Why hello everyone! I have returned from my *cough vanishing act. It's been a tough year for me, I may not even be that active on here anyways. But you all deserve to have something posted. I know you all missed me and my random updates, to which I think have gotten better in terms of style and grammar. I really must thank everyone who ever commented on my stories. :D

I have such sad news, it's been so long since I ever even thought of this story, or the others one for that matter, that I seem to have forgotten where it may have been heading. :/ I'm really sorry, especially after seeing how popular this story had gotten since my absence. I might just go onto other ideas, newer ones I have been thinking of.

Heck, I might even create a new version of Talons and Claws (don't push it *glares at lurking friend ). Anyways, just thought you all deserved to know.

Darky out!~