Chain Of Evidence

Chapter # 2

Abby was happy that she was not going to be fired, but by the time she made it back to her lab, her anxiety was back. She was wondering what kind of punishment Gibbs would give her. She felt foolish for suggesting the punishments that she did. They were something a parent would use, not a boss.

"Relax." She told herself. "It'll probably only be a written reprimand, you can handle that." Then a small whimper escaped her lips. "I so don't a reprimand this early in my career."

"Talking to yourself?"

Abby spun around and saw Stan standing there.

"Hey Stan." She said.

"What's wrong, Abby?" he asked in concern. "You looked like you saw a ghost when you went into the Director's office, then your normal self when you left the office. And now you're down here talking to yourself and looking miserable. What's up?"

Abby told him everything, then hung her head.

"Don't worry about it, I screw up all the time. Gibbs won't kill you."

"I don't want an official reprimand." Abby said.

"You won't get one. If that was the case, Gibbs would have already told you. My guess is he's going to deal with it like he deals with me."

"He's going to head slap me?" she squeaked, looking at him in shock.

"No." Stan smiled slightly. "He's going to do what he does when head slaps don't work."

"What's that?"

"With me, he usually takes a belt to my ass."

"What?" Abby was really shocked now. "He spanks you?"

"A few times, when I do something that warrants it."

"You think he'll take a belt to me?" she asked with a shudder.

"No, I doubt this warrants a belting." He saw the fear in her eyes. "Look, if it bothers you that much, he won't spank you. He'll go the official channels. But belief me, the spanking will be better. After it's over, it's over. Gibbs may be a total bastard at times, but he will never spank you harder then you can handle. It'll hurt, but you'll survive."

He saw Abby's expression change to a nervous deer in the headlights look.

"Gibbs is standing right behind me isn't he?" He asked. The hard slap to the back of his head was his only answer. "Hey Boss, just returning to work." He gave Abby an encouraging smile, then left the lab.

"Gibbs, I am so sorry." Abby said.

Gibbs pulled a stool out form the table and motioned for Abby to sit down, which she did. Gibbs leaned against the table, facing her. His arms were crossed across his chest.

"I want to know exactly why you did it, and what the ramifications are." He said in a stern voice.

Abby looked down and didn't say anything, she was still worrying about the man spanking her.

"Now Abigail."

"I….I was tired and I guess I got in a hurry." She whispered.

"Look at me."

She looked up and said, "I know we have enough evidence to convict Mrs. Grey without the disk. I also know that sometimes we only have a single piece of evidence. If we didn't have the other, then a murderer could go free. It was a stupid mistake due to my carelessness."

"Why didn't you try to hide the fact that you messed up?"

"Truthfully, I thought about it." She admitted. "But then my Dad sent me an E-mail telling me how proud him and Mama are of me. I couldn't disrespect that pride by doing something so wrong. Daddy always expected me to own up to my mistakes and take the consequences."

"Did him or your Mom ever spank you?"

"Yes. Not often, I was a pretty well behaved kid."

"When was your last spanking?"

Abby was quiet for a moment, she really didn't want to tell Gibbs that she had used spankings in play. So far it was all light and revolved more around the sexual aspects instead of pain. But Gibbs seemed to already know.

"Spankings as punishment." He said, causing the young woman to blush slightly.

"The day after my twenty first birthday, I went to a club with some friends and got drunk. I had a fake idea since I was fifteen and had been to the club before, but I never drank before. I was smart enough not to get behind the wheel, but I wasn't smart enough not to get in the passenger seat and let someone drunker then me drive. My friend wrapped her car around a tree. My parents weren't mad about me drinking, I was an adult. But Daddy said he will never tolerate me putting myself in danger, no matter how old I was."

Gibbs nodded then asked, "What is your choice? You can either receive a spanking from me, or we can go the official route."

"A spanking." She said, softly. She didn't want a spanking, she knew it would hurt. But she trusted Gibbs, she knew she was safe with him. she also knew that she deserved the spanking.

Gibbs motioned for her to stand, then he sat on the stool. He gently took Abby's arm and guided her over his lap.

He wrapped an arm around her waist.

"I know you were tired, we all were. But with this job, you have to learn to do what you do while tired. If you feel that your work is suffering from being too tired, then come to me."

Gibbs raised his hand high in the air and brought it down hard, then he peppered her butt with fiery smacks. Abby gritted her teeth as the pain intensified. She had been right, it hurt a lot. She was glad that she had decided to wear pants that day, instead of the short skirt that she was thinking of wearing.

Soon, she felt tears running down her cheeks as the spanking continued. Gibbs dropped one knee and raised the other, then started spanking the under curves, where her thighs meet her butt. This caused Abby to start crying softly, soon the crying turned to sobs.

Gibbs stopped spanking and began to gently rub her back while she calmed down. After the crying stopped, Gibbs helped her to her feet. Then he stood up and wrapped her in a hug, which Abby gratefully returned. After they pulled apart, Gibbs kissed her forehead.

"It's over, Abby." He said.

The young woman nodded and said, "You spank as hard as Daddy."

Gibbs smiled and said, "Now explain all the evidence you have against Mrs. Grey. I want to close this case."


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