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Chapter 1: VS Luxray and his tribe

No, stalemate today... what a drag. Sucks I know.

"SQUAWK…. POKEMON ATTACKING, SQUAWK!" That would be Chatot... oh he is so annoying when it comes to enemies coming.

"By golly, oh no!" Bidoof chirped loudly. His teeth were chattering.

"Just shut up and let us just GO!" I snarled at Bidoof. He cowered behind Chimecho. I sharped my claws the best I could on a hard stone. Little did I know what that stone was... Suddenly, I began to glow white. I changed from pink and white to purple and orange... my ears were longer, and so was my tail. My eye healed and I could see out of it again. Oh... it was a miracle...

"You evolved!" Everyone murmured.

"Yes," I grinned evilly. "Time to kick some fat Pokemon ass," I pranced off. Cyn just blinked at me; following me close behind.

"How... did you evolve?" She stuttered.

"I have no idea...," I smirked valiantly. "But it was pretty cool...," I purred happily. I thought about how we were supposed to have sex though... I was taller than her! How can I reach?! I was hoping she would evolve soon... so we could be equal enough in our own rights. She stared at my tallness... She blinked and shuddered a little.

"W-wow you-you are tall… Luca…," she ogled me.

"I know, I am, am I not?" I smirked.

"Enough bragging, Luca, let us fight!" Chatot beamed me. I growled and hissed. I was ready to fight! We all climbed up the ladder except Chatot, he just flew up. I smirked and looked around with my "new" eye – since I could never see out of it to begin with.

"This is awesome…," I gloated nearly the whole way there. Every time I gloated, everyone turned around and growled or cursed at me.

"What are you looking at, Loudred?" I roared.

"Luca – could you please stop gloating…?" Wigglytuff begged nicely.

"Fine…," I huffed. We had finally made it to Luxray and his tribe of Luxios.

"Welcome, Pokevillagers," Luxray roared. "I challenge you – Luca; and you minions – challenge the others."

He jumped off from upon his perch, and I immediately noticed that he had a cracked fang and that he was missing a part of his ear, nose, and a few toes. I roared at him; and he roared back, retracting his claws. He lunged at me and I ducked out of the way, I flipped on my back and scrapped my claws into his stomach, which caused him to shriek like there was no tomorrow. I had never heard a sound quite like that. He managed to turn around and bite me in on the thigh. I hissed loudly at him. His teeth were sinking in… farther and farther until I heard my leg snap. He let go and spat out a ton of blood. I turned around to look at my leg and saw that my leg had been torn off. I then looked at the amount of blood dripping from his stomach. The amount of blood was incredible… I had never seen some much blood in my whole life. I was even coughing up blood.

"Shit… fuck you Luxray…," I panted. "You shall die…"

"No… Luca – you shall die," he began to charge up electricity. My eyes widened… he was going to use Discharge on me. I could not let him do that – I just couldn't! If he used that on me while my blood was still dripping, it could shock and kill me. Blood is no different than water on conducting electricity. Every time a Pokemon shocks another Pokemon, it briefly causes convulsions, blood vessels to spasm and sometimes, if it's excessive, it can cause the blood vessels to explode or pop. I only had one choice: use Giga Impact. My body started to glow purple and orangey-yellow as I ran as fast as possible to him. I tackled him to the ground and used Zen Headbutt at the same time. He nearly fainted, so did I do to the lack of blood. Would I be able to make out of this alive? He roared at me and used Discharge but I was somehow able to use Dig, despite only having three legs and bleeding to death. He couldn't tell where I was going to pop out of the ground. I just happened to have popped out from the ground just directly below his bloody belly – I grabbed his belly with my claws and teeth…



He fell over – dead – dead as a doornail…

I panted and looked around. None of the Guild had been killed yet. I looked behind me to see a Luxio running at me. I jumped into the air and bit its neck. It shrieked just how Luxray did. It twitched and died, too.

"No… am I… a monster…?" I felt blood drip from my fangs. "Why are we fighting… why are we killing each other…" I felt something wet fall down my face – they were tears… something I hadn't done since I was a human. I looked around at all the dead Pokemon (but none from the Guild, for some odd reason). Everyone looked at me and stopped fighting. "I don't get it… why are we fighting…"

A rogue Luxio ran up to me with blood on its teeth. The fur on my back stood up and I roared. It roared back and me; I swung my body at it and tackled it to the ground. "How dare you defy me," I growled while putting my paw onto it. It caterwauled at me; I could see fear in its eyes. I did my best to run up to the highest knoll in the area; blood was still dripping from my stumpy leg.

"I may not be a leader… but why are we still fighting? I don't get it…," I looked at all the dead Pokemon again (there must have been at least six). "…All I have seen in the past five years or so, is hate… blood… fighting… war… death… why – I don't know why… will this ever stop? Can we please stop maybe? I do know there are some rogues out there – but do we have to kill them?" I licked the blood off my lips. "Blood isn't fun to see… or taste for that matter."

"We surrender," said several of the Luxios.

"Good," I grinned. "Shall we go now…?"

"W-well done…," Luxray said weakly before dying. We all looked at him and blinked.

Somehow I knew this would get better…


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