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Note: Listened to the audio, don't have to book. Sorry if I have the facts wrong. XD. Beautiful book. Though, I would love some more chapters towards the end which would end it in a happier note. XD I'm a sucker for happily-ever-afters. Just a few more words. :) And I'm not very sure about som stuff, so I just made some up. You'll see what I mean. Or not. Anyway, enjoy.

The old cemetery was, to the eyes of a stranger, a mere eyesore. True it has had it's share of history, but what good is a cemetery if there is no one left to visit it? Then again, it is a nature reserve, any attempt to 'reposition' it would be stomped down promptly and without consideration. Even so, neglect has caused it to be overgrown with plant life and small creatures have made it their home.

Thus, it came as a surprise to everyone in the village when a group of dark people in darker clothes came in a parade of even darker cars to the dark cemetery. Though it is none of their concerns, curious villagers tailed and observed the strangers, who have decided to camp out near the graveyard in their cars.

'Dark business,' the tallest man of the lot would answer, should anyone be brave enough to enquire, 'we have permission' and he would brandish the said slip of permission paper as if it was a weapon against the crowd of onlookers – which have grown quite big by then.

It was, however, a disappointment that none of them did anything but whisper among themselves, pull somber faces, talk into cell phones, and sit brooding in their cars. One by one, the villagers left, until by evening, there was no one left but the strangers and their dark mood.

'There,' someone said with a sigh, 'they're finally gone.'

'Finally,' agreed another, getting out of the car.

'Perhaps we should wait until night falls?' asked one.

'He specifically asked it to be done before it gets dark. Wants to surprise them, he says,' the woman chuckled.

'Well, we'd better hurry then. We don't have much time.'

And they set about to their business solemnly.

They were gone before twilight, zooming out of the village in their ominous colored vehicles, leaving naught but a new padlock on the cemetery gate.

To the more observant of people, however, they would comment that there is something a little off with the cemetery, something out of place, something, that did not quiet belong. Though they were unable to really point out what.

To those who were not, the graveyard was the same as ever.

Silas, however, was able to locate the abnormality immediately. And to it he said, with a ghost of a smile and a voice so small it was almost a whisper, 'welcome home'.

And somewhere in the graveyard, series of voices echoed, 'Welcome home.'

A new, or rather, old headstone stood on the ground:

Nobody Owens


He lived,


Was loved,

And left no path untaken.