A/N: This is just a series of interactions between Severus Snape and Hermione Granger which leave one or both parties, well, flabbergasted (which means shocked).

Part 1: Bogey

Professor Severus Snape made his way swiftly through the potions classroom, checking cauldrons every now and then to make sure they weren't liable to explode in the next few minutes. He had had a trying day already, and it was only almost noon. After a cold shower (not by his choice), no time for breakfast, and a noisy fight in the hallway outside his classroom (that he was a casualty of before it broke up), He was ready for his Seventh year Potions class to be over with. The only good thing about the situation was that only the students with more than half a brain for potions was allowed to continue on to Advanced Potions. Because of this, there were only eleven students from all the houses combined. This made it his smallest and least taxing class.

Someone was obviously out to get him, though, as this class was not about to go by without something vexing him. Five minutes before the class was to end, the notorious Hermione Granger, Head Girl and resident know-it-all, decided to raise her hand. He briskly walked over to stand in front of her, wanting to get this confrontation over with.

"What is it, Miss Granger?" He asked, grudgingly.

"Bogey." At this one word, Severus halted in preparing a scathing retort. 'What? Did the chit just say what he thought she did?'

"What?" He spat out, not sure if he wanted to know what she was talking about. He heard some muffled giggling coming from the other work spaces and gave a circulating glare before turning back to Miss Granger.

"You, er, have a bogey, hanging just…there." She nervously replied, pointing to a spot on her own face as to indicate where it was on his. For a second, Severus didn't know what to do. Again, the thought, 'Did she really just say that?' ran through his head. Not knowing what to do, he abruptly turned and headed towards his desk, subtly swiping at the implicated spot on his face where the infamous bogey was sure to be. Thankfully, just as soon as he sat in his desk, composing himself enough to face his students, it was time for them to leave. Each placed their completed potion on the corner of his desk and left. The last one to leave was Miss Granger. She placed her potion on the desk and was headed towards the door when he called her name. She turned around and reluctantly approached his desk, still brave enough to look him in the eye.

At this time, he didn't know whether to strangle her for his embarrassment, or thank her for preventing future embarrassment with students much less mature. He decided to compromise. "Ten points from Gryffindor." She huffed and started towards the door. "And thank you." He said this last part quietly, but not too quiet for her to not hear it. She turned from her place at the door, a little surprised, but nodded and walked out, most likely heading towards lunch. His stomach grumbled, and he decided that getting his own lunch wouldn't be amiss. Thinking back on all his other interactions with the know-it-all, this had to be the oddest.

Stay tuned for the next chapter: Chest