Emily and Millie

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The Letter and A Threat


The day started off very nicely. Emily got ready for school, her Mom stayed home, her Dad went off to do his own business. When I went inside Emily's room to tidy up, I saw a note to me that read:

Dear Millie,

You are a great friend, and a wonderful helper. I've considered many of your hypnotic ways to accomplish tasks, however most of them have failed. I've never truly believed in you.

Plus, you have a wrong way of looking at how to live here. We shouldn't move and turn our house into one of your work places. Everyone enjoys our house for a house, not for a shop.


~Emily Windsnap

I couldn't believe it. She had a wrong point of view on everything I thought! Surely her mom would see this, and I would scold her for bad treatment.

After doing heavy meditating, I walked down the stairs into the half underwater bedroom. "Excuse me," I said.
"What can I do for you today, Millie?" She asked politely.

"Your daughter wrote me this note." I shoved it into her hand, and she read every word. "Well?"

"She's right, Millie. You aren't correct most of the time, and you've already got a work space." Mrs. Windsnap explained.

"Well, uh, er, people have told me I should do this."

"Like who, Archie?"

"Yeah. And there's um...Aaron: no wait, he didn't like that idea. And um...I got nothing."

"Exactly. Now, before Emily gets home, I'm going to run out and get some shells to decorate with. Emily comes home in 20 minutes. And, don't yell at her!"

I'm still going to tell her something. In that twenty minutes, I sat down in the water, and thought about all my methods of thinking. Then, I heard the door knock. "Come in, Emily! Your mom won't be gone long. She's out beach combing."

"Great. So I'll have time to talk to you." She moaned.

"Why did you write me this letter?" I handed to her, and looked up at me with a glare.

"You weren't supposed to read it." She looked down.

"Listen, young lady. You have gotten me so fed up these past years, and this is by far the worst you've done."

"I'm sorry, it's just that-" She studdered.

"I'm going to kidnap your mom whether you like it or not. I can throw her into the water for all I care."

"You were always up to no good." Emily noted.

"Yes, well, it's too late to tell Mother now," I mocked. "Say goodbye to her tonight, because you may never see her again.

"No! Don't! You can't do that. I'll have Neptune put you in jail! You sick, masochist woman!!" She wailed.

That night, I was talking to Mrs. Windsnap, and she never said much, unless it was, "Yeah", "Mm-mm", and "Sure". I took the bag behind my back, and threw it over her head, taping her mouth shut. She mumbled to Emily, who was in bed, and her Dad was still out in the water. The next morning, Emily stood in my doorway, wondering why I did that.

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