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Bella Pov

Stupid Motorcycle Wouldn't Start and I was Already Late For New High School Yea I Moved Here From Arizona because my step dad killed my mom and I live with charlie know he's the chief of police.

My bike wasn't going to start so I decided to walk and forks was about 8 miles from my house well good thing I was In shape.

By the time I made it there it was half way through first period oh I made it to the office the lady gave me my schedule and I ran to my first period this day couldn't get any First period was English with (I made it up).I pushed the door open and took my hood off at the same time."Um I'm sorry I'm late my bike wouldn't start and I had to walk here well more like run,"I said scratching my head in embarrassment."Well don't worry about it but,next time call and ask someone to pick you up,"She said with a big smile on her face she kind of reminded me of my mom."You Can sit next to Miss Cullen,"she pointed to the back."Miss Cullen will you please raise your hand,"and after she said that a petite had shot up.I walked to back and sat next to her.

"Hi my name is Alice Cullen Nice To Meet You Bella Swan,"She looked like she was going to explode she was bouncing in her seat.I looked at her and I was lost for words she had Pixie hair and she was five foot as I could see from how she sat."Well its nice to meet you to Alice,"I smiled it hurt.I was blushing I wanted to put my hands in her hair and feel the taste of her...NO!It Won't Happen again I can't get hurt again.I pulled out my notebook and started writing the vocabulary on the board down and a tear escaped my eye and dropped on my notebook.I really hope Alice didn't see that.

Alice's Pov

"Alice!Alice Guess What!"Emmett yelled jumping up and down."What?"I said already knowing what he was going to say."There's A New girl in town her name is.... I cut him off"Her Name is Bella Swan"I said smiling at his face expression."It's no fun you can see the future and Edward can read my mind I never get to have any fun,"he pouted and I started I Had a vision.

The new girl Bella was standing and I could see she was crying and in her eyes she was broken I walked up to her and cupped her cheek I leaned forward...

That's were it ends and I didn't notice Edward was standing behind me"well it seems you are in love with the new girl Alice"he said in a smug reply."Shut It Edward James Cullen Or I will tell Jasper what you said about him!"I yelled and Grabbed My bag and Drove out of the garage in my 911 came in sight since I was speeding big time my mind wandered to Bella and how broken she was well that's going to change I'm going to help her and then She will trust me enough she'll love me maybe if she doesn't scream when I tell her I'm a vampire.

The bell rung right as Edward and the rest of them pulled up.I walked into the school and went to 's First Period English.

About half way through the period I smelt her the new girl Bella she pushed the door open and took off her hood."Um I'm Sorry I'm Late my bike wouldn't start and I had to walk here well more like run,"she scratched her head in Teacher was Pointing to the back of the room and said she was going to be sitting with me." Raise your hand please Miss Cullen,"my hand shot and She walked very slowly to her seat like she was makin an effort to walk this was going to be easy-peasy lemon squeezy."Hi my name Is Alice Cullen Nice To Meet You Bella Swan,"I said bouncing up and down I stopped She was gorgeous,She had chocolate brown wave hair and brown eyes and her lips......Oops.

She Pulled out her notebook and started writing I looked at her for a moment and then I saw something that made me want to pick her up and put her on my lap and kiss her senseless.A tear splashed on her notebook .

The Bell Rang and I stood up and so did she"Um Bella will you sit with me at lunch please,"I Did My puppy dog eyes.