Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or these characters, if I did there would be more sexin' and no half-vampire babies.

this is my second rewrite of chapter one, and I'm still not happy with it. So please don't base your opinions on this alone.

I have never believed in fate.

I have never believed that our destiny has already been chosen, no matter what path you take.

I believe that each moment in life dictates what our future entails.

That each moment is brought upon by a series of choices, nor matter how big or small.

Whether or not we make these choices for ourselves, or someone else makes them for us.

Today I walked into my house at 12:30, with arms fully loaded of Babies R' Us shopping bags.

This was my choice.

My husband screwing his secretary in a position that seemed to defy gravity at that exact moment was his.

This moment in my life was not planned.

This moment was not wanted.

It changed my life forever.