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"Epi how is the fic coming?!"


Chapter 4- Evergreen Holy Night

The group went out to dinner without much trouble after reminiscing on their past exploits in the military. Episode had picked a nice buffet he knew would not be COMPLETELY packed, as it was very expensive as far as buffets went. He sighed as he considered the damage this would do to his budget, and he decided it was worth it. They had decided to walk through downtown and see the decorations as they went, and Episode couldn't help but find contentment watching his friends. Lumi had glomped herself to him, and was also using him as a human shield from snowballs. Smurf and Gina had gotten into a snowball fight, and their aim was more dangerous to the others than to anyone else. Alone made it a point to carefully pack a perfect snowball while no one but Episode was looking. Remorse and Foxy were arguing about SOMETHING, and Episode personally wondered how they weren't at each others throats. He looked into the well lit decorations of the town, and he smiled at the mix of colors and lights that were strung everywhere. Christmas felt so good after the war had ended. The best Episode had managed during the war was to get a hold of a keg of cider off the black market. Some Christmas cheer. He had made it a point to leave a thermos sitting out by his brother's sniping spot the next day.

As these memories haunted him ever so slightly he pulled Luminis a little closer and felt her warmth. God he was happy at the moment. As he turned his attention to the group he noticed Alone wasn't with them. "Hey where's my bro?" Episode asked, and everyone stopped. Remorse stopped in mid insult to Foxy with his mouth open. "Huh?" Remorse asked. "I said where's my." Episode began, but was cut off when Remorse was floored by a snowball impacting into his head. Episode and the others turned back to see Alone ducked behind a tree laughing his ass off. 'Figures.' Episode thought, and the rest of the short walk to the diner was spent with a group snowball fight. Episode tried to stay out of it, but Luminis threw a snowball before using Episode as a human shield again. After getting nailed in the face by Foxy Episode decided to partake in the game. When they all arrived at the buffet they were covered in snow and laughing their asses off.

Dinner went peacefully as could be expected, or even more so if you consider several facts. For one Episode and his brother proved to be human garbage disposals at a buffet, and they barely spoke the entire meal. Gina and Smurf were usually cleaning each other's messes up. Then there was Remorse and Foxy. They seemed to actually get along during the meal, and it was kind of startling. Fara and Jewel were most likely the most upsetting element at the table, because Jewel had sharply objected to not being able to sit by Fara. Episode had jumped when the quiet girl got so vocal. 'Well you can tell she loves him.' Episode thought as he settled back down with Luminis. Wait there was the chaotic element Episode had been fearing. Luminis would most likely start torturing him during the meal, or bring up the topic of the last time she had gotten the leather whip out. That would really spoil the meal. For a pleasant surprise Luminis was quiet, and only idly talked to the others as she ate. Episode was thankful for this, and he enjoyed inhaling the buffet once more.

After dinner they took managed to flag down a cab for each couple in the group one by one, and soon they were all back at the house. It was later then they expected, and it was now obvious that the guests would be staying. The problem was that there was only three guest rooms. One of which was a two person fold out couch, and the other two being small rooms with dual queen mattresses. "Oh shit." Episode said as he realized he would have to be the one to break the news, "Guys I got a confession to make." The others turned to him, and Alone's face twisted into surprise as he guessed what was the problem. Alone promptly left his brother there to deal with the guests as he fled to his own compfy bed. 'Thanks bro.' Episode thought. "Well guys I only have three spare rooms." Episode said as he omitted the fact that there was one bed in each room. Remorse said that was ok since he and Foxy were going to 'do the deed' anyway. This earned him a familiar kick in the shin.

Luminis hugged Episode a little harder, and he could take a wild guess as to where she planned on sleeping. That was ok he guessed, because he had already checked her bags for her whip and leather outfit. Then there was Fara and Jewel. Episode had no idea where they were in their relationship, so he opted to suggest the lesser of two evils. "Maybe Fara and Smurf could room up, so that Gina isn't stuck with Smurf?" Episode suggested. Jewel walked calmly up to Episode and looked him dead in the eye. He sweatdropped nervously, and relaxed when she smiled. Then she stomped on his foot with her stiletto heels. He winced in pain. "Scratch that, Smurf you are going to have to get along with Gina." Episode said as he checked to see if there was a hole in the middle of his foot. Well at least his foot was still there. "You want me to what?!" Smurf and Gina asked in unison. "Oh come on guys it's not like I'm asking you to sleep together." Episode pleaded, even though he knew damn well there was ONE bed in the room they would get.

They reluctantly agreed, and the entire pack of ppl bedded down for the evening. Episode was too preoccupied with Lumi to tell what else was really happening, but he could guess. There was no doubt that Foxy had Remorse in god knows what way at the moment, and there was little doubt as to how intimate Fara and his 'Jewel' were being. That only left one question in the former jump troopers head. What about the two klutzes? Well currently the two sat before ONE queen sized bed with their jaws open. After a moment Smurf groaned. "I got the floor don't I?" he asked, and Gina smiled as she handed him some spare blankets. "Thanks Smurf that's sweet of you." She said to him. The two had been helping each other all night, and she had to admit she could see what Episode was trying to do. She was NOT going to fall into something so easily though. Smurf finished making out a little cot on the floor, and when he was bedded down Gina started to walk towards the bed. Later she would thank the old stuffed animal of Episode's for tripping her up. Gina wailed as she started to take a nose dive to the floor, but Smurf was up to catch her instantly. As she crashed into him the both fell to the cot he had made up, and their lips met firmly in an accidental kiss.

'I am not going to get into something so simply?' Gina's inner voice asked her, and her mind answered with the simple retort of, 'Shut the hell up.' Meanwhile Smurf was just enjoying the moment as best he could. Well needless to say the entire group had a merry Christmas!


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