The Road to Dawn

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It was early in the morning and the Ala Alba group was enjoying their time, training, preparing, and relaxing before their trip to Wales, England. Their time before they headed to the magic world on their search for Nagi Springfield, Negi Springfield's father.

All of the Ala Alba team were all gathered in Evangeline's resort talking and having fun telling some stories of their achievements before their time now.

When it was Setsuna's turn to tell a story, she told them of her childhood before she met Konoka and after she met her as well. "Well before I met the Ojou-Sama, my childhood was hard." Setsuna began only to be corrected by Konoka. "Secchan its "Kono-Chan!"

Flinching and than later blushing, Setsuna was left to deal with Konoka's puppy dog pout! "Setsuna-San continue with your story already!"

Clearing her throat, Setsuna began where she had left off. "…As I was saying, I was cast aside by the bird tribe and was forced to live on my own that was until those of the Shinmeiryuu took me in." Setsuna said looking at the group. Asuna who was one of Setsuna's students learning kendo from her, was awed that the now very easily flustered and happy, but still quiet from time to time, Setsuna had such a dark past.

"When I was taken in by the Shinmeiryuu at the age of five, I soon excelled in kendo. In about a year since I was taken in, I was already one of the best students in my age. Hehe I was already training with kids older than me. That's how I met Noriya-San." Setsuna said pausing for any questions.

As usual, the one who was most curious was Negi. "Setsuna-san, you probably had many rivals right?" Negi asked her. Setsuna nodded her head in response to the question. She even recalled when Noriya and she were at first rivals. "Did you have any pupils like me?"

Setsuna gave the question thought as she rekindled the memories. Asuna gave her a very hard question for her to answer, for the memory was hard and painful. "…Indeed I did." Setsuna said her voice lowering with every passing syllable. Noriya watched Setsuna from a distance remembering the memories with her.

"Her name was Haon Xepa. She was a great comrade and friend. Noriya-San was the one who introduced us; until she came along I rarely trained with anyone else but Noriya-San."


"Shinmeiryuu students! Starting today Haon will be a part of the Shinmeiryuu School, and a part of our family. Please treat her with respect!" said one of the masters.

As Haon walked around the room meeting the other students, she was soon stopped by her friend, Noriya. Noriya told Haon many stories of one of the students at Shinmeiryuu. That student was Setsuna. Haon was amazed by Setsuna's accomplishments in the past year and had one thought in mind. "Noriya-Senpai, do you think Setsuna-Senpai would train me?" Haon asked the fourteen year old before her.

Noriya gave it some thought and decided to bring Haon over to Setsuna to ask her in person. "Oi! Setsuna-Chan! This is Haon; she says she wants you to train her."

Setsuna though one of the best students there, still had much to learn and didn't feel qualified to be Haon's teacher. Noriya was able to convince Setsuna otherwise. "Come on Setsuna-Chan! You'll be able to get a lot of training out of this too you know?"

Setsuna, though still with some doubts, finally accepted Haon's request and became the four year olds teacher.

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