Although working up the courage to talk to her ex-best friend, Bethany, was one of the hardest things she's ever done in her life. But the girl was surprisingly calm about it; making no fuss and actually condoning the idea. She had been extremely honest with her, and had been nice enough to even offer to walk into school and hang out with the ousted girl. Brianna decided to work on her bravery and ask the brunette, the question plaguing everyone's mind. "Um, Bethany is it okay to ask you a question." The blonde haired girl just waved her hand, "well, um, why did you break up with Tyler? I mean everyone wonders why, and I well it's just one of the many issues on my mind lately. If you don't want to tell me, you don't have too." Brianna rambled, her eyes glued to the pavement she stood on.

Bethany sighed brushing her side bangs out of her eyes, "I knew sooner or later someone would work up the balls to ask me. I just didn't think it was you, or that you cared enough to ask." She muttered walking forward, before jerking to a stop, sighing loudly; "Tyler was telling Victoria everything about the class. He wouldn't even tell me what homework I missed while I was sick, but he would gossip with her like she was everything he ever wanted- and I was nothing. It got to be too much; and finally I just snapped. Figured out he was one of those guys."

Brianna cocked her head, "type of guy? What does that mean?"

"You really have never had a boyfriend have you?" She turned, and the darker haired girl whose face was turning bright red. "Well, those guys are the total assholes who like don't realize what they have until their screaming at them. I hate you, and never again will I ever speak of you, to you or love you. So you can go fuck yourself. Or at least that's sort of how our conversation went. And now he's playing the victim, and apparently he cut off all ties to Victoria- not like I believe it."

Bethany caught her breath, those last few sentences had gotten louder and faster, and it was easy to see that this really struck a chord with her. "Now," she continued, "to complete our plan we must enter together. I am currently more popular than Victoria and as such should overpower any such negative comments she will send your way. As long as we avoid the computer geeks, our day and the invites to the party will go perfect." She smiled walking up the front steps of the school, waiting for the darker haired girl to catch up.

Pulling open the door Bethany allowed Brianna to enter the building first; following behind her with a certain grace and charm that Brianna can't even carry on a good day. Everyone began whispering as Bethany pulled Brianna down the hall. "Grab your books and meet me at my locker, and we'll start the day."

"Bitches, both of them; but Brianna's more pathetic. I mean having a crush on a geek, who is like in love with like another geek. The red headed one with the affiliation for the color purple. And Bethany dumped her best chance at true happiness, because she wasn't ready for a relationship. God, both of them are pathetic," Victoria's nasally voice ringing in Brianna's ears. The mean girl who spread the hateful, spiteful gossip was chatting with Crystal. The class hoe; who believed anything her fearless leader said- without question.

As Brianna continued down the hall, she heard laughter, she heard jokes, she heard calls of I love you. But she didn't hear anymore pity or gossip. Then she saw them; Tyler and Zach mind you, the latter didn't even notice her. The blonder, taller and sadder boy did and held her gaze for a few seconds before he blushed. Sensing the obvious knowledge of the other half of the story, Tyler stood up and approached her. Leaving Zach to follow in his wake; not pleased at Brianna's entrance, but pleased that Tyler had taken initiative.

"Miss DeBraggio how nice of you to drop into our hallway, whom would you, be looking for." Tyler's slick voice was sliding back into place; obviously hoping to intimidate her enough to leave without Bethany. "Well, we wouldn't want her to be alone in the hall- she would get prayed on by others, would we Zach?" Motioning for the other boy to come closer they each took an arm.

"Tyler fucking Garcia, get your damn spoiled ass away from her! You too Zacharias, or I swear I will kick you so hard your grandchildren will be born without balls. I mean it this time, you thought you could get away with it well fuck you. Come on Brianna, our IQs are dropping just by being near them." And with a flourish Bethany strode off impatiently, and Brianna followed. As if the roles were reversed…