Eagerly Awaiting, Chapter 1

They hadn't really seen each other in over two weeks. Or, more correctly, they hadn't been together, awake, in the same location for over two weeks. Brenda saw Fritz when she came home late at night, when he was sound asleep. Evidence of his attempts to stay awake and wait for her were apparent: bedroom lights on, diet coke on the night stand, a book in his hand. Brenda smiled at him, feeling a burst of love pulsate through her exhausted heart, and slowly removed the book and turned out the light, kissing him softly on the forehead as she did so. He called her every day and, upon finding out she was working late again, would make her promise to wake him up when she got home, disappointment in his voice. She swore she would just to make him happy, but she never had the heart. She felt that there was really no point in both of them being worn down and sleep deprived.

Mornings were almost the same. She set her alarm for 6am, no matter what time she came in the night before. She awoke with a start, hitting the off button immediately. Fritz, being a deep sleeper, sometimes stirred but never woke up. She showered quickly, and was out the door by 6:30, heading back to Parker Center to try and juggle two high profile cases at the same time. As much as she loved her job and thrived on the challenge, each morning, as she looked at her puffy face and red-rimmed eyes, she had to admit to herself that she rather be in bed with Fritz. In fact, she rather be anywhere with Fritz. She missed him like crazy, and she knew he felt the same. She had gone through some tough times at her job when she didn't come home much, but a two week stretch was a record.

Even though she was inarguably the less romantic one in the relationship, it was Brenda who started leaving love notes. It occurred to her investigative mind that, since she was coming home after Fritz fell asleep and leaving before he woke up, he really didn't have any proof that she had bothered to come home at all. Something about that bothered her, so one morning, she pulled out the notebook they used to take phone messages, ripped a page out, and wrote in big letters:

Fritzy, I love you and I miss you.


PS. Have I ever told you that you are the sexiest man alive?

She put it on the round dining room table, front and center, so he couldn't miss it.

That night, she came home, threw her purse on the floor and headed for bed. She almost missed the note on the table, but her own name caught her eye. Fritz had left her a similar note from the same pad of paper:


I miss you too, sweetheart. When these cases are over and I get to see your beautiful face in the light of day again, I am not going to let you out of my sight for a very long time.



PS. Have I ever told you that you have great breasts?

Brenda had to cover her mouth so her laughter wouldn't wake up Fritz. Everyone always thought Fritz was so dignified, but the truth was the man had a dirty sense of humor, and he loved saying inappropriate things to Brenda just for the sheer shock value. She always feigned horror at first, but ended up laughing. Never a dull moment with that man, she thought, putting the note down and heading for bed.

She decided to play along and leave him something that will make him choke on his morning coffee. This is kinda fun, she thought.


My beautiful breasts miss your sexy hands, as does the rest of me. I miss your body terribly, and sometimes at work, I just about come thinking about you.


She hoped he would reply in kind, and when she came in at 2am, cranky from an argument with Taylor, she quickly scanned the table for a note. She was not disappointed.

To my beautiful girl,

The idea of you almost coming from thinking about me distracted me from getting any real work done today. I just kept picturing my mouth on your clitoris, giving you a screaming orgasm. It warms my heart (and other vital parts of me) to know I can make you wet long distance.



Well, that certainly ratcheted things up a notch, Brenda thought.

At the bottom of the note, in large block letters outlined multiple times for boldness, was


That night though, as tempting as it was to wake up Fritz and seduce him, she let the man sleep. On her way out the door the next morning, she paused, coffee cup in hand, to write a quick note:


I did wake you up, don't you remember? I went down on you and worked you with my tongue and mouth. You were hard and silky and salty and I just couldn't get enough of you. You came and came, and I swallowed every last drop. You said it was the best blow job I had ever given you. How could you have forgotten?


Okay, that just plain borderlines on cruel, she thought, setting the pen down and smiling to herself. They hadn't had sex in weeks, and she basically just left him porn to read along with his Cap'n Crunch. Well, he started it.

The notes went on like this for days, varying in their erotic intensity, but all were focused on driving the receiver crazy. Brenda spent and entire meeting with an influential community leader daydreaming about Fritz's note from the night before, outlining all the positions he was going to put her in so he could be as deep inside her as possible. When Chief Pope directed the discussion her way, she was mentally flipping through the Karma Sutra for ideas, and hadn't heard him at all. She asked Will to repeat the question and watched as his face turned red with anger as hers turned red with embarrassment. After the meeting Will angrily pulled her aside and asked her what was going through her head that was more important than the meeting. She gave him a mysterious smile and said, "wouldn't you like to know," and walked away.

She spoke to Fritz every day at least once or twice, when she had a couple of minutes in transit from one place to another, or on the rare occasion when she actually got to sit down at her desk and eat something from her drawer, her shades drawn for a few precious moments of alone time. Fritz would start out asking her why she didn't wake him up the night before when she got home, and she always responded that she didn't want him walking around as tired as she was. Once the perfunctory argument was over, they would ask about each other's days and chat about nothing. Never once were the notes mentioned. They seemed to have a tacit agreement that the notes' sexual magic would be broken if they spoke of them out loud, so they remained undiscussed, their silent secret.

Brenda finally wrapped up one case and was pushing hard on the second, seeing a light a the end of the tunnel. Her staff kept begging her to go home and get some sleep, because they knew she stayed late into the night working, long after she had shooed them all home. She felt torn between trying to delegate and taking a night off and being with Fritz, or charging full steam ahead and getting the case wrapped up faster. Being the micromanager she was, she opted for the latter.

Fritz called her cell one afternoon, just as she had gotten off the phone with a reporter from the newspaper who wanted her to comment on the recent case she closed. He had mocked her accent, and she felt annoyed. She was glad to look down at her cell and see it was Fritz.

"Hi Honey!" she answered with all the enthusiasm her tired self could muster. "How're you?"

"Great," he answered back. "Guess where I am right now, this very second?"

"Disney World?" she quipped, too tired to play guessing games.

"No, even better! I'm at Parker Center, as we speak. Jerry and I just finished up a meeting with the Gang Intelligence Unit."

"You are? You did? You comin' up to see me?" Brenda leaned forward on her chair.

Fritz laughed. "Nah, I thought I would head on back to my office to check e-mail instead of visiting my beautiful fiancée whom I haven't seen in a couple of weeks."

"Sarcasm doesn't suit you, Fritz Howard. It's my thing. I'm in my office, get your butt up here!" She hung up the phone. She couldn't believe she was actually going to get to see him, awake and handsome in one of his work suits. Brenda grabbed her purse and dashed to the bathroom. She pulled out from the caverns a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lipstick, powder, and a brush. She did what she could to look, and smell, better, but still wrinkled her nose at her reflection, and walked quickly back to her office.

Fritz knocked and let himself in the front door, pausing to lock it behind him. Brenda stopped breathing for a second, reveling in his handsomeness. As she expected, he was dressed impeccably, signature pink tie and all, and she felt herself get turned on by just looking at him. Down girl, you're at work, she told herself. She got out of her chair and walked over to him.

Fritz's face broke out in a big smile, and he pulled her close for a bear hug. He leaned down and kissed her on top of the head, whispering, "so good to see my girl again." Brenda tilted her head up so could kiss her, and his soft lips came down on hers.

And then things became blurred, as if time sped up, and moments hung unconnected like pearls on a necklace. He was lightly kissing her, and then somehow her tongue was in his mouth. Her hands were suddenly in his hair, and he cupped her ass and pulled her to him tightly, his straining erection, which seemed to come out of nowhere, pressed against her stomach. His soft palms were on her nipples, and she found herself starting to unzipper his pants before reality came in to focus again. She pulled away from him, breathing heavily.

"Oh my," she said, buttoning up her blouse, having no memory of it ever been unbuttoned. "OK, time to cool off, Fritzy. We're in my office right now, remember?"

By the look in his eyes, pupils dilated with excitement, she knew he would have been inside her before long if she hadn't stopped them. He looked dark, almost dangerous, single-minded in his attraction to her. She got even more wet staring at him as he looked at her body hungrily.

"Sorry," he finally said. "It's just been so long."

"I know, Fritzy, and you have nothing to apologize for," she said. "I do believe I was part of that…" she stumbled when she tried to think of a word for what just happened, "uh, display of affection."

He laughed. "It's just that being caught having sex in your office is not much of a career booster, is it?"

"Notsomuch," she said, smiling glad the mood was getting lighter. But not for long.

Fritz's smile faded and the dark, wolfish look was back in his eyes, which rested on her breasts. "It's just that it's been weeks, Brenda, and I miss you so much. And the notes…" his voice trailed off.

"Yea, the notes," she echoed. "I've been spendin' a lot of time daydreamin' about those notes." She moved closer to him again. "You sure do know how to turn a person on, Fritz Howard." She lightly rested her hand on his chest.

"Likewise," he said, his voice gruff. "Brenda, I need you. Please come home tonight, at a decent hour, please." He looked desperate.

She found herself wanting him like she had never wanted him before. Her ache extended far beyond her womb to her very soul. If she didn't make love to this man soon, she felt like she would die. She nodded.

"I will, Fritzy, I will. I'll delegate for an evening. We're finally down to one case anyways, the squad can live without me for a few hours."

He looked at her dubiously. "Are you sure? Don't make promises you can't keep, Brenda."

She leaned up and kissed his cheek. "I promise, Fritzy, that unless half of the Hollywood Hills is murdered tonight, I'm comin' home at a normal hour."

He looked at her and smiled. "Well, in that case, I think I can make the rest of your day a little more…relaxing."

Before she could ask him what he meant, he kissed her again, hard and deep. She was lost in the kiss, too weakened by passion and Fritz to fight him this time. She was vaguely aware of his hand on her thigh, moving up slowly underneath her skirt. It wasn't until his hand had slid under the elastic waistband of her underwear and was cupping her that the haze of passion cleared enough for her to pull away.

"Fritz, what are you doin'?" she whispered harshly as she wrapped her hand and his arm and tried to pull his hand away from her. He wouldn't budge.

"Giving you a little something new to daydream about this afternoon, something that will hopefully guarantee you coming home to me tonight." He leaned down to kiss her ear as his fingers splayed her lips. Brenda's breath caught in her throat.

"Fritz, I'm at work, someone could walk in on us any minute—oh," she lost her train of thought when Fritz slid a finger into her and lazily began to explore her wet folds.

Fritz stopped kissing her neck and whispered, "I locked the door on my way in," he said, his finger sliding slowly in and out of her. "The shades are drawn. Somebody knocks, and I'll stop, I promise. Just relax, Brenda, and enjoy this." Fritz's thumb found her clitoris and began to rub it gently as his finger plunged in and out of her.

Brenda was trying to think clearly, knowing that this could turn out badly. She had just wrapped her brain around a couple of words that she thought she still had enough control to say when Fritz added a second finger to the first. All rational thought was lost, and she buried her face in Fritz's chest and moaned, closing her eyes.

"There," he said, as if having won an argument with a small child. "It's okay, Brenda. Just relax, honey. God, you feel so wet, so good." He leaned down and kissed her, his hand picking up the pace, and he swallowed Brenda's moans.

Brenda was nowhere. She was in a nameless place of extreme pleasure and need, where time and matter don't exist. She felt herself grow closer to something big with each pass of Fritz's thumb over her clit followed by his penetrating fingers, but she couldn't give it a name. She could only try and breathe.

Fritz pulled away from their fiery kiss and whispered in her hair, "oh honey, you are so close. Come for me, Brenda." He increased his pressure and speed. Brenda felt her hips moving on their own volition, and then everything stopped: air, light, sensation, touch. She felt her lungs expand in a deep breath, and then it all began to move again. And she was there, on top of that big thing she had been crawling towards, and her orgasm washed over her. Fritz pressed his mouth against hers when he heard her cry out, but his fingers continued to move in her and against her until she brushed her hand against his arm, their signal that she had grown too sensitive for his touch.

When reality started to bleed in, Brenda was in Fritz's lap as he sat in her office chair, his arms around her, slowly rocking her back and forth. She ran her hands along the outside of his arms to let him know she was back. He pulled her closer.

"Was I loud?" she asked him.

"Don't worry, I made sure you weren't. I promise no one will start spreading rumors in the squad room about what their boss has been up to."

She was too blissfully post-orgasmic to come up with a snappy retort. "Wow, Fritz, that was…quite a surprise," she said. "A very pleasant one, I mean." She paused. "Okay, I just had a mind-blowin' orgasm, are you happy?"

He chuckled. "The question is, are you?"

She turned around in his lap to face him. She could feel his erection beneath her, but it wasn't as urgent as before, and the starved look in his eyes was gone. It was clear her release was his release too. She leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips. "So that was supposed to make sure I come home tonight, for a little more of that?" she asked teasingly.

"More like, a lot more than that. Did it work?"

"Oh, yea," she breathed. "You have no idea."

He patted her bum as a signal for her to get out of his lap so he could stand up. "I think I do." He smoothed out his jacket and combed his hair with his fingers. "I have to head back to work now." He looked at her, pointing a finger. "Now, you promised to be home before midnight, right?"

"I promise, Fritz."

"Good," he smiled, heading for the door. "I will be eagerly awaiting your arrival."

End Chapter 1

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