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Summary: Jasper Whitlock moves to Forks from a town just outside Austin Texas. He has a big secret and does a pretty good job of keeping it that way from the town where news spreads like a wild fire. First day of school he makes the basketball team, everything is goes well until... he meets a girl. The unavailable girl. The basketball captain's twin sister.... Bella; the very musical girl who loves her life... mostly. THey become friends and things progress... that summer disaster strikes on both their lives and they're separated. They meet again two years later(which feels like an eternity) at a music academy... Can they keep their old relationship a secret or end up being the talk of the entire school?

Okay here is the new story, yes I've been working on it for a while but i decided to see what people thought. I've been getting really positive response to the summary so here is the first chapter.

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"Oh right, yeah because my brother is so gorgeous," I laughed with Ben, my best friend.

"You never know, someone like him could go bother ways." He shrugged as we sat down at our normal table.

Ben has been my best friend since I moved back here when I was four. My mom split with my dad but when she got remarried, she wanted to be with her husband and I was holding her back. So she shipped me off to Forks. My dad raised me and I couldn't be happier.

Most people think we're together when they first see us but I know Ben would never be into me because a) he's like my second brother and b) he drives his car on the other side of the road, if you know what I mean.

"Trust me. You know Daniel, he's not that kind of guy."

He laughed and nodded. "I know I was just joking around. Plus, I've got someone…" he ducked his head bashfully.

I squealed. "Oh my Gosh! No way! Tell me about him!"

He smiled. "Well, I just met him when I went to Port Angeles on Saturday—"

"The day you totally ditched me!" I added.

"Do you want to hear about him or not?" I nodded. "Okay so anyway, I bump into him right and he makes me drop all my stuff, which I still need to give you. He apologized and we got talking he asked if he wanted to hang out but most guys only talk about chicks and stuff so I came right with it. 'I'm gay'. He actually laughed and didn't look disgusted. 'Me too' he says. It was really funny, so we're just hanging out at the moment but hopefully…"

I smiled. "That's fantastic. When do I meet him?"

"I was going to take him with us when we hit Danny's tomorrow." He smiled as I gulped.

"I forgot about that. I'm not going. You told me you canceled!"

He smirked. "You're gorgeous, you're going and …" he trailed as he looked past me.

I turned and looked behind me. The basketball team walked into the cafeteria, loudly I might add, but that wasn't what got all the attention. The attention was there was an extra person. The new guy most people have been talking about all day.

He looked gorgeous. His honey-blonde hair fell over his face that made his blue eyes pop and wore the simple yet styling plain white t and blue jeans that were worn like most guys: with the boxers showing. He had a black leather jacket thrown over his shoulder and a wallet chain hanging from his right side.

Every girl looked ready to pounce. I noticed an arm thrown over his shoulder, which belonged to Daniel the basketball captain who just so happens to be my brother.

I rolled my eyes and turned back toward Ben. He looked at the guy one more time and smiled.

"He's a pretty good looker."

"Hey! What about your boyfriend!" I laughed.

"I can still look can't I?" he teased.

"What's his name?" I asked.

"The new guy is something Whitlock I think." He said.

"Your boyfriend!" I said shaking my head.

"Matt." He smiled and got dreamy eyed.

I laughed and took a bite of a chip. Ben started tapping on the table to a beat and smiled. I liked it. I nodded my head to it a little bit and hummed a little. Ben smiled and nodded his head.

"I like that," I said. "Can you come over after school today? Daniel's at b-ball practice tonight and Charlie's on night shift. He'll leave as soon as I get home."

Ben nodded. "Yeah I'll come over. I have nothing better to do plus we can figure out what you're going to wear and play at Danny's."


"So I can impress Matt with my lovely styling skills." He gave the face that said 'duh!' voice.

I just laughed and stood up. "I have to run to my truck. See you in gym?"

He nodded. "Bye Marie!" he called as I glared at him. I hated my middle name.

I walked past the "basketball team's table" and heard Daniel call me. I sighed and turned toward his buddies. I walked over to him and set my hand on his shoulder.

"Hello Daniel," I put a smile on my face.

"Hey lil' sis. Newbie is coming to practice tonight. Want to come watch?" Daniel invited and I noticed the new guy wasn't anywhere to be seen.

"As much as I love watching you guys sweat during practice I have things to do."

"Come on. Coach might even let you play," Daniel taunted.

I bit my lip. That was my weak point. I loved playing basketball… "I already have plans tonight…"

"Both of you can come and you can even do whatever else you want, come on."

"Fine Daniel. I'll come. I have to go now, or I'll be late for class. I need to go to the truck."

Daniel let me go and I walked past Lauren Mallory. Ick, bite me.

"Swan! Your hoodies just keep getting bigger! How fat are you?" Lauren called loud enough that the cafeteria went silent.

"At least I don't get lipo from my stomach and get it put into my butt!" I called as I walked by her while everyone laughed, including the basketball team.

All the girls glared and I just smiled to myself as I walked to my truck. As I walked out I noticed there was no rain, hopefully the sky will be clearer enough to see the stars tonight. I grabbed my notebook and slammed the door closed. I turned and saw a sleek black Harley pull in. The guy hopped off and when he took his helmet off, I saw the new guy. He really did suit being a biker kid. I smiled to myself and walked by him. Ben was standing outside the cafeteria as the bell rang and walked me to Biology.

I walked to my lonely table and pulled out my notebook. I still had Ben's beat in my head and I stared at the blank paper waiting for it to be covered in my scribbles I call words. I bit my pen cap and smiled as I got an idea. I jotted it down and heard the final bell ring.

Mr. Banner stepped to the front of the class and was about to start the lesson when the new kid walked in. Mr. Banner sighed as he walked up to him.

They were silently talking and Mr. Banner pointed at me once. The guy nodded and walked over to my table. The guy sat down next to me and I only prayed he was smart and won't copy off me. Mr. Banner jumped into what we were doing today and made us open our books to start answering questions. I was surprised when he said we could "chit-chat" while we worked because he never did that. Ever.

I think I was the only one who actually started to do the work because Mr. Banner would set it for homework if people didn't finish so…

The guy looked at me.

"Hello, I'm Jasper Whitlock." He said in a Southern accent that made him even more attractive.

"Hi. I'm Bella Swan."

"Do you mind if I share your book? I don't have mine and I'd rather get this done than talk to… anyone else."

I nodded and moved my book over. We started the questions and he never once looked at my paper or asked a question. I was happy that he was smart or he was just making stuff up. Mr. Banner came over when he noticed I reached into my bag and grabbed my separate notebook.

"Finished Miss. Swan?"

"Yep. Was there another assignment?" I asked.

He shook his head. "What about you Mr. Whitlock?"

"I'm finished as well." Jasper said politely.

Mr. Banner looked at both our papers and made sure we just didn't copy. He nodded and walked away. I looked down at my paper and started writing again. I was hyper aware of Jasper sitting next me but he too was bent over a book. A few minutes later I saw a girl, Jessica walk over to our table.

"Hello!" she greeted.

"Hey," Jasper said nicely as he closed his book.

"I'm Jessica Stanley."

"I'm Jasper Whitlock. Nice to meet you," he flashed her a charming smile.

"Hey Marie," Jessica sneered.

"Hey Susan. It's Bella." I said sarcastically and noticed Jasper smirked.

Jessica just smiled nicely at Jasper but rolled her eyes at me. She jumped into a conversation with him about her being a cheerleader and other… stuff. For the first time it made me look at Jasper like a ladies' man. He knew what to do to impress a girl.

The bell rang and I stood up. "Well, nice meeting you." I muttered to Jasper as he stood up.

"Yeah, you too."

I grabbed my stuff and saw Ben waiting for me. "Hey."

"Hi," he greeted and snatched my notebook.

He looked at what I had and smiled. "We should finish this and you should do this at Danny's"

"Yeah, I want to but I imagined it with two people." I said as we walked toward gym.

"We'll do it together. Come on plus I can impress Matt even more."

I laughed and nodded. "So here's the plan. After school we rush to your car. Speed to my house, I grab the guitars, I grabbed my other gym stuff and say goodbye to Dad."

"You playing the beautiful game today?" he asked.

"Daniel talked me into it."

Ben nodded. "Let get to gym, so we're not late."

We got to gym and I quickly got changed and made it to see the coach giving instruction to what we were doing today. How was I late?

"Swan! You're late!" Coach yelled.

"Sorry I didn't realize."

"You're lucky your bother is on the basketball team and you're a generally good student. Sit down and listen!"

I sat down and Coach explained that we were going to play volleyball. I sighed but was luckily put on Ben's team. Even if he was gay, he was super-athletic and not all girlie. I think that's a stupid thing a lot of people think about gay people. We started the game and it was all going well. It was almost over and my team was winning. I was waiting for the ball to come over the net when Lauren, the bitch, actually spiked the ball and it hit my head so hard I fell down.

"Bella!" Ben called worriedly as he rushed over but laughed when I shook my head.

He reached out and picked me up so I was on my feet. I just smiled.

"Who knew the bimbo could do that without breaking a nail!" I called loud enough for Lauren to hear.

"AH!" we heard a girl shriek. "I did break my nail!" Lauren cried.

Everyone except her little clique laughed as I high-fived Ben. That was definitely the high light of my day now. We finished playing the game—without Lauren, who was complaining about her nail—then swapped teams. As soon as we could change I rushed into the changing room. I changed back into my jeans and big navy blue hoodie. The bell rang and I saw Ben already waiting.

"How do you change so fast?" I complained.

He just shrugged. "I don't know. Less layers," he winked.

"Right," I rolled my eyes.

We walked toward Ben car and he speeded off to my house. I turned on his iPod and laughed when Poker Face by Lady GaGa came on. Ben started tapping his hands on the steering wheel with a smile.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yep!" he said.

He started singing and I couldn't help but join in with a laugh. We pulled into my driveway and hopped out. I quickly rushed in the house past Ben and Charlie and grabbed my two acoustic guitars and extra gym bag. I rushed down the stairs (without tripping) and walked into the kitchen.

"Hey Daddy," I smiled.

"Hey Bells. I have night shift tonight. So I'll see you tomorrow when you get ready to go to school."

"Okay, bye. We're going to practice with Daniel and remember tomorrow I have a gig at Danny's." I smiled.

"Okay baby. I'll see you tomorrow." Charlie kissed my cheek and walked out the door. Ben and I closely followed.

Ben floored it until we were at the school. You could see there were only the cars of teacher and the basketball team now. Ben carried the guitars and I rushed into the changing rooms. I quickly changed into my long black gym shorts and my baggy black shirt. I came out of the changing room and saw that only the coach was there with Daniel while the other guys appeared to be… somewhere else. Ben sat on the bleachers with a guitar and looked like he was strumming quietly. I walked over to him and smiled. What he was strumming sounded like one of my other songs…

"Is that Suddenly I See?" I asked.

Ben nodded. "Why don't you join in before you go play for a little bit?"

I listened and picked up where he was.

"And she's taller than most

And she's looking at me

I can see her eyes looking from a page in a magazine

Oh she makes me feel like I could be a tower

A big strong tower"

I smiled. I loved singing this song. I kept my voice quiet though. It echoes a lot in the gym.

"She got the power to be

The power to give

The power to see"

I sang and repeated it like four times before moving on the chorus to end.

"Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)

This is what I wanna be

Suddenly I see (Suddenly I see)

Why the hell it means so much to me"

I sang it twice and had Ben sing the background.

Ben strummed the last note and I felt an arm wrap around my stomach. I shrieked and laughed as Daniel picked me up and threw me over his shoulder so I was facing the team including Jasper.

"You taking good care of her Ben?"

"Oh you know, getting her into as much trouble as possible. She's playing at Danny's tomorrow. You should come."

I wanted to kill Ben. "Sounds great!" Daniel said.

He turned around so I was face Ben. I gave Ben the finger and he just smiled. "Hey guys who wants to go to Danny's tomorrow night? There's a special guest star!"

Everyone cheered and then Daniel started to walk to center court with me just hanging on him. All the guys laughed as Daniel set me down and I crossed my arms glaring at him. Coach blew his whistle.

"Miss. Swan. Are you joining us?"

"I assume so. I was carried here," I huffed.

Coach cracked a smile. "Okay, we're doing suicides. Do them until I say stop."

We all groaned but walked to the far line. Coach blew the whistle and we started. First line stop run back. Second line stop run back. Third line stop run back, over and over again. It felt like we did that for an hour. When we stopped, Daniel, Trey and me didn't collapse on the ground while the others did.

"Whoa! Newbie aren't you at the least tired?" Brendan called.

Jasper nodded. "I guess I'm going to be newbie for a while," he joked. "I'm not really tired. That felt like a warm up."

Daniel just smiled. "It's good to have you with us. Who's up for a little two on two?"

Everyone nodded and I was just about to slip away when I backed into someone. I turned to see Ben standing behind me.

"You're not running away. If I came here with you, I might as well be able to see you play a game!"

Daniel grabbed me and pulled me over to the court. "Trey! My team. Bella pick someone. Let's whose team is going to be better."

I rolled my eyes. I looked at everyone and then I saw Jasper just standing like every other guy with his hair in his face.

"Hey, Jasper I want to see your game."

"Oh!!!!!!!!!" the guys roared and laughed as Daniel did a double take.

"Sure," Jasper said giving a half smile.

I smiled and looked at Daniel who was staring at me. "You have a problem?"

"You two know each other?"

"Biology," Jasper muttered.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed the ball. "Check."

We got the game started and Jasper was a really good player. Normally, me and Daniel always tie because we both can match up to each other; don't give me the boy is better than girl crap. Jasper passed me the ball around Trey and I dribbled toward the basket when Daniel got in front of me. I bit my lip for a second while he blocked me when I dribbled under his arm and made the basket. The team cheered and Daniel shook his head. Jasper needed one more point to win. We checked the ball and then Daniel took off passing it between him and Trey. They were at their side of the court when Jasper did a beautiful intercept. Everyone cheered as Jasper dribbled up court. Trey caught up with him and I was just shy of the three-point line.

"Jazz! Over here!" I called.

Jasper looked at me for a second and then passed it. I prayed I'd make it and went for it. It was circling the rim and like a whirlpool it spun all the way down for our basket.

"Yes!" I said as the guys came over to us and picked me up.
It's not everyday the captain gets beat. Daniel smiled and clapped. "I wonder how you got so good."

"I don't know. I mean I don't even know anyone who can play."

He laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "Great job Jasper. You really deserve a spot on the team."

"Thanks Daniel." Jasper gave another half smile.

"Where are you actually from?" Greg asked.

"Uh Austin, Texas. I grew up there until I moved here."

"Got any nice babes in Austin?" West asked.

I rolled my eyes. "Do you cares care about anything besides looks?"

The answers were filled with yeses. I only heard two no's. Jasper and Daniel.

The rest of the team stared at them. "I prefer a girl with a brain not just a good ass," Daniel shrugged. "But the ass is nice!"

I licked my finger and gave Daniel a wet wily. He moved away from me really fast as the guys laughed. Everyone seemed to forget about Jasper. I looked over my shoulder at Ben who was on his phone texting someone. I smiled.

"I have to go see Ben now." I said and then we heard Coach's whistle.

"Alright ladies—no offence Bella. Get to work I let you have your fun!"

All the guys started the warm ups while I walked back to Ben and smiled. I picked up my notebook and looked at the lyrics. Ben starts fiddling with different tunes of songs we've written together while I finish the lyrics to our song. I heard the coach blow his whistle and I looked up all the guys got up from doing push-ups. I bit my pen cap as I saw Jasper smile at me. I laughed quietly and shook my head as I finished the song and smiled.

"I saw that." Ben said.

"Saw what?"

"That flirty smile."

"It was a smile. Don't look into it. I finished the song. Can you pass me my guitar?" I asked.

Ben nodded and handed me my black guitar, my baby. I smiled and looked at him. I made a few different chords and used his beat.

"I was thinking about something like this and having two of them going, to make it louder and then possibly just playing with it 'til sounds up to standard."

Ben smiled and mimicked my chords. It sounded just like I imagined it. I looked down at my notebook and stopped strumming. Ben got the idea and counted to four.

"No attorneys to plead my case,

No orbits to send me into outer space

And my fingers are bejeweled with diamonds and gold

But that ain't gonna help me now.

I'm trouble, yeah trouble now

I'm trouble y'all, I disturb my town

I'm trouble, yeah trouble now

I'm trouble y'all, I got trouble in my town."

I sang and then bit my lip. Ben smiled. "That was great. You'll rock the house."

"Yes she will," Daniel said popping us behind me. "You guys better get ready to leave. We're all changing."

Daniel turned and I picked up my guitar. Ben walked in front of me and I forgot my notebook. I walked back to the bleacher and saw Jasper pick it up for me.


"Yeah, no problem. You sound really good. You should try just slightly slowing down your voice to the music. It'll help you keep the beat when you strum."

I stared at him. "You play?"

He shrugged. "Don't tell anyone, I'm more of a farm boy than a popular guy who got the girls," he winked.

I smiled. "I'll try it thanks. Maybe I'll see you at Danny's tomorrow. At seven."

"I guess so. I have nothing else to do," he shrugged. "I better go get changed. Your, uh, friend is waiting."

I laughed. "Oh yeah Ben. I'll see you Jasper."


I sighed as I walked toward the changing room. It's my first day and I'm already crushing on someone. Fantastic. Derek popped up next to me and laughed.

"You better not make any moves on her. She's off limits. You can't date the captain's girl."

I looked at him. "What are you talking about?"

"I saw you guys flirting. Completely obvious. Just don't let Daniel see, he's protective of his baby sis."

I laughed. "I was just talking to her about guitars."

"Yeah sure. And she totally did not personally invite you to Danny's. She normally makes a big deal when we all show up but we go anyway. We're all her big brothers."

I ran a hand through my hair as we walked into the changing room. "It was nothing," I muttered as I grabbed my stuff.

Normally everyone showers but I just wanted to get home. I'll shower later. I changed into my jeans and white t. I threw my leather jacket on and laced up my Docs. The guys stare at me.


"Ain't you gonna shower?" Trent asked.

"I'd rather shower at home. Besides I have work to do, tons of unpacking." I lied. I don't really plan on unpacking when I get home.

"Good luck with that. Coming to Danny's?"

"Uh, yeah sure. I'll see you then." I turned with my bag and walked out.

I hopped my on Harley and drove to my new home. When I pulled up to the house, I sighed. It's been so empty for all these years. Gramps always did know how to live in style though. I'm glad he let me come here. He thought I lost my mind; I worried for him on the farm but he had Troy and Gordon. I walked through the front door and was met by Max running up to me. I smiled and bent down.

"Hey buddy," I greeted as I rubbed behind his ears.

Max was my cute German Shepard, who I've had since… a while.

I walked into the kitchen and started to make dinner. Max was just glad to see me. I guess, he was happy to see me.

After dinner I cleaned up and took a shower. It was relaxing. I did my homework and then went to sleep. Pretty pathetic for a Friday night.


Daniel got home just in time for me to finish making quick spaghetti. He slid into a chair at the table and took the bowl I handed him.

"Thanks Bells. You and Jasper played a great game today. I wonder what that guy's story is."

"What do you mean?" I asked taking a bit of food.

"I mean, we never really got much out of him except he's from Austin and that he just moved here like a week ago." Daniel shrugged.

"Huh," I said as I took another bite. "Why did you have to invite everyone to Danny's?" I asked.

"You're like all the guys' baby sister. We have to come cheer you on."

"I'm not Jasper's little sister," I muttered under my breath.

"What was that?" Daniel asked.

"Nothing." I said as I cleaned out my bowl. I washed it and put it away as Daniel helped himself to more.

I sighed and walked out of the kitchen. "Good night Daniel!"

"Good night Bells. I'm probably going out tonight!" he yelled back.

"K!" I rolled my eyes and walked to my room.

Tonight is going to be a long night.

I hope you liked it! The songs I have in here are Suddenly I See by K. T. Tunstall and Trouble(Acoustic) by P!nk.

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