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Title: The Bad Asses

Summary: Gaara lived a horrible life in Suna. He found a life in underground fighting but is now out of it. Along with his older siblings he moved to Konoha in hopes of finding a better life for all of them. But what happens when he gets mixed up with the leader of the schools biggest band whose also being targeted by the schools most dangerous heartthrob? Sex, love, violence, and music that's what.

Chapter one: Meet The New Kid

BEEP! BEEP! BEE-"Ah shut up!" yelled an unknown source from under the black sheets of a bed. It was the worst day of any 16-year-old kid. It was the first day of school. "GAARA! GAARA GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF BED AND GET READY FOR SCHOOL." He knew that voice anywhere, it belonged to his older sister Temari. Gaara was a tall, skinny boy. He had blood red hair, pail skin that just made his hair stand out more, and pale jade green eyes that had dark rings around them. Gaara sat up in his bed and looked out the window across the room into the unfamiliar scene of trees. He had just moved to Konoha from Suna, not he wasn't happy to move. He had no life back in Suna. His mother had died giving birth to him and his father had blamed him for her death. His father had turned to drugs and alcohol, which he soon became addicted to. Gaara had two siblings. His older brother Konkuro was eighteen years old was the middle child. Then there was his older sister Temari the oldest of the three at age twenty. After their father had become an alcoholic he was fired from his job and Temari had to drop out of high school and work four different jobs just to make sure there was food on the table and a roof over their head. She always made sure they never missed a day unless they had something contagious. They had grown up in the rough side of town. Gaara would get into fights all the time because kids would make fun of his family because they weren't like theirs. They had started out as verbal fights but soon turned into physical fights. He still remembered the first one as if it happened an hour ago.


Gaara had been ten at the time. The fight had started out with some tough talk like all the others. A boy at school had been taunting him about how most of the boys were going to skip school tomorrow because it was 'bring your son to work day' and how Gaara didn't have a mother and his father didn't have a job. Gaara had gotten used to comments like these, but then the boy had crossed the line. "Temari might be able to take you but hookers don't get business carrying a kid around." Something in Gaara just snapped and he pounced on the boy, slamming them into the road outside of the school. The boy had fought back but Gaara had won. By the time they pulled Gaara off the boy, the boy had three broken ribs, a sprained wrist and ankle, a fractured arm, and a broken nose. All that Gaara had left with was a black eye, a broken finger, and needed stitches on his right arm where the boy had used piece of shattered glass that was on the ground to slash Gaara's arm. When Temari picked him up she had started yelling at him as soon as they got into the car. She yelled things like "What gave you the right to beat the shit out that boy!?" or "That boy could have connections to a gang! What were you thinking!?"

"I had to beat him up Temari!" Gaara had yelled back.

"Oh really? Tell me what that boy did to deserve getting the shit knocked out of him!!" Temari wasn't expecting an answer since it was Gaara, which was why she wasn't prepared for what he did say.

"He called you a hooker!" Temari slammed on the brakes as she turned her head to look at him

"What?" she asked

"He called you a hooker and I couldn't let him get away with that." Temari faced forward, started to drive and didn't say anything after that.

End Flashback

Gaara soon found that he had a knack for fighting. He would sometimes get in fights for no reason at all. He then found himself in the world of underground fighting. At first he didn't like the idea of it but the second he saw how much money he was being paid for one fight he jumped at the offer. On the night of his first fight he had come home at three in the morning to find Temari waiting for him.


"Where have you been! You were supposed to be home ten hours ago! Do you have any idea how worried I-" Temari was cut off when Gaara had dropped a wad of cash on the table. "was." She finished lamely. "Sabaku no Gaara where the hell did you get that?" she asked eyeing the cash suspiciously. Gaara stayed quiet for a moment thinking whether he should tell her. That's when he realized what time it was, he knew he had to tell her. He went into a detailed description of how he was approached with the offer of underground fighting, and how he couldn't turn down the offer when he saw how much money he could make as long as he won. When eh was done telling her Temari had dropped to her knees and embraced him braking out into tears. She let him go back but only as long as Konkuro was with him.

End flashback

He had to admit having someone on the sidelines that actually cared cheering for you made him want to win even more. Gaara was broken out of his thoughts by loud knocking on his bedroom door. "Come on Gaara! Time to get up and you are not going to be late for your first day of school!" He heard Temari shout from the other side.

"I'm up Temari." Gaara said opening the door to look Temari in the eyes. He had had a sudden growth spurt in the last year, so now he had to look down to meet her eyes. Secretly he was very happy about this because he had always been shorter than most boys and Temari was tall for her age.

"Just hurry up please." Temari turned away and started walking down the stairs probably heading to Konkuro's room or the kitchen. He didn't know because both were downstairs. He grabbed his towels before heading to the bathroom to take a quick shower, then retreated back to his room to get dressed. 'Maybe I should try to look a little bit more normal than I normally do.' With that thought in his head he chose to wear a plain white t-shit with a long sleeved black light weight jacket that had some gold buttons on it. He put on a pair of black jeans and decided to take the chains off until he found out if it was a symbol for anything.

He went down stairs to find Konkuro at the counter eating his breakfast dressed in a black t-shirt that said 'this shirt was white when i bought it" and his normal dark blue jeans. He turned around to face Gaara "Hey little bro. Tem's getting ready for work."


"So. . . not going with your normal attire."

"Temari said I should tone it down for the first couple of days till I get used to the school. So who know maybe she's right."

"I always am." Came a voice behind Gaara. "Glad to see you're finally out of bed Gaara." Said Temari as she came to stand next to Gaara. Her hair was in its normal four-ponytail style. She had on a pair of skinny jeans with a maroon colored shirt with the logo of the movie theater she worked at in the corner near her shoulder.

"Nice outfit Tem." Konkuro said.

"You're just jealous Konkuro." Temari said sticking her tongue out at him. "Hurry up and eat you two, we need to head out."

"I'm already done." Stated Gaara leaning against the wall opposite of them.

"When did you eat?" asked Konkuro.

"While you two were bickering." Gaara stated in a bored tone.

"Alright then, well lets go." Temari said as she grabbed the car keys. They walked down to their garage door opening it to see their brand new black jaguar with black leather seats. The car was officially Gaara's but they had moved before he could get his license, so until he got it Temari used it or until she got a car of her own. Thanks to the money Gaara had made he paid for the car and the house, he had also bought a second car that was a dark blue BMW for Konkuro and Temari for when he took over the jag. "Alright so where am I taking you two again?" asked Temari.

"Konoha High School." The boys answered at the same time.

"Aw. . . come on guys cheer up. So it's the first day of school suck it up. At least you don't have to work at some stupid movie theater that probably won't have any people until six when everyone's out of school. By the way Gaara did you grab-Here." Gaara cut her off by handing Temari a few of her favorite magazines that she had bought the day before. "Thanks, well lets go!" Temari said in fake enthusiasm. She heard a groan come form Konkuro in the back seat while Gaara just sighed form the passenger seat. Temari opened the garage door and backed out heading in the direction of the school. She came to a stop at a crossway. She was about to drive when she looked out Gaara's side window in time to see a midnight black motorcycle heading strait towards them. The driver had swerved at the same time as hitting ht breaks. The motorcycle's side was now facing them while it skid to a stop about two feet from Gaara's door. They heard a thunk on the door and noticed that the driver had stuck out their foot to help them stop which caused them to accidentally kick the door. They saw the driver drop their head down in relief when they lost their balance and toppled over. Konkuro rolled down his window and yelled out to the driver.

"Hey are you alright?" The driver gave them a nod before pushing the bike off of them and getting back on, looked at then, gave a small wave then drove off. Before they drove off Gaara noticed the driver wore lose baggy pants with chains hanging off the belt loops, a bulky black leather biker jacket that hid their chest, and a black helmet with the visor pulled down so they couldn't see the person's face. After the initial shock was over Konkuro shouted at Temari. "Hey Tem come on we're going to be late!"

"Huh? Oh right!" Temari said as she started the car again.

'That was weird I wish I knew who that was' Gaara thought before turning on the stereo.

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