"Agent Swan, reporting for duty." I said sternly to Secretary Newton, who was known worldwide for his persistency for asking me out on dates, who was currently filling out tax repayment forms with a worried expression on his pale face. He looked up at me and smiled, relief evident in his tired eyes.

"Hi Bella!" he almost shouted. I glanced at him sternly and whispered:

"It's Agent Swan to you Michael. Now, what's on today's schedule?"

"Well, you have to go see the boss, he wants to brief you on a new mission, and at ten you have the international conference- Julie's written your speech for you, and it's right here," he said constructively, handing me a folder, "and you have to interview some trainees about possible jobs, and Michelle has published 'your' article in 'your' newspaper so you can fool your... fiancée," he winced at the word, "into thinking that you are a highly- paid journalist, which I personally think is really dishonest, an-"

"MIKE!" I yelled, and he stopped babbling and looked up. "Nobody cares what you think in regards to my fiancée. Now, is that all for today?" I asked, cutting to the chase.

He nodded and glared at me and I tapped my shiny silver headband, reminding him that I was his boss.

I took the folders from him, said hi to my favourite employees, straightened my headband and black trench coat and walked up the spiralling silver stair which lead up to the bosses office.

As I walked, I passed my office and smiled, until I saw a dark figure looming in it. I blinked and the figure disappeared, like he had stepped out of reality. To make sure that I was not going crazy, I drew my knife and held my breath as I walked into my modern office.


I peered into my office, analysing if someone had been in there or not. I hope I was OK to fight this guy, I was awfully tired, and...

My tiny nail-sized black communicator beeped frantically, and a message from Mike popped up. Bella, the boss needs to see you. It's really urgent! You must go! PS: When you're done do you want to come out to lunch with me on Friday?

My eyes widened and I sighed, running up the shining spiral stairs that lead to the Bosses domain, all thoughts of the man in my office driven from my mind.

"Agent Swan," The boss said, turning around in his chair as I entered the room. "May I ask you, in future, not to take a detour into your office when I have an urgent need to see you? I would have thought that you had more respect for me than that."

I wasn't surprised. The boss had probably sensed me coming up the stairs, and then detouring to my office.

"I'm sorry, boss, but-"

"No excuses whatsoever Agent Swan. There is no time for it in these times."

"Has something happened, sir? An issue with the pentagon? Was it Arthorgo again?"

"Nothing that concerns you for this second, Swan, as it has seemed that you have forgotten your mission folder. Go and get it, Swan. No tarrying is appropriate for Senior Agents like you- you should know better."

I cursed under my breath and ran downstairs. My mind was consumed with all sorts of thoughts- about the boss, Mike, my current mission, my fiancée, my life.

So consumed, that I did not notice the sinister dark figure looming behind me until he hit me on the head and everything went black.

Boss POV:

I shook my head as Agent Swan cursed and ran down the stairs. I sensed her dazedly ruffling through folders and something coming up behind her, but I assumed that it was Mike. I sat up in a flash as Agent Swan's body hit the ground with a thud.

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