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Notices: This story contains violence and sexual content. Additionally, this story will contain grammatical or other errors. If you're feverish over the errors, feel free to privately message me about what you find otherwise, just enjoy.

Summary: The sequel to "I, Terminator". It's been nearly twenty-two years since Sarah Connor met the Omega terminator, Cameron Philips, who forever altered her life. On a regular work day, Sarah Connor receives a visit at Cyberdyne Systems from Cameron, who reveals that Sarah's daughter is under threat. However, it appears to both Sarah and Cameron that Cameron's exact mission is unclear leaving them to find the answers.

Started: May 28, 2009

Series 2: No Fate, Story #2

I, Human

by Red Hope

Chapter 1 – Welcome Back

The current date was June 26, 2030 with the early summer temperatures pushing the low seventies in Los Angeles. The sky was clear and a rich cobalt blue and nobody had seen such a hue since the summer of 2013 in the City of Angels. The streets bustled with crowds, especially because the tourist season had brought many visitors for fun and vacation.

On one particular busy street, the hovering traffic flowed down the roads while the people crossed the walkways in an orderly fashion. Several other streets intersected this main street along with a few alleyways. A darker alleyway was lined with bins of overfilled trashcans, and an unkempt homeless dug through the cans. But a few voices made him hesitate and fall back to his ratty shoes.

From the other end of the alley, two men purposefully strolled through the gloomy alleyway to get to the other side. They slowed though upon seeing the homeless and grinned at him.

The old homeless turned away and tried minding his business. He was slightly hunched over too.

"Hey, gramps," Hispanic man called to him. He and his friend, Marcos, neared the old man.

The homeless ignored the pair in hopes they'd leave him alone. But the Latino, Frederico, grabbed him and spun him around.

"You hear me, gramps?" Frederico snapped, but he had a grin. "Don't you know this is White Fence's territory?"

The homeless man recognized the gang's title and nervously replied, "I do."

"Then what the fuck are you doing here?" Frederico suddenly grabbed the old man's collar and shoved him against the building's side. "You need to get out of Boyle Heights."

"I'm just scraping up food," the homeless explained. His eyes were wide.

Frederico was enjoying the old man's fear. He didn't lose his grin, and darkness filled his eyes. "Marcos?" He held out his freehand and in a beat, he gripped a handgun.

The homeless trembled at the sight of the gun, which were rarely seen anymore. He held his breath when the barrel was aimed at him.

Frederico had wild eyes, and he opened his mouth to speak but faltered because of a low crackle behind him. Then a strong breeze lifted his short hair.

Marcos turned yet back stepped once at seeing the lightning bolts. "Frederico... man..." He reversed further.

Frederico lowered his gun, released the homeless, and turned around just as the blue bolts formed into a bright orb. He was shocked and more awed when a woman formed in the orb that'd burnt the ground.

Marcos glanced at his partner, who was seeing the same thing. He gaped at the nude, kneeling woman again.

"Jesus Christ," Frederico murmured. He stared at the large woman, who was squatted down with her hands flat against the concrete. His jaw went slack when the naked woman stood up to her full six feet.

The homeless man had peeked around his attackers and goggled at the blue-eyed beauty.

Slowly, the woman turned her head to the strangers, and her blue eyes suddenly illuminated with interest on the three men. But her gaze lowered to the handgun in Frederico's hand, and she faintly grinned.

Out on the active street, the people took no notice of the strange arrival from the small alleyway. Nor did anybody catch a few muffled cries before it all went silent again. On the block's corner, a newspaper stand had some customers that were browsing the latest news or watching the brief weather on the small, flat screen television.

From the alleyway, a tall and dark woman emerged in slightly baggy clothes that seemed more appropriate for a man. At her side was a hobbling man, who chatted away to her and waved his hand about in the air. He went quiet though when his new found friend started visually scanning the passing people.

"It is 2030," the woman acknowledged. She idly watched the hover cars that buzzed down the street.

The homeless man shook his head and grinned at the beautiful woman. "I don't feel so bad about my memory." He tilted his head and regarded the young woman. "Be careful on your walk... not that you can't seem to handle yourself." He found cool blue eyes back on him.

"Thank you for your help," the woman replied.

"Thank you," the homeless man happily responded. He said goodbye then separated from her.

The tall woman headed in the opposite direction and slowly neared the newsstand. She raised her left arm and proceeded rolling up her light blue sleeves, one by one. Just as she came to the stand, she fixed her collar but became transfixed by the television's weather broadcast.

The newsstand owner gave a bottle drink to his customer, who just paid for it. He then glanced at the tall woman before he helped a few other customers.

The woman broke away from the television when something else caught her attention. She shifted her blue eyes to the stall's right column where several magazine covers were posted. She drew closer to the column when one magazine's cover was of keen interest. She read that it was the BusinessWeek magazine and on the front cover was a dark haired woman poised in her business suit, folded arms, a stern face, and sharp jade eyes. Just to the left in bright red print it read: The CEO of Cyberdyne Systems Leads Technology's Fate!

"Hey, lady do you want a download or are you gonna stare at it all day?" the newsstand owner inquired. He was obviously irritated by the young, strange woman's presence at his stand.

The woman blinked out of her revere and looked up at the owner, who was behind his counter. She merely answered, "No." She then walked away but heard the newsstand owner's frustrated sigh. She ignored it and continued to her destination that wasn't far away.

The blue-eyed beauty tucked her hands into her baggy jean pockets on her stroll down the sidewalks. She glanced at the sun and knew it was about three in the afternoon. As she passed people, she briefly scanned over their dress style, attitudes, and expressions. After her twenty minute walk, she slowed her pace at seeing a mostly familiar building that had distinct changes but was ever present here in Los Angeles.

She approached the front entrance and the glass door drew open for her. She removed her hands from her pockets and tapped her back to make sure her handgun was hidden from prying eyes. She could feel her light blue button-up top hid it. So she purposefully strolled up to the front desk and warmly smiled at the black suited guards.

"Hello, miss," the seated guard remarked. "Can I help you?" His partner was chatting on the phone through his earpiece.

"Yes," the woman replied, "I'm here to see the CEO."

The guard became amused but quickly frowned when he realized the woman was quite serious. He drummed his fingers once on his glass desk. "Do you have an appointment?"

"I was not aware that I required one." The woman slowly raised an eyebrow at how the guard grinned at her. "I'm a friend." She now rested her right arm up on the glass counter. "May I see her?"

The guard curiously studied the visitor, who was dressed a bit off, but he could never understand the young generations' dressing taste. "What's your name, miss?"

The woman locked her eyes on him and answered, "Cameron Philips... with a single 'l' too."

The guard narrowed his eyes, but he nodded and asked, "Can you step away while I make a call?"

"Of course." Cameron moved away from the security desk and went near the main entrance. But with a careful tilt of her head, she heard the guard's one-sided discussion.

"I don't know... she said her name is Cameron Philips with a single 'l' as she put it." The guard gingerly touched the piece in his right ear. "Yeah I can hold, Candice." He listened to the low beep for a minute then Candice picked up the line again. "Alright if that's what she wants then I'll send her up." He then clicked a button the side of his headpiece. He then waved for the visitor to come forward.

Cameron saw it and neared the desk again. She waited to hear what she already knew.

"She'll see you," the guard explained. "Do you have any identification with you that I can download?"

Cameron didn't falter and replied, "I did not bring any." She arched her eyebrow again. "Is that a problem?"

The guard narrowed his eyes but sighed and bent forward. He hastily tapped at the desk's touch-sensitive glass and watched the desk's surface screen. He then uploaded data to a temporary identification tag for the visitor. He hoped his boss wouldn't have his head but the CEO did okay it anyway.

"Here," the guard handed the visitor a digital tag. "The elevator will take you up to the sixth floor."

Cameron accepted the visitor tag, pinned it on her jean's belt loop, and simply nodded. She took a step around the desk, but she paused and shifted back. She flashed a polite smile to the guard and stated, "Thank you..." She glanced at his badge and finished, "Donald." She then strolled off.

The guard, Donald, rolled his eyes after the visitor went to the elevator lobby. He turned to his buddy, who finished up his phone call.

"Who was that?" the other guard asked. "Or rather what was that?"

Donald just shook his head, but he started hovering his hands over the touch surface and drew up the camera in the elevator that the visitor just entered. His coworker leaned over and stared down at the desk's surface screen too.

The visitor, Cameron Philips, strolled into the elevator, which was empty and void of anything but a touch-sensitive button for an emergency stop.

"Good afternoon, Miss Philips and welcome to Cyberdyne Systems," the elevator greeted. It then started silently lifting up the shaft. "You are going to the sixth floor. For security purposes, your badge will only allow you to access this level, the ground floor, and the visitor bathrooms." The elevator then hitched and in its feminine voice, it warmly added, "This is the sixth floor."

Cameron stepped out of the elevator but immediately stopped because her memory about the sixth floor was inaccurate to what it was today in 2030. She visually scanned fully remodeled floor that was now brightened by glass windows, lights, and was extremely modern.

"Cameron Philips?" a woman inquired. She was seated behind a front desk but popped up from her chair.

"Yes." Cameron approached the glass desk and took in the middle-aged woman's features. She noticed how the woman carefully looked over her.

"I'm Candice. If you could give me a moment..." Candice, the CEO's assistant, tapped her earpiece and buzzed the CEO. "She's here, ma'am." She bowed her head and listened to her boss's instructions. "I'll escort her in then." She tapped her earpiece's button then focused on the visitor. "Right this way, Miss Philips."

Cameron followed behind the assistant to the closed double-doors, which swooshed open as Candice came close enough. Cameron detected that the doors weren't sensitive to motion but rather something else like the badges.

Candice guided the visitor past a glass enclosed conference room then into the main office. She stepped to the side once the visitor was near her. "Mrs. Connor, this is Cameron Philips." She laced her hands in front of her.

Cameron stared directly at the CEO of Cyberdyne Systems seated behind a wood desk. She then found hard, green eyes lifted to her.

"Yes," came the CEO's husky voice, "I know." The CEO stood up from her desk chair and despite her petite figure, she filled the room merely by her presence. "I recall Miss Philips rather well." She shifted her eyes to her assistance. "I'll visit with Miss Philips for awhile if you can take my calls."

Candice though barely registered her boss's words because she was staring at the visitor's profile. She couldn't help but notice how Cameron Philips was so fixated on her boss.

"Candice," the CEO called in a curt tone, "if you'll excuse us."

Candice snapped out of it and quickly nodded. "Yes, Mrs. Connor." She glanced one last time at the visitor then left the office.

The CEO, Sarah Jeanette Connor II, tapped a touch-sensitive button on her desk then casually strolled around her desk. She wore a business suit that consisted of black pants with a red pinstripe and a matching jacket. Her cranberry blouse was crisp and the collar loose to reveal her sterling silver necklace just past her collarbone. She had black, wavy hair that brushed over her shoulders.

Sarah stood in front of her desk, leaned against it, and folded her arms. She put her head to one side and blatantly scanned Cameron Philips from head to toe. She came back up to Cameron's face and remarked, "Somewhere a young man lies naked in an alleyway."

Cameron arched an eyebrow but didn't argue Sarah's keen observation. She slowly clenched her hands because her systems were becoming jumpy under the older woman's piercing stare.

Sarah crossed her ankles and pressed more of her weight into the desk's corner. She needed the support due to the shakiness in her legs. But she didn't outwardly show her tension to her visitor. "It's been almost twenty-two years, Cameron."

"Yes," Cameron Philips, a terminator from the future, softly agreed with the long-time CEO of Cyberdyne Systems. "Twenty-one years, six months, and twenty days," she properly calculated.

Sarah distantly grinned at the terminator's precise accuracy, but she was still calm and serious. Her very old memories about Cameron Philips started surfacing, and she remarked, "You survived the explosion at the bank."

Cameron took a beat to understand what the CEO meant then it made sense. "The explosion was caused by the TDE. I had already transported through time."

Sarah slightly narrowed her eyes and inquired, "TDE?"

"Time displacement equipment," Cameron defined.

"Ah." Sarah realized it was a fancy title for a time machine. She slightly bowed her head and became focused on the present rather than the past. She used much of her energy to come off calm to the younger woman.

"So, you must be on a mission, again." Sarah watched the terminator's face and easily read the terminator despite it'd been so long. There were some things she didn't forget how to do. But what made her narrow her eyes slightly was Cameron's hidden hesitation.

"Yes." Cameron processed how Sarah Connor's jade eyes could bore into her. She never recalled it being that way, but she concluded that this Sarah Connor was very different from the one she once knew in 2008. But Cameron understood how time could change a human, and even a terminator. "I am here for Jean this time."

The CEO visibly stiffened and unfolded her arms. She gripped the desk's edge; her knuckles were white. She tried controlling her breathing because she didn't want the terminator to detect her emotions. She shoved down her fears and asked, "It's the Resistance again?"

"Yes, Omega detected another agent was sent back through time." Cameron slipped her fisted hands behind her back. She stood ridged with locked knees and an expressionless face.

"Is it another terminator?" Sarah clenched her jaw as she waited for the terminator's answer.

"It is unknown," Cameron reported.

Sarah stared down at her heels' tips. She tried thinking this out because if Cameron didn't know if the agent was human or machine then Cameron didn't know the agent's current position.

"I must protect Jean," Cameron informed. "She will not protect herself."

Sarah lifted her dark green eyes and remarked, "She doesn't need to."

Cameron tilted her head at this statement, but she didn't question it. But a silver reflection from Sarah's neck caught Cameron's attention, and she studied the familiar Saint Christopher necklace. But Sarah's voice drew her eyes back up to the human's hardened, aged features.

"What do you need from me, Cameron?"

The terminator flexed her hand behind her back and tried finding her words. She carefully replied, "I require your assistance."

Sarah stared long and hard at the terminator. She unknowingly dug her nails into her wood desk. She sensed her wild heartbeat, but she'd quickly learned how to keep her outward composure. "What is that you need to accomplish your mission?"

Cameron suddenly felt as if the office was small despite it was rather spacious due to all the windows. She lifted her chin some and fell back into her terminator persona. "For Jean to be properly protected I must be around her."

Sarah developed a suspicious look at the terminator's statement. She licked her dry lips then released the desk. "I can recall you posed as an LA cop, tracked my constant movements, and didn't engage me until the Reese Brothers made an attempt for me." She also knew this helped Cameron from mistakenly breaking the Timeline Directive. She folded her arms again. "But to protect my child, you want to disrupt her life and my household?" She now neared the taller woman, who was guarded with her. "You were very well prepared in 2008."

Cameron stayed still and her features revealed nothing, but her eyes held something that was hard to interpret.

"You're absolutely unprepared now," Sarah concluded. She searched the terminator's cobalt blue eyes and tried understanding this mystery. She became tense suddenly and hotly whispered, "You're lying." She immediately could tell her words impacted the guarded terminator, and she knew she was right.

Cameron had a clenched jaw as she attempted not faltering under Sarah Connor's piercing gaze. She felt how Sarah's strength washed over her and made her organic heart skip.

Sarah slotted her eyes because she was clearly annoyed at the terminator. "I thought we worked this out a long time ago." She shook her head and threatened, "If you hide the truth from me then I'll make damn sure you don't get within a mile radius of my daughter." She turned her back on the terminator and walked away in hopes the space would help her.

Sarah quietly but harshly remarked, "I won't have you turning my child's life upside down... like you did to me." She kept her back to Cameron and bitterly stared out the windows that overlooked Los Angeles.

Cameron had clearly heard Sarah's comment, and she dropped her head for a beat. She shut her eyes but looked up again with controlled features. "There is a threat to your daughter," she argued. She briefly faltered yet gathered herself and admitted, "But I do not know who, when, or how."

Sarah still had her arms crossed, and she drummed her fingers against her side. She bit her lower lip while she thought about Cameron's confession. She could tell now that it was the truth, and it oddly struck her. "This doesn't make sense."

The terminator studied the CEO's stiff back, and her lips pulled with a frown. "Jean sent me back to protect her younger self." She hesitated but better explained, "When I came to protect you in 2008, Omega knew for certain that John had sent back agents to kill you. But this time, the threat is unclear and could be multiple."

Sarah turned her head sidelong and quietly asked, "Was there an agent really sent back?"

"Omega received reports that time displacement equipment had been used by the Resistance. However, our spies are unsure of the agent's mission." Cameron patiently waited to see how Sarah would handle this vague information.

Sarah faced the terminator and summarized, "So my daughter and Omega just send you back to protect her from whatever for... however long it takes?" She approached the terminator again. "That's about what my understanding is right now."

"Yes," Cameron simply stated.

Sarah stared at the taller woman and seriously debated the uncertainty behind Cameron's vague mission. There were too many holes in it for Sarah to be satisfied that it made sense. But yet she knew better than to refuse the terminator's help if there really was a threat out there from the future.

"Alright," Sarah softly decided aloud, "I will help you." She was a few feet from the terminator, and she held Cameron's stare. "But you will do this my way. You will follow my rules and my orders." She saw how Cameron wasn't so sure, but she swore, "Otherwise you can find another time machine and head back to 2045."

Cameron took a deep breath at the older woman's almost hostile tone. She merely stated, "2047."

Sarah's eyebrows drew inwards, and she murmured, "What?"

"I came from 2047," the terminator explained.

Sarah was quiet for a beat once she realized that for Cameron it'd been two years since the events in 2008. For some reason, she'd thought it'd only been a few days or a week for Cameron, but she'd been quite wrong.

"I will follow your lead," Cameron promised.

"Good." Sarah broke away and went behind her desk. Her hands swiftly skimmed over the touch-sensitive desk. "It sounds like you'll be here for awhile." She paused and studied something on her desk's glass screen. "You'll need to..." She lifted her head and momentarily stared at Cameron's attire. "Fit in," she finished. She eyed her earpiece that rested on her glass screen, and it had a red circle around it. She waited for a specific download to complete with it then once the circle turned white, she scooped it off the glass surface.

"You are correct," Cameron agreed.

The CEO placed the earpiece into her right ear, adjusted it, and hit the blue illuminated button. "Candice," she ordered to the earpiece, which briefly beeped. Once Candice answered the other end, Sarah informed, "I'm going to take the afternoon off." She focused on her desk's surface screen and began shutting down her digital work. "You'll have to reschedule my meeting with Miles. But tell him if he still needs any short answers that he can give me a call."

Cameron carefully listened to the one-sided conversation. She already knew who Miles was and his great importance to Cyberdyne Systems.

"That's fine," Sarah agreed. She pushed her chair under the desk then opened a drawer. "I'll be in first thing tomorrow." She pulled out a few items from the drawer then closed it up. "Great." She hit the illuminated button on her earpiece then picked up her small, black pouch from the desk.

Sarah removed her earpiece but kept it in hand as she approached the terminator. "Let's go." She led the way out of her office, past the conference room, and out the main doors into the lobby area where Candice had her desk.

"See you tomorrow, Mrs. Connor," Candice called to the CEO.

Sarah looked over her shoulder to the assistant. "Make sure you filter my email too." She pointed a finger at Candice. "I haven't forgotten last time." She had a thin smile.

Candice sighed dramatically but had a grin. "I'm doing it now," she swore. She quickly moved her hands over the glass surface screen.

Sarah chuckled and went to the elevators with Cameron in tow.

Candice paused in the middle of her work and studied the visitor's backside. She just shook her head because she couldn't imagine what Sarah Connor had to do with that odd woman. Instead, Candice focused on her task so she wouldn't get chewed out again by her boss.

Sarah entered the elevator with Cameron beside her. She heard the elevator's low chirp so she ordered, "Go to the Garage floor."

"Of course, Mrs. Connor." The elevator silently began moving down at a rapid speed.

Sarah was silent on the ride but just before the elevator slowed near the basement, she mentioned, "Cyberdyne has one intelligence system that monitors everything throughout the facilities." She slowly turned her head to Cameron. "Guess what it was nicknamed."

Cameron raised an eyebrow but gave no guess.

The elevator drew open the door and commented, "Garage floor, Mrs. Connor." It held the door open.

Sarah glanced at the terminator yet started out from the elevator. "Thanks, Vicki." She heard the terminator right behind her.

"You're welcome, Mrs. Connor. Have a nice evening and see you tomorrow." The elevator's door sealed shut after the last occupant left.

The CEO walked through the parking garage that was packed with employee and visitor cars. "Needless to say I wasn't too thrilled they named the system Vicki after the one from that old I, Robot movie." Sarah now opened the black pouch in her left hand. "But, she's been worth every dollar."

Cameron idly listened to the human, who spoke to her like she was still a visitor at Cyberdyne Systems. She didn't make any comment and just followed the human through the garage.

Sarah Connor retrieved a pair of black sunglasses from her pouch. She pushed out the frame's arms and zipped her case. But first she placed her earpiece back into her right ear just as she spotted her hover car.

The distant hover car suddenly came to life by lifting off the concrete, blue ground effects lit up, and the doors only unlocked once Sarah Connor was in a certain range.

Sarah had her earpiece in place then put on her sunglasses just before she opened the door. But she hesitated at seeing the terminator's curious stare from over the car's hood.

"Are they HUG?" Cameron tried detecting the glasses' technology.

"Yes," Sarah answered. She then climbed into the hover car.

Cameron did the same, and she took in the car's interior that was more familiar to her than the cars in the twenty-first century.

Sarah Connor buckled up while her hover car prepared itself.

"Good afternoon, Sarah," the car greeted. "Automatic or manual?"

Sarah seemed to consider the request then replied, "Manual. Let's go to the Westfield Mall." She watched the steering wheel lower to her because she was driving.

"Westfield Mall," the car agreed. It then silently reversed out of the parking spot.

Sarah adjusted her heads-up sunglasses, which were already connected to the car's computer system. She also quickly buckled up then took the car's wheel after it switched into drive. She glanced over at the terminator, who wasn't buckled up. "You may want to put on your seatbelt when I'm driving manual."

Cameron took the advice just before Sarah zipped through the parking garage. She turned on her internal GPS and followed the route that Sarah took to get to the Westfield Mall.

Sarah pulled out into a busy street. She tapped her earpiece's button and ordered, "Chola." She listened to the soft beep then a stern voice greeted her.

Cameron arched an eyebrow at hearing the familiar name, but she merely listened to the human's conversation.

"Hey, Chola this is Sarah." The CEO carefully watched traffic, considered her GPS in her heads-up sunglasses, and talked to Chola. "I've been well. How are you?" She nodded a few times. "Well, I need your help to get a UR terminator put into the system."

Cameron slightly narrowed her eyes because she didn't expect for Sarah Connor to be that close to Chola. She suspected that Sarah had built up a relationship with Chola after she'd left in 2008.

"It's Cameron again," Sarah answered. "Yes, I know but it's her." She waited a beat then listened to Chola's list of items that Cameron would need to be in the system. "Make her name Cameron Philips this time. I'll send you a few photos." She listened to Chola's question and replied, "Make her age..." Sarah glimpsed at the terminator. "Make her twenty-five." She waited a beat. "Yes, put her place of birth as Los Angeles."

Cameron carefully listened and realized that Sarah had become rather resourceful in her older age. At this thought, she instantly calculated that Sarah had recently turned forty-two years old.

"Great." Sarah made a left turn at the next intersection. "How long you think it'll take you to get the download ready? Two days?" She listened to the undercover United Races agent's response. "That'll work. Give me a call as soon as it's ready." She developed a thin smile and replied, "You know I'm good for it." She lost her smile and nodded once. "Thanks, Chola. See you then." She hit her earpiece's button.

Cameron tilted her head and remarked, "You've befriended Chola Santiago."

"Yes." Sarah removed her earpiece and set it down in the nearby cup holder. "I've befriended many agents from the UR that are here." She glanced at the terminator before focusing on her drive. "It's quite the network, and I can supply technology to them through Cyberdyne."

Cameron processed what Sarah told her and suspected that Sarah had inadvertently joined the United Races by helping them. She was never warned by Jean Connor, Sarah's daughter, about her mother aiding the UR agents sent back in time. She considered whether there was other things that Jean Connor hadn't told her.

Sarah shifted her hands up on the wheel and braked the car to a slow stop behind a car. She focused on the hover cars in front of her. She tried not letting her nerves get to her about Cameron's arrival.

The terminator glanced at the human then studied the wedding band ring on Sarah's left hand. She turned her stare to the front window and asked, "What is his name?"

Sarah knew what Cameron was asking her. She coolly replied, "Charley... Charley Dixon." She hovered through the slow intersection but would have to make a right at the next street.

"When were you married?" Cameron cautiously inquired.

"August 29... 2013." Sarah hit the acceleration pedal and streaked down the quieter street until she came upon the mall. She followed the signs to the parking garage. As she looked for a spot, she mentioned, "He's a medical doctor at Ronald Reagan Medical Center. He also teaches at UCLA when he can."

"He works in the emergency room?" Cameron inquired.

"Yes." Sarah slowly pulled into a parking space. She parked the car then started getting unbuckled while the car shut down.

Cameron had thought about Charley Dixon and what Sarah told her. "He removed your sutures," she quietly concluded after a beat. She remembered younger Sarah telling her about a friend that was a medical student at UCLA.

Sarah glanced at the terminator, who finished unbuckling too. She repeated what Cameron stated, and she was briefly swarmed by old memories of Charley removing the sutures from her right shoulder from the bullet wound given to her by the T-888. She softly confirmed, "Yes." She climbed out of the hover car.

The terminator got out of the car, which silently locked after she shut the door. She took Sarah's side and followed her to the elevators that would get them into the mall. She remained silent while she processed all the changes in Sarah Connor's life. Indeed, Cameron not only felt like a stranger, but Sarah was a stranger to her.

Sarah Connor had removed her HUGs and tucked them away in the case, which was now in her pants' pocket. She was busy grasping that Cameron Philips had suddenly reappeared in her life but to protect her daughter. She also didn't like the fact that in the back of her mind it seemed like the terminator was lost. This thought uncomfortably nagged at Sarah, yet she decided she find out more at some point. But right now, Sarah focused on what to do with the terminator and what the cover story would be when she brought the terminator home.

To be continued.