I was laying in bed wondering about Chinese food listening to the rain, I loved the sound of the rain and it always makes me think, water spends so much time climbing up, up, up, only to fall back down but then its trapped in the cycle constantly rising and falling. Never given a breakā€¦

When I woke up the next morning I went to watch T.V. It was the weekend so I dident have to go to school it was also the weekend after the last week of school so I was on summer vacation. My parents where out of town so I was left to my self besides my sister, who works for the majority of her free time. My dog zander was scratching on my sister's door trying to get in, so I got up off the couch to let him in. When I got to the door I turned the knob but it wouldn't turn, it was locked.

"That's weird" I thought.

As I walked back to the living room zander followed me and I noticed a pair of dark brown cleats. That was even weirder, so I went and looked into them, they where size elevens, no one in my house wore that size. I immediately thought about my sister Bella's boy friend, Edward. I hated his guts and he hated mine. I walked out side onto the porch and looked for his car but it wasn't there. I glanced at my sisters window, from where I was standing, I could see that her blinds where closed. With my suspicions I went back in side to my room where I took a screw driver and a bobby pin. Id mastered picking our room locks on my door and her door when I needed to get into it. I stuck the screw driver in and then the bobby pin, pushing the pins up with the pin and twisting the lock with the screw driver, the door clicked open. I stared in shock at my sister deep throating Edward, I gasped. Bella's voice brought me back to my senses as she shouted at me to get out. I backed out of the room slamming the door. I was pissed! I ran into the basement and grabbed the 10 gauge shot gun. I took the stairs two at a time back into the hall way. When I came around the corner my sister was waiting for me, fully dressed thank god. She glanced at my gun and franticly asked

"what are you doing"? The shock on her face that was greater than mine. I walked past her into her room with fury on my face; he was sitting on her bed, holding his pants shirt and boxers. He looked at my gun to me to my gun, fear sprouting in his face.

I told him sternly, "leave". He got up starting to pull on his boxers. I wasn't going to let him off that easy so I shouted

"NOW" he jumped and stumbled out of her room to the front door and struggled with the dead bolt, finally getting it open he stumbled out onto the porch wear I now saw his car parked down the street at the end of the block he started running to his car in his birthday suit realizing he had dropped his clothes on his way out, this brought up uncontrollable fits of laugher in me as he drove off tires squealing.