Ok, here's chapter two of You've Gone Too Far. Does Amy take Sonic back? Find out now!

As Sonic ran, he brushed away tears of his own. He didn't mean to hurt her, things weren't working for him that morning. Now she hated him, and Shadow hated him even more. Finally, Sonic found himself at the beach, staring at the water. Maybe if he jumped in, he would drown. He would jump in, he decided quickly. Then Amy wouldn't have to be afraid of him anymore. "Goodbye Amy. This is for you." he mumbled as he prepared to jump. Suddenly, someone grabbed his arm and spun him around. It was Tails the Fox, Sonic's best friend. "What are you doing Sonic?! You know you can't swim!" he exclaimed. "Exactly. That's why I was going in." Sonic told the fox boy. "But why? You would drown..." Tails said sadly. "Exactly." Sonic said again, "I can't live like this anymore!" "Like what Sonic?" Tails asked. Sonic quickly told Tails what he had done and that he couldn't bear living with the guilt he felt. "Maybe if you apoligize to Amy, she'll forgive you?" Tails suggested. "I would if I could, but she's at Shadow's house. And Shadow almost killed me with his accusing glare!" Sonic said.

Shadow had managed to get the blood out of Amy's fur without hurting her. Now Amy was sitting up next to Shadow on the couch. "Why would Sonic flip out on me Shadow?" she asked the coal-colored hedgehog. Shadow thought about it for a minute before saying, "Maybe something else was bothering him, and your excitement pushed him over the edge of sanity." Shadow suggested. "Maybe" Amy said softly. She leaned her head against Shadow's shoulder, feeling an odd sense of contentment. Soon she was asleep, and Shadow smiled a rare smile to him, a true satisfied smile. He too was asleep in a moment, and he rested his head gently on Amy's.

Sonic and Tails walked along the still bloody path to Shadow's house. "Do I have to do this Tails?" Sonic asked. "Yes, if you want to get Amy back." Tails said firmly. Here it goes! Sonic thought as he knocked on the door once again. Amy opened it after a minute, looking well rested. "Hi Sonic..." Amy hesitated, but relaxed when she saw Tails. "Hey Amy..." Sonic said, just as hesitant, "I wanted to say that I'm really sorry for what I did, and I couldn't feel worse. I don't expect you to accept my apoligy, but I just wanted to say it..." "I do accept it Sonic, but I don't know if I could trust you with my heart again..." Amy replied. "I understand Amy. I'm glad that you forgive me, and I hope you are happy without me." Sonic gave a relieved smile to her. He was relieved that Amy forgave him, but upset that she didn't trust him anymore.

Amy was just settling back on the couch next to Shadow when he looked over at her. "Why didn't you take him back?" Shadow asked her. She just shrugged and said, "I don't know that I want him back..." Shadow nodded then frowned. "What's wrong Shadow?" she wondered. He shook his head, but still had that distant look in his eyes. They looked at each other for a moment, then leaned forward to kiss very softly. When they pulled away, Amy smiled and said, "You see, THAT'S why I didn't take Sonic back." Sonic, you've gone too far.

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