Title: Were Diu Werlt Alle Min...Were The World All Mine

Author: Moi Fah

Genre: Adventure/Drama/Horror/Angst/Action

Crossover: Sailor Moon (slight AU) and Bleach

Version: Anime and Manga (respectively)

Rating: T (rating may rise later)

Chapter One: Stetit puella...A girl stood

"Well Shiro-chan, 'Granny' seems to be doing better these days, huh?" asked 5th squad fukataichou Momo Hinamori of her childhood friend 10th squad taichou Toshiro Hitsugaya. The white-haired boy only answered with a nod, not caring to correct her on that horrid nickname she'd given him since they were alone together. "You know," she began again, "It's so nice and carefree out here, I almost don't want to go back to Seireitei." she giggled with a stretch of her arms, Toshiro giving a secret grimace.

Suddenly, the girl's hand flew to his shoulder and stopped him in his tracks. "Look Shiro-chan," she commanded with a pointed finger, "what's all that over there?" In all honesty, Toshiro had no idea when or why the large mass of huddled people had become crowded around a certain spot, but their expressions told him that not all was well. "Come on," he gave an order of his own, storming off towards the group that obviously had not been there when they'd arrived hours earlier. Momo followed quietly, much like a puppy would.

"Jidanbo!" called the small boy (in comparison to the west gatekeeper's size) loudly, "what's going on here?" It would have embarrassed both Momo and himself to admit that they could not see a thing due to their short statures. The giant shook his head as if he believed he was hearing things before looking over his massive shoulder, "Ah!" he exhaled in the form of a greeting, bending down on one knee to get somewhere remotely closer to the ground, "The 10th division taichou...and the 5th division fukataichou...what brings you here?" he asked after respectfully greeting them both.

Toshiro nodded, but gave a small scoff in anticipation, "Never mind that Jidanbo. What's all this fuss about?" Straight to the point as always, remarked the gatekeeper, once again glancing over one of his massive shoulders. "Well, I'm not entirely sure. Everything was quiet one moment, and then in an uproar the next."

"Oh, maybe you could lift us up and into the crowd?" squeaked Momo, who up until this point had been furiously trying to push her way through the crowd of people. Jidanbo gave a heavy sigh in reply, picking them up reluctantly, "Alright, but it's not gonna be pretty..." The ominous statement was so bleak, a small shiver ran down Momo's spine.

Then, they saw it. Momo cried out loudly, gasping for some kind of breath to yell with, but instead was pulled against Toshiro with her face mashing into his robes. This was good as she longer had to see it, she decided and kept her face buried. Toshiro, however, couldn't pull his eyes away. There was so much blood...had no one thought to move the poor girl before she drowned in her own blood?! "Momo!" he yelled harshly, jerking the quivering girl from his body, "whatever you do, don't look behind you. Go back to the Seireitei and inform someone...anyone!" he yelled fiercely once more as to snap her out of her reverie. She swallowed spit and nodded her head numbly, before being pulled back up by Jidanbo and out of the crowd.

"Everyone back away! I am the taichou of the 10th division, and she is in my hands now!" Toshiro yelled, glad to have someone like Jidanbo present to back him up. Truthfully, the only reason he could tell this bloody and broken body was a female was due to the bulging bump of where a belly should have been.

"Is she dead?" a multitude of on-lookers continued to question. At this point, Toshiro considered it quite a stupid question, but knelt down to find a pulse. A very small thump met two of his fingers, signifying that the girl still lived. "The baby...can it still be saved?" another questionnaire asked.

"She lives, but if we don't do something soon..." Toshiro announced, hoping that Momo, in her state of shock and surprise, had not forgotten the important technique of shun-po.

"Anyone," the white-haired boy called out to the crowd suddenly, "Does anyone know how this happened? Who did this to her? Did anyone see?" A murmur of 'no's and 'I wish I had's flew up, as well as a plethora of shaking heads. That was odd, remarked the captain, not a single person had seen who or what had attacked this young, pregnant woman? Something did not add up. Having lifted her head onto one of his legs, Toshiro stole another glance down at the unconscious woman. Her robes...they were a shinigami's robes. Whoever had done this to her would earn nothing less than a long and painful death.

Eventually the crowd cleared away more and more, except for the hopefuls who thought themselves something of martyrs, Toshiro decided. Momo was taking long...either that or 4th division was running slow today.

"There he is!...and the girl, too!" Toshiro's tired and weary head snapped up once again at the sound of Yasochika's voice. It was about time the damn relief squad made it here. The blond man and his followers skidded to a stop before them, busying themselves with their equipment or surrounding the girl to assess the damage. They looked more comedic than helpful, remarked Toshiro even though the last thing he felt like doing was laughing. "I must apologize," Yasochika Iemura, 4th seat of squad 4, began, standing in front of him, "the 4th is currently understaffed at the moment. Zaraki's squad..." the man trailed off with an upward push of his glasses from the bridge of his nose; both knowing the full explanation due to those two magic words.

"So, brief me on the situation," he demanded, pulling his medical journal and a pencil from seemingly nowhere.

"Trust me, I've asked around but no one's seen or heard a thing about her. It's a little fishy, but it's all we have to go on. Maybe her memory will still be intact when she wakes up..." Toshiro trailed off with crossed arms, watching as the relief squad, who had been carting the girl onto a stretcher as they talked, wheeled her off at a quickened pace. Yasochika's arms went limp, the notebook and pencil falling by his side.

Hanatarou Yamada heaved a great sigh, wiping the sweat from his brow as he adjusted the clothespin on his nose to continue keeping the hideous smell of the sewers out. What a terrible job to be stuck with...especially since it was beautiful, Friday afternoon. Picking up his mop and dunking it back inside its appropriate bucket, the clumsy boy reached for his surgeon's mask and promptly put it on. Going deeper in required a bit more smell-protection, he'd come to learn.

Another sigh seeped its muffled way from behind his mask...something told him that this day was going to be terrible. Well...more so than right now. On second thought, things couldn't any more terrible than normal.

Poor Hana. And poor MoMo (me, not sticky-bun head) for having to put up with so much homework. I was trying to pick my grades up (remember, squeaking by and flunking aren't the same thing!) if anyone's needs an excuse for my absences. But now, school is over and I hopefully have all the time in the world. I have to go find a job soon...

Iemura is the blond-haired guy in the 4th division who writes in the notebook all the time.