Here is a preview for the fanfic, Mess With Shane Day by me and JaneVolturi96!

Eve burst into Claire's room, fully adorned in her normal goth clothing and make-up, much earlier in the morning than the norm for Eve- without knocking, of course.

"Wake up, Claire Bear!" she sang. Claire grunted. Eve huffed and stalked over to the window, and tore back the curtains, allowing sunshine to fly in. Claire made a sound of protest and pulled her sheets over her eyes, cringing away from the light, like, well, like a vampire.

Eve ran over to Claire's bed, hopped onto it, and started jumping up and down. "Claire. Claire. Claire. Claire. Claire." she chanted in time with her hops.

Claire gathered enough strength, pushed her hand out from under the covers, and flipped Eve off.

The bouncing stopped immediately. For a moment Claire feared that she had hurt Eve's feelings. That is, until Eve said, "Oh, such an obscene hand gesture for such a pristine little girl."

"Go to hell, Eve." Claire grumbled.

"Not until you waakkee uuupp!" Eve jumped down and started shaking the lump of blankets, formally known as Claire.

"Why?!" Claire shoved the covers back from her head and made a grab for the alarm clock on the bedside table. She squinted and brought it closer to her face. "It's 6:30 in the morning for Christ's sake!"

"I know!" Eve said excitedly, clapping her hands together. Claire stared at her, blinking. then she yelled with a worn voice.

"Michael!" she croaked.

"What?" he shouted back from, presumably, downstairs.

"Eve's gone insane!" her head flopped back onto the pillow. She heard laughter, but otherwise, no response.

"Come on!" Eve grabbed Claire's arm and hauled her from her soft, warm covers to the freezing, hard floor. Claire yelped in surprise.

"Yes! Victory!" Eve said, punching the air with her fists.

Claire sat there on the floor for a minute before asking, "How much coffee did you actually drink this morning?"

"Two pots."

"T-Two p-p-" Claire stammered, taken aback.

"Yeah, but that's just a rough guesstimate," Eve waved her hand dissmissivley.

Claire stared up at her in shock. "You're high," she said, and Eve laughed hysterically, and, slightly,psychotically.

"Um, why am I getting up again?" Claire asked asked standing up.

"Because! It's Glass House National Mess With Shane Day in one hour!" she beamed.

Now, here is a preview for a story of my own I'm thinking about writing!

(PS. This is set back in medieval times)

They held me down on the wood table. The chains were too tight and I knew they would surely bruise my wrists. The cloth was pushed so far in my mouth that if I were to try to scream, I would gag.

I knew any sane person would regret what they did to get themselves in this situation. But I didn't. I ended up here out of love. And I will always love him. I will always love my prince.

The man whom was my executor then walked in. He had a smile tugging at his lips, and a demonic glint in his eye. He turned the blade of a knife over in his hands. This was my final moment.

I screamed as the knife came down upon me.

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