Unsung: Finale


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Xander pulled his stash out of his hiding place before checking the guns making sure they were ok.

Marcie began packing the things she wanted to take when she left this town forever.

"You know Marcie you don't have to do this." Xander told her as she pushed her stuff in to a duffel bag.

"Yes I do Xan. You gave me a life when I was slipping away you saved me the least I can do is help you save the world." Smiled Marcie.

Xander smiled back as he pulled her into a hug.

"Thank you." He whispered.

Marcie just smiled "Thank you Hero."

Just as they were about to let go of each other Marcie goosed him.

"Now get to work we have a lot to do before tonight." Marcie ordered him.

Xander smiled as he began packing what he needed to take with him out of Sunnydale.

Marcie stopped for a second.

"Xander how do you intend to keep Buffy and Willow from finding you?"

"Well I'm going to fake getting hurt then time travel to an hour later and then we walk away."

Marcie nodded she guessed how hard leaving was for him and decided to let it be for now.

Xander saw Marcie to their meeting place and then walked to the library pulling a tattered book from his pack.

"Giles you here?" Xander called out.

"Yes Xander what is it?" Giles answered as poured a cup of tea.

"Last night on the way home I staked a vampire it was carrying this it looked important so I brought it so you could look at it."

Giles set his tea down and walked over to the table where the young man had set the book.

Giles eyes went wide at the sight.

"Good Lord this is the Codex."

"The what?" asked Xander faking ignorance?

"A lost book of Prophecies. You have done us a major favor in recovering this." Giles smiled as he seems to almost caress the old book.

"If you say so Giles I'm going to go grab some from the deli across the street before class you want anything?"

"No thank you Xander." Giles smiled as he started reading.

Marcie waited for Xander to exit the library.

"Well?" she asked.

"Phase 1 complete." Xander told her as they walked to the deli across the street.

"And what's phase 2?" asked Marcie

"Tonight at the Bronze we deal with Darla then End the Master."

Marcie's eyes went wide. "Ok Patton what's phase 3?"

"We leave Sunnydale." Xander told her sadly.

"So your plan is give a copy of this codex book your future self sent you to Giles that will allow them to see you are the one that will kill the Master and using that your going to fake your death so Pinehurst and Primatech don't come looking for you and discover Buffy by accident."

"Yeah that's it in a nut shell." Xander smiled

"Are you running a high fever?"

Xander just laughed.

The Powers That Be were shocked to say the least at what they had observed.

They had attempted to send Whistler down to offer Xander the mantle of Champion but they found that he couldn't leave that none of them could.

The Creator had blocked them from interfering in Xander's life.

And now the Metatron was before them.

Metatron had a smirk on that would've looked right at home on a great white shark. Pulling out a Scroll Metatron began reading.

"The Almighty has decree that Alexander Harris is her Chosen One and as such his actions and the actions of others that involve him are beyond your purview and if any of you either thru action inaction or indirect manipulation attempt to interfere you will be stripped of rank and be cast down to earth for one millennia to exist as a slug."

"My GOD." Exclaimed Giles as Buffy and Willow walked into the Library.

Buffy reached into her bag and gripped her favor stake ready to strike.

Willow was in awe of the state of the library it looked as if Giles book cage threw up over the main table.

"Giles what's wrong?" asked Willow.

"It's about Xander." Giles said as he steadied his nerves.

"What about Xander? Demanded Buffy.

"Xander brought me a book he got off a Vampire last night it was a lost book of Prophecies. I found one that seems that involves Xander."

What did it say?" Willow asked fearing the Answer as Buffy grabbed the chair in front of her to steady herself for what was coming.
"You have to realize that this open to a wide range of interpretation."

"Giles what did it say?" Buffy asked her voice dead."

Giles took off his glasses and pinched his nose.

"It said that The Defender of Mankind would come into his true power and face the animals. Victorious he would become a threat to the eldest. When he claims his favorite Childe he would face the eldest who shall rise as his childe falls and they shall battle in the halls of knowledge. The Defender will fall and the eldest would fall with him."

Willow was near tears. "So what does that mean in English?"

"I'm afraid it means that Xander will kill a Vampire a Favorite of the Master and that will release the Master from his prison Xander and h would fight and they will destroy one another."

The crack of the wood that was once the chair Buffy held startled everyone.

"You are telling us that Xander our Xander will kill a vampire and that will let the Master come to the Surface and they will fight and that fight will kill them both." Buffy demanded to know.

"Yes Buffy Xander is going to fight the Master and kill him but he will die doing it." Giles told her wishing to god he was wrong.

Xander finished packing his car and took a deep breath.

Marcie dropped her bag in his back seat and gave him a hug.

"I'll be waiting here for you tonight Xander and I promise the first snack stop is on me."

Xander held her tight and smiled at her.

"See you soon Audrey Hanson." Xander leaned down and kissed her.

Marcie kissed back grateful for the new life Xander was giving her and hoping that her prayers would protect him.

As the clock on the wall of the library ticked away Willow Giles and amazingly even Buffy poured over every book Giles had looking for a way to try and save Xander.

"That's it you two keep looking I'm going to find Xander. We've got to stop him." Buffy yelled as she dropped the book she was reading and grabbed her bag and headed off in search of Xander.

Willow looked at the door longingly she want to join Buffy in finding her Xander shaped friend but she knew she was better off trying to way to save him.

Xander sat down at the bronze awaiting Darla from the pictures in the file he had it was time to become something more.

As the blond in the Catholic School girl outfit showed her face Xander had his target.
Checking the stake up his sleeve and the gun in the shoulder holster. Walking over too her he smile at her.

"Nice Outfit."

Darla smirked sometimes it was just too easy.

"I'm Xander."


"Can I offer you a drink?"

"Bloody Mary."

Xander smiled and went to the bar and got the drinks. Looking back he saw Angel drag Darla off to the side out of view

Xander walked up to Darla and handed her the drink. "Here's your drink. Darla and hi Angelus." Darla spun to him in shock only to meet the business end of his stake.

"Another one bites the dust." Smiled Xander as he handed Angel a beer that he got the bartender to sneak him.

"I know she was your sire so I figured you would need this."

Angel nodded and downed the beer.


Xander nodded and walked off Darla's dust drifted to the floor. Angel looked down at the beer in his hand and turned toward the bar he needed something stronger.

Xander stood in the alley focusing on controlling his breathing he was about to go after the oldest and most powerful vampire on the planet.

"Powers or no Powers I am absolutely sure this is proof positive I am out of my fucking mind." He gasps as he focused on a nearby manhole cover. The metal cover lifted into the air.

"Here we go." Taking a deep breath Xander dropped down into the sewers.

Buffy rushed into the alley just in time to see Xander jump into the sewers.

"Xander stop." Buffy yelled.

But it was too late he was already gone.

The Vampire Population of the Sunnydale Sewers scattered as word of a hunter throwing bolts of lightning and hurling vampires around without even touching them.

Vampires headed for the Master's Cave hoping he could protect him.

"HEINRICH JOSEPH NEST YOU TIME IS UP." Xander yelled the echo filling the sewers.

The Master smiled as he heard this "At last someone with the strength to come at me directly it's been far too long."

He smiled as he saw his minions running to him to protect them. It was time to get his hands dirty after too many years.

A vampire flew thru the opening to cave and was impaled on a stalagmite.

"Hello Heinrich time to kiss your ass goodbye."

Xander smiled as electricity arced from his hands.

The Master laughed and motioned for Xander to come at him. Xander looked at him and focused all the rage that had built up in him since Jesse's death into his powers and let loose a tidal wave of Electricity that eradicated ever other Vampire but the Master.

"Very nice but I bet all this fighting has taken a lot out of you." laughed the Master. He Charged Xander knocking him into the far wall.

Xander dropped to the ground and grunted. "You may kill me but I will take you with me." Xander tried to throw more lightning or even use his Telekinetic power but neither worked he was too drained from fight his way into the cave.

Xander pulled out his gun and aimed it at Nest.

"Guns don't work on my kind boy."

"Who says I was aiming at you suck face."

Xander pointed the gun at the Ceiling and pulled the trigger the copper coat slug flew threw the air and hit a stalactite and came crashing down to the cavern floor knocking Nest to the ground. Xander felt weird as every injury in his body seemed to be mending he could feel his wounds closing.

The Master was back on his feet before Xander could blink.

"A valiant attempt boy you will make a powerful childe of mine but first I will have you Slayer and that little red headed mouse brought to me so you can watch them die first." The sheer evilness dripping from him like blood from his fangs after a feeding.

A fire burned in Xander's eyes. You will never touch either of them.

Unleashing all his returning strength Xander used his powers and hurl Nest to the ceiling blasting him thru the Cavern ceiling and up into Sunnydale High.

Xander pulled himself to his feet and focused his power down and blasted off after Nest using the last once of strength his powers had left.

Xander landed in the middle of the library. Scanning for the Master.

Xander quickly spun around as he something behind him.

The Master thrust his hand into Xander's stomach as he spun.

"You will die but first you will watch them die." Snarl the Master. Motioning to the book cage where Willow and Giles were trying to escape from.

Xander looked and saw a pair of Vampires guarding the cage. The Master had sent them up after Xander started attacking.

"Sorry but if I go you go." Xander spat as he drove his hand in the Nest's black unbeating heart.

The Master crumbled to dust leaving nothing but a small cloud and a skeleton. Xander fell to the ground over the shouts of a Giles and Willow.

Buffy ran thru the halls of Sunnydale high as she heard the crash from the library. She arrived just in time to see Xander fall.

"NOOO." Snarled Buffy as she charged the two awe struck Vampire that just saw the Master's destruction.
Two swift strikes of her stake and there were a memory freeing Willow and Giles they rusted to their fallen friend.

"Xander hang on help is coming." Cried Willow.

Xander smiled as he coughed up some blood. "Not this time Willow. Take care of each other you guys or I'll come back and haunt you." He laughed.

"Don't say that Xander you're going to be fine my boy. Now save your strength" Giles told him.

Xander looked at Giles. "We both know that's not true Giles but hey I got the Master Darla and a shit load of Vampires so not a bad way to go out."

"No not bad at all my boy." Giles told him with tears in his eyes.

"No Xander don't you give up." Buffy told him tears streaming down her face.

"You look out for yourself Buffy. I'll be seeing you." Xander whispered as his eyes closed.

Buffy and Willow wailed with sadness as it seemed their friend died.

"My Lord." Gasped Giles as Xander's body seemed to be fading away.

"Giles what's happening?" the girls demanded as they tried to hold Xander tighter trying to make whatever was happening to Xander either stop or to take them with him.

Xander opened his eyes and smiled. He sat up as he looked at the sign next to him.

You are now leaving Sunnydale.

It was done he had made sure his girls would be safe.

"Xander it's about time you showed up I've been waiting all night." Smiled Marcie.

"Sorry Marcie I'm new at moving thru time and space."

"It's Audrey Mr. Xander." Smile Marcie Ross now Audrey Hanson.

Xander smiled.

"Let's get the hell out of here."
Xander wasn't as up he seemed he was sad that he had to leave his girls behind but they would be saver without him for now. He has places to go and people to see.

Climbing into his Car Xander pulled off his bloody shirt and put on a new shirt tossing the bloody rag to the ground outside the car.

It was time to go.

One thought repeated in his head. Remember when you first meet Peter in New York you will know it time to reveal everything when he tells you save the Cheerleader Save the World.

Author's Note: Next Part of the Series should be out in 2 weeks or so

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