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Started: May 28, 2009

Ended: January 7, 2013

Series 2: No Fate, Story #2

I, Human

by Red Hope


The night was calm and warm in Los Angeles. Outside the city, it was cooler but just as calm too, until a weather anomaly started near a small convenience store in the tiny town of Essex. Bolts of lightning charged the air behind the store. Then quickly the bolts joined like a spider web and formed a blue orb. The crackles grew louder until suddenly the blue orb popped and vanished as fast as it had formed earlier.

Left on the ground was a charred circle in the desert dirt. In the center of the circle, a nude man remained knelt and bent forward. Smoke rose from his skin as he cooled off in the night. His black hair was short, his body solid, and features stone cold when he lifted his head. He appeared to be in his early thirties.

He stared straight ahead, his dark brown eyes unfocused for a beat. He then jerked his head to the right and left before he stood up. He stared at the night sky and studied the stars. Something about the stars' positions told him enough.

After a minute, he walked around the store, his long legs carrying him quickly. He passed a beat up hover car. He assessed the store after he entered it.

"Hey, fella," the storeowner called out. "How about some decency?" He was shocked the customer wore nothing.

The stranger approached the counter. "I am in Essex?"

"You got it, Sherlock," the storeowner mocked.

The stranger tilted his head and assessed the storeowner. He gave a fake smile. "I require your clothes and hover car." He then lost the smile and coldly added, "Please."

The storeowner took it as a robbery. The police were at least twenty minutes away, but he was prepared for such problems. He retrieved his hidden shotgun and pointed it at the nude man. "I don't think so."

The stranger looked at the barrel pointed at his chest. He cut his dark eyes up to the storeowner, who performed a voice dial over an earpiece. He took the opening and snared the barrel while side stepping in case.

The storeowner cried out before the buttstock slammed into his face. He fell unconscious on the floor with an emergency operator talking in his ear.

The stranger hopped over the counter, tore the earpiece, and crushed it in his hand. He then quickly stripped the clothes off the owner and changed into them. He found the car keys in the jean pockets. Last, he put on the boots and took the shotgun with him. Once outside, he went directly to the hover car, which unlocked for him.

The hover car started immediately, and the systems loaded within a minute. It was an older car but offered enough technology for the stranger. The onboard screen lit up and greeted the driver. The car's bluetooth quickly connected to a new device, and the screen switched to navigation mode. The screen showed a map from Essex to Los Angeles.

"From your location to Saint Cecilia School is approximately two hundred twenty-five miles. Your estimated travel time is three hours and twelve minutes," the car chirped aloud. "Your ETA is eight thirty-six AM."

The stranger accepted the car's estimations. Most hover cars were faster, but this old one traveled at slower speeds. It was faster than walking to Los Angeles. He propped the shotgun against the passenger seat and put the car into drive.

He had a mission to complete.

The End