AN. I do not own Star Trek or any of the Characters. This story is dedicated to my long time friend and beta, Wesley E. Matillies who has coached me through writing a story about a movie that i have seen once and knew nothing about!

The pain woke me up from my deep slumber, forcing me to clutch my stomach. I lifted my stiff, blood soaked black shirt and swore. The lacerations I had got from the last mission had not healed and were bleeding freely. Bones was going to kill me. The last mission was 2 days ago and I had directly disobeyed Spock and Bones' orders to undergo a physical. Not that they knew the full extent of my injuries. I had luckily been alone when the Mugato attacked. It took all of my strength to return to Bones and Spock without telling them.

'Captain Kirk to the Bridge'

'Captain Kirk to the Bridge'

I groaned outwardly at the wall mounted communicator system. Without moving much I got up and changed my shirt as it would not do to go to the bridge with my shirt saturated in blood. I even wrapped my stomach up with a bandage, hoping that I would not be needed on the bridge for too long, and that the blood would not show through.

I slowly made my way up to the bridge, not really talking to anyone that I came across, I was not in a very chatty mood. I tried to walk normally and I think that I succeeded for the most part. Arriving at the bridge I noticed Spock waiting for me, watching me as I awkwardly sat down in the command chair. I could not help but wince as the bandages pulled at my cuts. Hopefully Spock didn't notice and thank God that Bones wasn't in the room, as I swear that he has some sort of internal, 'Jim is hurt' radar.

Spock started to relay his news and I tried my hardest to look engrossed in what he was saying but the pain stole my attention away, as did the feeling of blood soaking through my makeshift bandages. I would have to change them soon or somebody would notice that something was wrong.

"Captain. My previous studies have shown the attention span of human kind to be one of the lowest of known species though your demeanour would suggest that something is troubling you. It would seem you have not comprehended my report."

Spock's voice broke through my thoughts and I looked up to see his face looming in my vision.

"Of course I am listening to you, Spock, continue."

Spock continued on his rant and I found my self slipping away again. Suddenly the voices changed and I found Spock once again calling me, his face now directly in front of me.

"Captain, since you are not able to focus on the matters at hand, I have asked Dr. McCoy to escort you to sickbay."

This jolted me right out of my thoughts and I saw red.

"And why would you do that?"

As always Spock replied with his honeyed logic.

"You are quite obviously in pain and it is impairing on your sensory impute, interpretation of facts and overall judgement."

I had had enough of Spock's logic by now so I decided to storm off. My body had other ideas. I pushed my self out of my seat and stood up straight. Taking a step, my stomach protested and I crumpled into Spock's waiting arms. He carefully placed me back on my chair and went over to his console. Looking me straight in the eyes, he paged Bones again, telling him to hurry.

"Spock, I don't need Bones up here I can -"

I tried to stand again but fell back heavily enough that I could hear the command chair groan in protest.

"Captain, you are unable to walk. If you wish, we could spend the rest of the afternoon watching you collapse into your chair after multiple failed attempts at standing."

I was tempted to try again but decided against it. I could always pull rank on Bones later. Making a fool of myself now, would only make it worse for me later. I thanked the heavens that it was a peaceful watch. It would have been a lot worse if the bridge had of been full. Much worse.

The quiet swish of the turbo lift alerted me to somebody's arrival, I guessed that it was Bones; and I couldn't help but slump in my chair. My guess was right as I heard Spock approach the door and converse with Bones, most likely detailing his thoughts and observations about me as well as my numerous yet failed attempts to stand up. It irked me that I was not part of the conversation yet was in the room, but I could not do anything about it so I just waited. Eventually they broke off their conversing and walked around to stand in front of me. Bones knelt and muttered something about how he knew that it was me, that it was always me who gets hurt. All I wanted to do was hit him and Spock then storm off to my cabin to relax. My stomach had decided that it wanted to humiliate me further by bleeding heavily so my plans went out the window and I draped my arms over my stomach gracefully and tried not to clutch it too hard yet making it harder for Bones.

Bones' faithful medical tricorder made an appearance and I was slowly counting down the seconds before the undeniable fury that was coming. The tricorder hovered over my stomach for a few seconds before continuing on its diagnostical journey. I held my breath and waited. Bones frowned at the scanner and rose to his feet walking over to Spock's desk and quietly talked to him, again not loud enough for me to hear them, Spock looking more and more puzzled by the second. I nearly jumped for joy; as it did not look as if the tricorder had picked up on my cuts. Finishing there conversation, the both walked back towards me. Spock just stood there, a metre away, observing me whilst Bones knelt down in front of me again.

"Jim, I am not here to hurt you, I just want to help you but you need to tell me what is wrong with you."

He looked very concerned and I could not help the laugh that escaped my lips. He didn't want to hurt me, yeah right, I was sure that he was just itching to use the nearest hypospray on me.

"Bones, absolutely nothing is wrong with me apart from the fact that I didn't get much sleep."

"Damn it, Jim, we know that something is wrong with you, Spock has already told me what happened before I came up so don't try to deny it. There is something wrong and all of us know it."

So they didn't know what was wrong, well at least that was a plus, however if I didn't get away from them soon, the blood would start to show through and then I would be in deep trouble.

"Bones, for the last time, I am fine, I just need to sleep and since Spock here seems to have nothing else to do apart from gossiping, he can take my watch as well. I am going to return to my room and sleep."

Bones face fell and I could not help but feel a little guilty about deceiving both of them, but if I hadn't I would be in a much worse situation. Both of them stepped away from my chair so I could get up. I slowly got up, making sure that it did not appear to have hurt me, when in reality, I was nearly screaming.

"Well if that is all, I will see you later."

I was nearly at the door when my undoing occurred. Spock started to reply to me and I twisted around to answer him when the bandages pulled my cuts open further, I could not help but gasp as blood quickly soaked my shirt and I collapsed. Just as I was about to hit the ground, I felt strong arms grab me and vaguely heard one person swearing colourfully, Bones appeared in my view and swore again, letting me know that it was Spock who was holding me up. Bones looked at me with irritation.

"Yes, Jim, absolutely nothing is wrong"

Turning to Spock, he thanked him for his quick reflexes and said something about explaining the symptoms. I felt myself being carried to the awaiting stretcher and being placed gently there, I could not muster up enough energy to thank Spock and I was somehow glad. I just sat limp on the stretcher not wanting for this to be happening, for the last few days to disappear.

Spock told Bones that he would take control of the bridge and to keep me for as long as was necessary. I however had different ideas as Bones wheeled me through the corridors toward sickbay.