Chapter 4

MPOV – during the kidnapping

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Chapter 4

"Alright, mutt. Let's see where you're going." I spoke quietly to the tan sack that was getting quite heavy. I grunted because, even though she was awfully skinny, she was enough to bog you down. After Emily knew I did this, she looked so stupid. Like she knew everything in sight and knew how to stop me. Well, before she figured my evil scheme out, I took her mother out and about for a lil' road trip. I drug her in a wagon at first around the island, in search of the impeccable sandy ditch, with crabs scuttling around to peck at the bag, with the blazing sun surrounding her with heat stroke. At first, I thought Aaron's castle was one of the most perfect places to hide her. But then again, Aaron is young and is still exploring the castle, so he'd find her sooner or later. The code to their "chamber of doom" was the pattern I gave to Emily. Poor squeamish Emily.

It's the afternoon, and the day was surprisingly hot. The meteorologist was yet again - wrong. Muffled cries came from the bag, but ignoring them was the humorous and devious thing to do. The second stop I made was in the blinding coral. It was a vibrant yellow, orange, and deep blue, the waves were passing me, and at times, grabbing me and shifting me into the murky brackish waters. My breath underwater came out as innocent little bubbles, and it was very easy for me. Practicing my meditation in the submerged bedroom was an easy relaxer and survival tip if anything were to happen. Emily's Mom could drown underwater...I thought blankly. But that'd be too harsh. Maybe. See? I'm being nice even though my anger ripped my other emotions out almost completely.

My third and final stop was, well, I'm not going to tell you. It is a jail, though. But do you know where the jail is? I think not. If I do tell you where I'm at then you'll tell Emily and that'll ruin my whole plan! I'll drop you hints. Where I was at now is still on Allpoints Island, however, it is in a secretive spot where only the up most people go. In my case, I wasn't one of those people, but I headed out to the mysterious spot anyways. Along my journey, my sandals squished the damp sand, as shells crushed beneath them, and Emily's Mom was as silent as the dark night with only the wind. There was a jail where only the most fallacious people stayed. Around the grimy back of the building, there was a sandy ditch. It was more of a castle's moat, surrounding the jail. Either to keep the dim and criminal jailbirds in, or to drown them if they were to escape. The prison was not heavily guarded, as I had not expected it to be.

As I said, I was in the back of the building. The ditch was quite deep, maybe six feet, or even more. The crisp, salty water rose almost to the brim of it. I snickered while I sighed. Emily's Mother was getting immensely unmanageable, so I was lucky to toss her briskly into the ditch and here a rather fulminating *PLOP*! I clapped the cream-looking sand off my hands, and laughed. The last I heard was, well, nothing. She was submerged underwater. I cackled evilly at the bag. Feeling so relieved, tired, and burning from the sun, I plopped in the ditch myself. The water was cool, while showering my lips with salt, tasting very foul. I could see for half a second the bag move, not knowing which direction was up. The salt then burned my eyes, and I returned to the surface, gasping for clean air. The bag rose farther now, at least what I could see from the top of the water. I climbed like a mountaineer up the side of the ditch, slipping fast on the sand. When I finally reached the top, I laughed again.

Wait, I thought. Why is the bag rising? It's not supposed to be rising! Well, I thought I might as well not worry about it much, because there aren't any air holes, and it's not like Emily's scrawny mother could rip open the bag. So I left without worry. "Goodbye," I called to her. Then I returned to the Windsnap's home, so incredibly over-joyed.

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