Something Wicked

By Samara Serelle and Juggalette Sugarlove

Chapter 1

A cold breeze blew across Sam Gellerman's face as the moon light of the quiet night streamed through the curtained windows of her bedroom. She sighed, pulling her thick covers over her head and rolling onto her side, turning her back to the window as the curtains rustled with the wind. Closing her eyes she tried to drift back to sleep when a loud bang startled her to full awareness. A loud scream tore through the quiet estate, forcing Sam to sit up, her green eyes wide in the pale light of her room. Jumping out of bed as another scream tore through the house she slid her feet into the purple slippers she kept by her bed and grabbed a sweatshirt, yanking it over her head as she tore her bedroom door open to find her twin sister Emily poking her head out of her bedroom down the hall.

"Sammy, what's going on?" Emily groaned, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"I'm about to find out," Sam said grimly, pulling her wand from the pocket of her sweatshirt. "Lumos!"

Creeping slowly toward the stairs a flash of green light lit the lower staircase, her father's strangled yell filing her ears. Panicking, Sam charged down the rest of the flight and launched herself into the foyer of their home. Six Death Eaters, their hoods covering their faces, stood around her parents. Her mother lay on the floor, her eyes glassy in death while her father leaned over her, tears streaming down his face.

"MOM!" Sam screamed, pointing her wand at the closest Death Eater. "Why are you here?"

From under his mask the man cackled, his husky voice, "What's it to you, little girl? You can't hurt me, I am protected by the Dark Lord."

"Let him protect you from this!" Sam screamed, punching him in the face, her eyes fierce as Emily tackled another Death Eater from the staircase behind her. Sam saw the wide blue eyes of her mother and her heart pounded with anger. Returning her attention back to the Death Eater underneath her she shoved the tip of her wand into his throat and snarled, "CRUCIO!"

An agonized scream erupted from him as she held the spell on him, not caring if it was illegal. Her rage boiled over as the man twitched and screamed beneath her. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and his mouth foamed as she tortured him, tears now streaming down her face as the realization that her mother would never wake up slammed her with full force. "You sick bastards! CRUCIO!" She stopped the curse and stood up, the man gasping desperately for air, his voice high from screaming.

"Curse him again and your father dies," a slick voice distracted Sam's anger and Emily froze beside her twin sister.

"Don't test me," Emily growled, her face also shining with tears. "What do you want from us?"

"That's something your mother already provided for us, sweetheart. It doesn't concern you," the man sneered.

"Then get out of here!" Sam snarled, her wand hand shaking with anger as she clutched the wood in her palm.

"Ah, ah, ah, not so fast," the Death Eater shook his head, his wand still pressed into the chest of their father. "We have one more job to do"

Sam narrowed her eyes and frowned when the Death Eaters surrounded their father, all their wands pointing at him. In one low voice they all uttered the curse that ended his life: "Avada Kedavra!"

Gasping, Sam sat up and glanced around the dark of her bedroom. A sigh escaped her as the cold sweat trailed down her back and she closed her eyes trying to calm her nerves. She shoved the covers off her, her hand closing over her wand in the pocket of her pajamas. Walking through her bedroom she moved into the connected bathroom, splashing some water on her face from the sink.

"Did you see it too?" Emily's voice filled her head, making Sam jump.

"Yeah, why does it keep coming back?" Sam asked silently, her green eyes staring into the mirror in front of her.

"Well, they died two years ago tomorrow," Emily's voice whispered. "I miss them so much."

Nodding, Sam dried off her face and moved back into her bedroom. Pushing away the curtains covering her windows she smiled at the rising sun. Her door opened and Emily appeared besides her, wrapping her arms around her in a tight hug. The two stood in silence for a moment, remembering their parents and how much they'd loved them, even if they were both troublesome children. Emily pulled away from her sister and took a deep breath, her face set in a determined stare.

"Well, I say we go mess with the fourth graders at the park today," she shrugged, combing her fingers through her long dark hair.

An evil grin spread across her twin's face and she nodded, "Sounds like a plan."

Ever since the twins could remember they'd always had a rebellious side to them. Whether it was throwing juice cups at the other toddlers in their preschool class or lighting the slide on fire during recess in middle school, the twins had always had a knack for trouble. Now at age sixteen the twins had an even better weapon for destruction, magic. Although the girls had never had any proper schooling like most normal wizards and witches, the twins' parents saw fit to teach their girls everything they knew. Because of their paranoia that some dark witch or wizard would attack them because of their job status; they were both Aurors, the twins' parents saw fit to keep them home, teaching the girls all they knew about magic.

As the girls prepared for the day, their guardian and close family friend, Charles, brought them breakfast. Sam thanked him politely and gave him an evil wink when he advised her and her sister to stay out of trouble. As the older twin, Sam usually took the responsible role, but couldn't help but indulge when it came to causing chaos. As the girls sat at the large dinning room table where their owls: a large gray Eagle owl Deacon and a brown speckled Tawny Owl Cheech sat perched on their father's chair at the head of the table, they each scanned through the different letters from friends and family, sending their condolences for the two year anniversary of the death of their parents.

"Hey, what's this?" Emily held up a envelope, perfect script handwriting decorating the front.

Sam frowned, pulling an identical one from her pile, "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Didn't we get one of these a couple years ago?"

"Yeah but Mom and Dad said we could go because of the whole You Know Who thing, remember? They were all bent out of shape because they thought he'd spring up out of the ground because we walked out of the house or something," Emily rolled her eyes and opened the letter.

"Dear Miss Gellerman,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Because you will are not a first year student you are expected to arrive August 31, one day prior to the beginning of term for assortment into one of the four Houses. Term begins on September 1st. We eagerly await your arrival to beginning a long delayed magical education.

Yours sincerely,

Albus Dumbledore

Headmaster "

"Huh," Sam scanned over her own letter, "I don't understand why Mom never wanted us to go. It sounds like a fun time."

"Maybe she just didn't want us to disturb the order, since we tend to bring on anarchy wherever we go. Whoever this Dumbledore dude is won't know what to do with us," Emily smirked.

"Well, since he said he'd be stopping by I guess we'll see what happens," Sam shrugged. "In the mean time, let's head over to the park."


Lying in the grass in the middle of the park the twins stared up at the bright sky, both bored with the uneventful day. Emily had her wand out, her eyes on a swing set a few yards away. Sam rolled her eyes as she whispered an incantation, grinning when the little boy's shorts flew off every time he tried to swing. She couldn't help but laugh as the parents inspected the swing before their son returned to it and sat down, the process repeating every time they pushed him forward.

"Watch this," Sam grinned, pulling her own wand out of her pocket. Her gaze found the sliding board and she smirked when the end caught fire, the little girls playing in the mulch at the end screaming and running away as the blue flames licked at the jungle gym. Parents began screaming and pushing their kids away and Emily rolled onto her stomach to watch as she laughed.

"Someone call the fire brigade!" a parent yelled and Sam flicked her wand and it went out. Everyone stood staring in shock before the kids began screaming again, all of them clinging to their parents' legs in terror.

"Nice one, sis," Emily gave her sister a high five, both sitting up in the grass and glancing around the now empty park.

"I guess we should head back home, it's getting late and Charles would want to know we're not in any serious trouble today," Sam suggested.

"I guess. I know he'll want to know that I haven't been arrested," Emily grinned at the memory of the last time she'd ventured too far away from home without Sam or Charles knowing. She'd been arrested and had to spend the night in the brig for assault and battery charges that were dropped after Sam put the prosecutor, Emily's ex-boyfriend under a Memory Charm.

The girls pocketed their wands, making their way home as the sun slowly descended in the sky. Charles greeted them with a curt nod as they entered the Gellerman Estate. For a man of seventy, Charles look surprisingly young, his salt and pepper hair accenting his sharply defined features. His blue eyes were warm as he let the twins into the house. He'd been the Gellerman butler since the before the girls were born and, although he didn't show it, had grown rather fond of them as they aged and tore around the mansion like two Tasmanian devils.

"While the two of you were gone I took the liberty of purchasing your books. I also withdrew money from both of your accounts at Gringotts for spending money. Your things are all packed and ready for your trip, I left them in the dining room. Now if you'll come with me, you must be fitted for your school robes."

The twins raised their eyebrows, sharing a surprised look as Charles closed the front door behind them and led them into the drawing room where Madam Malkin herself stood waiting, her measuring tape floating beside her. The moment the girls walked into the room she rushed forward, pulling Emily onto a footstool and yanking black robes over her head. Charles waved his wand and another footstool appeared, Sam stepping cautiously onto it while Madam Malkin pinned Emily's robes.

"It's surprising you two are starting school so late, sixth-years just starting at Hogwarts? Shocking, really," she muttered, moving on to Sam.

"Their parents were rather over protective, Madam," Charles sighed, a bored expression on his face.

"Well, a decent education is more important than a parent's worry. And Hogwarts is one of the safest schools out there! Well… lately it's been the sight for trouble but really, it's quiet protected what with Dumbledore as the Headmaster."

"Yes, well the girls have received some of the best homeschooling from both myself and their parents under the close watch of both Dumbledore and the Ministry. In fact they both passed their O.W.L.s with flying colors and are well prepared to take on whatever Hogwarts has to offer them for their sixth year," Charles replied, his hands behind his back as he stood off to the corner while the girls were measured.

"Impressive," Madam Malkin smiled. "Well, you girls are all fitted and finished," she let the girls step down and handed them each a package containing their school uniforms and cloaks. "It was a pleasure meeting the both of you and I hope to see you in my shop at Diagon Alley for your everyday robe needs," she nodded as Charles paid her and she left the Estate without another word.

"O… kay…" Sam glanced down at her own package and tossed it into her trunk beside the dining room table.

Emily shrugged, tossing her own robes into her trunk and kicking it closed. She sighed, taking a seat at the table and propping her feet up while Charles shook his head as Sam followed suit. Running her fingers through her long hair, Sam summoned a book she'd been perusing and cracked it open where she'd left off.

"You girls should get to bed, the train will be taking you to Hogwarts tomorrow to meet with the Headmaster," Charles advised as Emily waved her wand nonchalantly to the chandelier above them spun, the candles blowing out as it picked up speed.

"I guess you're right. Come on, Em, we better call it a night," Sam stood up , tucking her book under her arm. "We have to be well rested to make our wonderful first impressions on Professor Dumbledore," she smirked mischievously.

"I completely agree, Sam," Emily winked, following her sister upstairs, the two grinning evilly as they disappeared into their bedrooms for the night.