I winced when Mom yelled my name…this can't be good. I hope she didn't find-


Yep, she found it…and I hid it so well! Stormy, my twin, and I shared a look.

"I told you to study, Scar," Stormy said flipping a curly strand of blond hair over her petite shoulder.

"I told you if you told Mom I'd rip your eyeballs out," I growled.

Stormy shot me a glare and then turned back to whatever book she was reading. Really, books? Complete waste of paper. And paper? Complete waste of trees. I heard footsteps, most likely one of my parents coming up the stairs. I took a flying leap off of my bed and landed on Stormy's bed.

"Hey!" she yelled, hitting me with her stupid book.

I dodged her attacks and fumbled with the lock on the window. I was going to make a break for it.

"Don't waste your time, after Mom caught you sneaking out last month she nailed it shut."

"Ugh!" I cried.

Couldn't a twelve year old catch a break?!

I flipped around when the door was pushed open. A not so pleased looking Dad pointed to the hall.

"Your mother and I would like to see you right now," he said frowning.

I could usually talk Dad out of things, maybe I can get him to see my angle.

"But, Dad-!"

"No 'buts' missy, get downstairs right now."

I let out an over-dramatic sigh, glared at the floor, and stomped past Dad and down the stairs. I walked into the kitchen, which is our official "meeting" room, and sat in a chair with my arms crossed. I tried to look indifferent about whatever punishment was about to come my way, but Mom is the master on punishments.

She's one of those Moms. You know, the ones that are all fun until you do something bad, and then before you know it, you're grounded from computers and ham for three weeks.

"So," Mom started, pushing a strand of hair away from her face, "would you like to explain these F's?"

I studied Mom's glare which I recently realized was my glare. I look almost exactly like Mom, except Stormy got Mom's blue eyes, and my eyes are the color of my dad's. Other than that, Stormy pretty much looks like Mom, too. Except Stormy does these weird things with her eyebrows that only her and my dad can do.

"Well, since you asked, I actually wouldn't like to explain them," I gave Mom a hopeful grin.

Her eyes narrowed and Dad said, "Scarlett," in a way that's telling me to shut up.

"It's no big deal!" I protested. "It's only the first midterm, it's really not even a report card!"

"If it's so early in the year, how could you get an F? That's impossible!" Mom said waving my midterm around.

"It's not impossible," Dad cut in, "in fact, when we were in middle school, you-."

Mom sent Dad a death glare and he immediately shut his mouth. Sometimes I think Mom wears the pants in this family.

"There are perfectly good reasons behind those F's!" I defend myself.

"Oh, I'd love to hear them," comes Dad sarcastic remark.

"Well, my English teacher HATES me. I just commented on how pointy her boobs were and that bagpipes were only made the unfortunate and lonely, and she freaked! It was kind of weird, after I said that the first day, her eye kind of twitched and she asked me if I happened to be Samantha Puckett's daughter, and I said yeah, and then she ran out of the class room. It was hilarious!"

Mom started laughing, and Dad joined in, too.

"Wait, your teacher is Mrs. Briggs?" Mom asked.

I nodded. "How does she know you?"

Dad and Mom shared a look and then broke out into laughter again.

"I thought she was dead!" Mom exclaimed.

"I can't believe she still teaches at Ridgeway Middle!" Dad laughed.

I rolled my eyes. Parents are so nubbish.

"Anyway, she used to be our teacher when we went to Ridgeway," Mom said answering my question.

"Why does she hate you?" I asked.

Mom bit her lip and avoided the amused smirk Dad was sending her.

"What makes you think she hated me? Anyway, just work harder in that class," she said quickly.

"Well, it was obvious she hates you! What did you-?" I started to ask again.

"What's with the F in social studies?" Mom interrupted me.

I sighed. Whatevs, I'll just ask Mrs. Briggs.

"Okay, there's this really nerdy kid in that class, he sits right in front of me, and I just have to pick on him! He's that dorky! I can't help myself! Plus he's all obsessed with Miranda, and it freaks us out. Well, Miranda is friends with the nub, and she says I have to be nice to him, but it's impossible to be nice to Harry. What kind of name is Harold anyway?!" I ranted.

"Well, I think you like Harry," came a taunting voice.

I turned around and shot the most evil death glare that I could muster at Stormy who was now standing in the living room. She probably came down here to see what punishment I was going to get.

"Gross!" I yelled. "He's such a nub!"

"Hey! You should be nice to Harry, Scar, you never know, you might end up good friends," Dad sent a smile at me.

I fake gagged.

"No, go ahead and torment him a little, you'll probably be even better friends if you do that," Mom shot a smirk at me and I smirked back.

Dad rolled his eyes.

"Harry and Scarlett sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Stormy sung.

"You're dead!" I screeched jumping from the chair and lunging for the now shrieking Stormy.

"Scarlett, don't fight with your sister!" Dad yelled.

As I was chasing Stormy I picked up on my parents' conversation.

"Oh, Fredweird, calm down. She's not going to kill her!"

"With your genes she might."

"Hey, with my genes, Stormy should put up a good fight."

"With your genes no wonder she's failing two classes."

I ran for Stormy as she flew back across the kitchen. I saw Mom punch Dad in the shoulder, and I laughed.

"Ow!" Dad yelled.

Stormy and I stopped running so we could laugh at Dad. Mom noticed us and laughed with us. Dad frowned at everyone laughing at his expense, but then his frown turned into an evil smirk.

"Oh, you think that's funny?" he asked.

Stormy and I both screamed. We knew that face, and neither of us liked to be tickled. Dad ran after us, but we ran faster. Stormy grabbed my hand as we laughed and ran through the halls of our house, Dad laughing and running behind us.

"Run, girls, run!" Mom called. "He's an old man, he'll never catch up with you!"

He was catching up with us, though. We ran past the kitchen again.

"Mom! Help!" Stormy yelled.

Mom grinned and when Dad ran past her she jumped and landed on his back, taking him to the ground. We giggled and ran around the corner. We waited for Dad to escape from Mom and come find us, but that never happened. I gave Stormy a questioning look and she shrugged. We both quietly walked around the corner, back into the kitchen, and then gagged.

Mom still had Dad pinned to the ground, but they were…kissing…


"Ew, Mom, Dad!"

Mom and Dad stopped kissing and looked up at us. They shared a look, and then smirked at us. Our eyes widened, and before we knew it both Mom and Dad were chasing us. I laughed and tripped Stormy, so she could fall into the parents' evil clutches. I kept running as I heard her laughter, a sure sign that they got to her. I thought I was safe, but I felt two arms capture me, and then I was swinging in the air.

I screamed and laughed as fingers tickled my side. I looked up to see Dad's grinning face.

"Put me down!" I giggled.

He stopped tickling me and then gave me a big kiss on the cheek.

"Ew!" I said wiping the kiss off, pretending I was too old for Daddy kisses now.

He smirked and set me on my feet. Mom walked to us, holding Stormy by the ankles. I laughed at her helplessness, and Mom raised her eyebrows.

Ugh, family. Can't live with 'em…can't live without them

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