A/N: I had this idea after playing Re:Chain of Memories a some weeks ago. I finally decided to play it (since I couldn't beat the GBA game), and got to the part with Cloud (the Olympus Coliseum) and my mind wandered off. I also have had this image of Sephiroth in my head with his Masamune drawn, pointed at Kadaj, and berating him for being a remnant and the thought that he may have feelings. Oh, and Kadaj is holding Hotaru's body in his arms while this is happening. Not gonna spoil anymore, so please read on.

Title: Remnant

Author: Moi Fah

Genre: Action/Romance/Family/Hurt/Comfort

Crossover: Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Version: Anime and Movie/Film (respectively) (slight AU)

Pairings/Characters: Hotaru Tomoe/?, Kadaj, Yazoo, Loz, Sephiroth, Jenova, Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, Denzel and Marlene, the Turks (mainly Reno and Rude), and special Kingdom Hearts guest appearances.

Feedback: If you feel so moved...

Rating: T (for now, possible change lower or higher)

Fragment One: Deliver Me Into Kind Hands

"You're nothing but a damn nuisance!" the silver-haired Remnant, the embodiment of cruelty and anger, shouted with a swish his sword through the air- Kadaj. Sheathing the parallel blades in anger, the Remnant knew that he was outmatched for now. The annoying female before him was simply too fast to be struck with a blade, but of course, this was easily amendable with the help of his Shadow Creepers. Surging with dark power, the silver-haired boy summoned the hellish-looking hounds from portals of shadow, and with a single point of his finger, 'sic-ed' them on his opponent.

The dark-haired female gritted her teeth in surprise to keep from gasping; these creatures were not to be toyed with. Dodging a bite from the first hound, she somersaulted to a further distance to recollect her thoughts. Killing them was useless due to their regenerating abilities, and the Remnant who stood smiling to her right was powerful in his own right, and she didn't feel like risking her life anymore today. She sighed mentally, everything had been fun and games until these things showed up. Reaching into the pack settled on her waist, she swung it around to her front and pulled from within what appeared to be a bomb.

Throwing it to the ground in front of her, an explosion of smoke went up around the entire clearing, a good mile-length distance. Kadaj covered his eyes to keep them from burning and watering up. If the female wished to run, then that was fine by him. Mercilessly dodging shuriken had become quite boring. When the smoke cleared, the Remnant dusted himself off, checking a particular nasty gash he had received on his arm from a stray slice of his opponent's metal. Kadaj looked around the area to see the Creepers still in the clearing, rushing to and fro in a frenzy of smoldering shadows to try and find the girl once more. "She's gone." the Remnant yelled out, despite knowing they could not understand him, "Dismissed." he stated simply, clutching his right hand into a fist and focusing his dark power.

The Creepers slowed all movement. Kadaj thought nothing of it at first, simply expecting them to head back to whatever world he normally summoned them from. However, the Creepers' tiny, shadow heads turned slowly to look at him over their bony shoulders. Their teeth bared, and a terrifying growl sounded from all six of them. Kadaj stared in disbelief for a moment, glaring as the hounds disobeyed his orders and advanced on him with the intent to kill. Once they had their prey in sight, rarely would they ever back down. It was strange, he thought, coming into contact with his motorcycle as he backed away slowly. Why were they not listening to him?

'Duck!' his body commanded suddenly, crouching down quickly to avoid the ferocious tackle that had meant to take his head clean off his shoulders. The Remnant knew he could not give them another chance to attack, and so, hopped onto his motorcycle, turned the key, and blasted from the area with an expulsion of smoke.

The Shadow Creepers were fast, no doubt, but he should at least be able to outrun them for a good ways if the machine decided so. Hopefully he wouldn't run out of gas or be stranded in the middle of nowhere. He caught a creeper out of the corner of his eye, coming up quickly from his right side. Drawing his Souba, the parallel blade shot from his hand and severed the Creeper who had dared to get too close. It wasn't over yet, of course, his brain told him. They were more hounds right behind him, each one filled with the intention to kill. He knew for a fact that killing them all would be an impossible task unless he found a place without shadow. Without shadow, they could no longer breed.

Sheathing his sword for now and placing both hands back on their appropriate grip holders, he swerved the cycle harshly to the right, just in time to avoid a giant tree. If that damned female hadn't chased him so far out from Edge, he might have been fine. Looking ahead though, he could clearly see that he was coming up on a patch of desert- Edge was full of them after all.

Ducking more on instinct than alertness, Kadaj managed to avoid the tackle of another Creeper, watching the hound miss its target and land directly in front of his tire. He smashed the beast with the cycle's impressive front tire and continued onward. Just a little more, and he would reach the patch of desert. It was sunny out today, and that meant less breeding pools from the shadows...of course, he'd have to worry about his own shadow once he got there. Perhaps then though, he could calm the Creepers and send them back to their rightful places.

Finally, he broke through to the desert with an upward flurry of sand flying into his face. The Remnant reeled back in irritation as it invaded his eyeballs and hurriedly tried to remove the particles before he crashed or was caught by a Creeper. Suddenly, he felt as if a thousand tiny needles were pelting against his skin. Cleaning his eyes out, Kadaj was meet with the sight of rain.

What the hell? It didn't rain in the desert. Something unusual must have happened back there, but then again, this hadn't been a very normal day. Kadaj reasoned that he was merely hallucinating despite the fact that he hadn't been in the desert nearly long enough for that to happen. And even so, these streets lined with houses and doors looked quite real to him. Realization hit him, and he turned to look back over his shoulders. Damn, those Creepers were still following him even here! This proved that losing them would been harder than he thought. And now...the Remnant's stomach curdled. Wherever he had ended up at was a terribly dark place, full of clouds and puddles without the sign of the sun breaking through any time soon.

The Creepers remained relentless. One managed to catch up to his exposed left flank, and attempted a slash at him. Kadaj had re-sheathed his weapon and could only try to move of the way. He failed. The narrow street he was on kept him pretty much centered, and when he pulled towards the right, the Remnant found himself hydroplaning out of control into a wooden pole and a nearby stone wall.

The Creeper's howled as the massive machine slammed into the wooden pole and broke like a fragile toy. Amazingly, the cycle did not catch fire as it pinned the silver-haired boy to the ground. The Creepers moved much in the manner of a wolf-pack as they advanced, the apparent leader being the first to sniff the motionless prey. Shaking his head quickly from side-to-side, it appeared as if he was trying to convey his answer. The boy is dead and we should move on, it seemed to say. The shadow hounds sank soundlessly back into the darkness, leaving the Remnant boy to be crushed by his own machine.

"Oh my goodness!" crooned an innocent voice. She was identical to the boy in body size and shape, minus the muscle he had, and was dressed in a simple, un-notable dress. She dropped her umbrella at the sight of him, and with her raven hair gliding out wetly behind her, she raced towards him and took a hold of his wrists. Considering she had no muscle, pulling the boy from the wreckage seemed the hardest thing she'd ever had to do; so much so that tears came to her giant, almost mutant-sized purple eyes. If it hadn't been for the rain's wetness, she never would have budged him.

The boy slid from the wreckage limply, and the girl settled him into her arms. Before she could move him anywhere, she would have to rest herself first. She was already weak recovering from the illness she harbored. When winded once more, she climbed to her feet and threw the boy over her shoulders.

The door, the one she had burst through not too long ago, was still open, and she carried the unconscious boy inside. To think such a noise had been caused by such a mighty crash! At least the boy appeared okay, or rather, alive. When spread out onto the girl's couch, she caught sight of numerous scratches and gashes on his exposed skin, rips and tears in his leather fabric exposing them.

Not knowing exactly what to do with his motorcycle, she simply let it be as she rushed outside to grab her umbrella from the middle of the sidewalk. The girl hurried back inside, closed the door, and locked it with a heavy breath. This was so stressful! Now what was she going to do? Take care of him, of course, her mind decided for her. Almost robotic, she headed for the kitchen were the first-aid kit sat on a high shelf.

His injuries weren't fatal, but it would ease her mind to know they were taken care of, so she hastened back to the living room where he lay. The silver-haired boy hadn't moved, and for some reason, she felt a sigh of relief pass over her lips. He didn't look too menacing in his sleep, but then again he was dressed in dark leather and had been riding a motorcycle. He sounded and looked like a delinquent if her guessing was right.

That aside, she would never put herself in a position of turning anyone in need away. Opening the case, she began her careful chore of patching him back together again.

Title was scrapped because I was getting tired of it and starting to hate it. This was not rewritten in anyway because I saw no need to mess with anything.