Title: Say Hello

Author: The Inamorata

A/N: I'm not big on poetry.

Say hello to my
Little Russian friend. He will
Bone you to no end.

One time he was drunk.
He was shouting in Russian
While we were in bed.

Should have joined Starfleet
Sooner. We could've done this
The whole time? Damn it.

Run my hand through those
Curls, sweat pasting them to his
Pale Russian features.

Physics takes a new meaning
When it comes to him.

All the things we can
Do, and yet we had no clue
They were possible.

I sometimes wish I
Didn't have to work, so I
Could bone him all day.

I am a dirty
Old man with him. It's so wrong
But it feels so right.

Tight yellow shirt that
Clings to his chest like saran
Wrap on my dinner.

Eyes staring inside
Me, a dark gray. But that's not
All that's inside me.

I like it when he
Cooks those Russian meals for me.
His apron is cute.

I love him with his
Standard issue pajamas.
And without them too.

Why do Russians fool
Me? You think they're pure until
You get them in bed.

I'll admit that it's
Those damn fuzzy slippers that
Turn me on the most.

He pinned me to the
Wall and whispered in my ear,
"I'm not a wirgin."