Eric and Calleigh had been working together for a very long time now. They assisted in another labs case which lasted days which during they hadn't slept a wink. Once they closed the case they went out for a drink and drank a little too much. They ended up having a one night stand. Ever since then things have not been the same.

Calleigh was in Firearms and was holding the feeling to puke she hasn't felt so right the last couple of days. And trust me it didn't go unnoticed. Eric then just walked in to get some results.

E: Do you have the results on the Wilkons family Murder

C:Yeah just finished them here you go

Eric flipped through the file that calleigh handed him. Then he noticed how she looked.

E: Calleigh are you ok you look like hell

C:Well thanks(sarcastically) but ill be ok I think I just have a touch of the flu. I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow if I don't feel better

E:ok well I hope you feel better Ill see you later

C:k thanks eric

The next day calleigh still didnt feel better so she told Horatio that she was going to the doctors.

: Wee let me pull some blood for test

C: k

Dr. Haven: ok let me get the needle

Dr. Haven pulled the blood and sent it off to the lab.

Dr. Haven: Ok I have your results you be surprised how many people come in thinking that they have the flu and actually are pregnant

C:excuse me

Dr. Haven: well congratulations Mrs. Duquesne you are pregnant you about 1 month along

C: thanks(she said confused)

Dr. Havens walked out to give calleigh time to think .

C :( talking to herself) I'm pregnant. I am pregnant with Eric Delko's baby just great couldn't be better (she said sarcastically and with no feeling.)