to be a waste of space he loved his mother and he often took a beating from his old man to spare his mother one.

It was now personal and the pack had just pushed the wrong Scooby too far.

Buffy entered the room. Telling Xander the cops would be there shortly and they were to wait for them.

Xander sat in his living room as the Cops questioned him.

"Ok so let me get this straight. You and your girlfriend come over to grab some books to meet your friend for a study group. You found your old man on the kitchen floor. His throat torn out and then you went room to room looking for you mother. You didn't find her or any sign of an intruder?" Rambled Detective Stern.

"Yes Sir." Xander answered looking like he was on the verge of tears.

Buffy snuggling up to him playing the role of the concerned Girlfriend to the hilt.

"Alright son. We're finished here we'll be in touch soon we have you're contact info and can reach you at The Summers. We will find the animal that did this Alexander the Mayor wants you to know the town will take care of you. You protected the people of this town from that Lion and that gang it's this town's turn to protect you." Stern told him firmly.

Xander nodded as the Crime Scene and Medical Examiner's Office ran packed up and left retreating from the setting sun.

Once the cops were gone Buffy looked at Xander.

"How did you know they would buy that Xander?'

Xander tapped his head. "I ran the probabilities. This is personal and the cops are not equipped to handle Hyena possessed students."

"It's up to us." Buffy whispered.

'No it's up to me.' Xander thought.

Unsung Part 4

Disclaimer: See Part 1

Xander walked thru the town a look of determination on his face. After the cops life his house Willow called with a lead. The Zoo Keeper at the Sunnydale Zoo had been the one to bring the Hyenas to Sunnydale also he according to Willow had been buy magical ritual items at the Magic Box the Local Occult shop.

Xander and Buffy were on there way to pay him a little visit. As they reached his office door Xander could hear someone chanting.

Finding the door locked Xander stepped aside as Buffy kicked the door in.

The pair were shocked when they found the Zoo Keeper or what remained of him on the office floor it seemed the Pack had been here and they had been hungry.

Buffy looked at the sight in horror the Man had been eaten alive.

"Well that's a dead end." Xander spoke as he took a step to the right avoiding the Slayer elbow that came flying at him.

"That's bad even for you Xander." Gripped Buffy.

"It helps break the tension." Xander told her as he started looking around the office of any information on how to stop the Pack.

Buffy could only stare at the bloody remains in front of her.

"Eureka." Smiled Xander.

"What did you find Xan?" Buffy asked moving around the gore of the Zoo Keeper.

Xander smiled as he held up a book.

"The Idiot's Guide to Magic" Buffy read as she rolled her eyes. Xander smiled as he went back to searching the office for anything of use.

"Xander I think I got something." Buffy said as she passed a book over to him.

Xander looked over and found what looked to be a spell diagram.

"Let get this back to Willow she can work this out." Smiled Buffy as she closed the book.