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I gritted my teeth in anger. I couldn't believe this.

The boss was treating me like some sort of child.

What was this mission anyway?

If it was soooo important, why would I be dumped with Junior 101?

Who, as I may add, is sitting right next to me in my black Mercedes- the windows tinted so dark you could barely see inside.

But I liked it that way.

I always kept to myself (apart from when I was undercover) and needed my space.

The boss knew that.

My communicator beeped frantically and I pressed the button on it.

A live podcast came up, hazy and unclear.

Despite this, I knew I wouldn't be able to see behind the thick smoke which was concealing the face of my boss.

" Agent Swan," he said. "There is a situation. Code blue and red. You need to head to headquarters straight away. Arthargo is behind you. I repeat, report back to headquarters. Arthargo is behind you."

The message went black.

"Oh, shit." Junior said.

I grinned, taking off my sunglasses and slowing down.

"What are you worrying about this time, Junior? Someone scare you?"

He ignored me and said instead calmly, "Headquarters is back that way, Agent Swan."

The car suddenly lurched, and a large dent appeared in the top.

"Shit!" I said. That would cost so much to fix.

"Arthargo." Junior whispered, terrified.

"Grow some balls, Junior, and hold on," I warned, grimly pressing the pedal and whipping through the traffic. I came to train tracks- and the nemesis was right behind me. I pressed the pedal harder, and knew that a train was coming. The train flew across the tracks and I ran straight into it.


Blood everywhere, a car exploding. Two bodies, lifeless. The train was gone by now, but the people were dead. A pretty brunette, dressed in black from head to toe, her head thrown back, obviously broken. The handsome young man, his head smashed into the dashboard of the car.

Well, that's what everyone else saw. Confused? Junior sure was.

"Ok, here's what happened, Junior," I said, taking a swing of my coke.

I was still driving quickly, even though the nemesis thought both Junior and I dead.

"To spell it out to you, my car ejected a false, what would you call it? - oh, illusion." I muttered scathingly, "of course, you would call it illusion- not something like Fata Morgana"

"Fata Morgana? Is he after us too?" Junior asked, looking behind him.

"It's the word for mirage, or illusion. Anyway, stop interrupting me! God, you are really getting on my nerves!" I almost shouted, so annoyed and exasperated by this boy that I was losing control.

"Temper, temper," he muttered, but I cut in-

"Temper, temper yourself, Junior! You don't know a thing about what has just happened, so do you want me to explain to your freakishly baby mind or not? God!"

He remained silent, so I continued, much calmer now. I can't believe I just lost my control. "I'll explain later," I muttered, ashamed at myself.

I turned into my driveway and parked the car, getting out.

Shit. That was a serious dent in the car! It would cost me so much to fix!

I turned around, and saw Junior behind me. He was suspiciously quiet.

"What?" I asked him quietly.

"This...." he replied, starstruck, "is headquarters?"

I slapped my forehead. I had the feeling I would be doing a lot of that now Junior would be around me.

"No, Junior. This is my other house. The one I take shrimps like you to- just in case you are a spy."

His eyes narrowed, then widened again.

"You mean that we aren't going back to headquarters? But you heard the instructions! They said to go straight to headquarters- no delaying!"

By now we were inside.

I shut the glass door- nearly everything was glass in here- except that it was tinted so heavily, like me car, that you couldn't see inside.

I pushed Junior down onto the floor and sat him down- I didn't want my couch to be dirtied by inexperience.

"You have a lot to learn, Junior. Anyone ever told you that?"

"Yes, sir." Junior said, closing his phone.

Ha! He didn't have a communicator yet.

"Good boy! You've learned some manners. Now, repeat what the message in the car was."

" Agent Swan," Junior repeated. "There is a situation. Code blue and red. You need to head to headquarters straight away. Arthargo is behind you. I repeat, report back to headquarters. Arthargo is behind you."

I nodded briskly.

"Now, Junior, what do you think that message meant?"

"Um... there was a situation- code blue and red- and the boss said you had to head to headquarters straight away because... Arthargo... was behind you."

I rolled my eyes.

"Junior, have you done any secret agent training at all?"

"Not much- a one-week course?"

I hit myself on the head again. The boss said this was an important mission, and he had literally put a toddler with me.

"Your analysis of the message was wrong. WRONG. Do you, Junior, know who Arthargo is?"

He nodded, and I knew he feared him. "Arthargo is the greatest villain of all time- he steals, murders and kidnaps."

"So, Junior, that is good. But so far, my secretary Newton would be better on this job than you."

Actually, scratch that. I don't need to be constantly asked out.

"So, this is what I am thinking: the 'greatest villain of all time' comes down to Washington DC.

Is that so unlikely?

Maybe yes- he has the CIA, everybody looking for him, but maybe no- he is a fantastic villain, and could want documents and files from the pentagon, the White House, or the foreign office."

Junior nodded slowly. I could tell he was understanding.

"But if either of these points were true, Arthargo would not cause a disruption on one of the most busy and frequently monitored highways in the world.

What does that do for him? Not much.

And if he really wanted to get me, then he could have easily followed me quietly until I was at my house, or wherever I was going- somewhere less busy."

"But-" Junior started to say.

"No buts, Junior! There is no buts about it! OK, I will move on to my next point. So, the boss sees Arthargo following us- maybe he does want to cause a disruption.

But then the boss tells us to go back to headquarters? I don't think so!

I don't know what you think, Junior, but It seems pretty stupid to lead your arch-enemy into your headquarters.

You know why?

Because then, he would know where we are. Then, he could monitor us. Then, he could find us.

The message was a ruse, Junior. Face it."

And with that, I stomped upstairs, leaving Junior gobsmacked.

"Wow" was all he said.

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