A/N: Michelle does not own Pokemon, or the reborn Pokemon idea; that belongs to srgeman. I do own Luca and Cyn.

War has been ravaging on our peaceful little village called Pokeville. We cannot even rest without someone intruding in our village. They are a group of Pokemon called the Raiders. We do not know how many there are, or we on Earth they came from. No one has died yet, but there has been bloodshed. Several of us have gone down and cannot fight. It is up to the rest of us to fight them... but right now, we are having trouble.

I'm Luca, a Skitty. I'm not a normal Skitty though; I was once human until I died. I really don't remember how I died or why I died in the first place. I lost my memory in the process. I can only see out of one eye though; due to a Scyther cutting my face (and yes, I do have trouble seeing clearly). They thought I would die... but I didn't. I'm also missing a piece of my tail due to a Houndoom eating it... I lost a lot of blood that day. I've only been a Pokemon for about 3 years.

My partner is named Cyn, well, she's a Cyndaquil. I'm not sure whether she used to be human or not, because she acts like it sometimes. She too, has almost died. She has lost patches of fur and only has three legs. But despite that, she is able to run just as fast as me. She tends to get scared easily and back out if she thinks he's going to faint; I'm the opposite – I try to defeat the enemies and stick to them until they faint.

None of us have killed any yet, but we do plan on it if they try to kill us.

We are currently on a stalemate. No one has attacked us in a couple of days.

We take advantage of this...

Oh, sweet pleasures of the night...

A/N: Yes it is a prologue, sorry for its shortness (hello, PROLOGUE? haha I'm joking!) I don't know how Luca died just yet, but maybe I'll come with an idea... and psst... it's a secret for now. Yes, there will be blood, war and lemons... hopefully. ;)

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