Initial D: Fight On The Mountains

It was many years after Takumi begin racing legend on the Akina mountains. But now, he is old and retired of the driving. So he just drive quick to deliver the tofu.

"I will take this corner very fast," Takumi say outloud and noone hear him.

The Toyoda slide like on ice and the tires was screech and the smoke came like out of oven.

"Wow," guy standing by the road say him loudly. "That is so good."

"He is not that good," another guy say with grins on and get into the inside of a Mustang that looked like old but wasn't so I doesn't really like at all and there are too many on the roads already and automatic too.

"I will get him."

So he drives the Mustang really fast and catches up with Takumi because Takumi running out of gas and wanns to take it slowly.

But then Mustang crash into car and Takumi isn't hurt but is angry.

"NO!" Takumi shouts. "THIS WAS MY LIFE!" And he runs and catches up with Mustang because Mustang take the turn too slow and body was roll almost over.

Takumi gets onto and rips off top of roof and pull driver out. Driver's friend drive now because he can.

Driver guy pulled out him knife and say, "We'll finish this here." and he swings at Takumi but miss. So Takumi pulls out the gun and then shoots at him but missed because car keeps turning too many. They were fight until none had the gun or knife and then the driver guy cheat and gets another gun and then he say: "I like you. I'll kill you last." And Takumi was prepared for the end.

And then he was about to shoot when the Mustang crash over teh guard rails and the driver and passenger guy fell off and explodes.

But Takumi uses his awesome racing gloves that was on hands to hungs onto ledge and pull himself up. He sigh and brush all the dirts on him off.

Then he went home and looked for a new car on Craigslist.