"I love Zach. He's really cute and..." Brianna stated then paused realizing how loud her voice really was. She had just yelled out her crush to Zach and the entire class had heard. And soon everyone in the entire fifth grade of Lancaster Elementary would know about her crush. Victoria would laugh at her, tell her she needed better taste and to watch her big mouth. Abby Hayes always with the journal would probably record this information forever and for always. Zach looked over at Natalie, then Hannah, then Bethany, then Tyler and finally to Abby. Abby- that was who Zach hinted he liked, she had the guy Brianna wanted and didn't even care.

Bethany looked over at her smirk playing on her face. She looked happy about this, and she smiled over at Tyler and Tyler looked over at Brianna. Tyler was currently Victoria's male informant in Ms. Kantor's class. Bethany didn't know; but when did Bethany know anything.