My dearest Ita-chan. Please don't cry. I know I've been an irresponsible grandfather. Letting you see me like this. But please don't cry. Ojii-chan gets sad when he sees your tears.

I… never wanted you to see this. My cute grandson. I'm sorry I have to leave. But ojii-chan has been really stupid. Really stupid.

I guess I got too big. Too cocky. Or maybe I just got tired. Ah Germania, you bastard. I guess you were right. Maybe I should've gotten a little more serious. Less battles, and more politics. Though, there's only so much I can say about marine products. Besides, then I would've been all grumpy like you are.

I wanted to see you smile. At least once Germania.

On a side note, that hurt you bastard. I mean, you stabbed me for pity's sake! But… I guess I deserved that one huh…

My only regret is that, I'm bringing you all down with me. The lovely Greece and Egypt. Ah, what a shame. I heard those two had their own little boys to look after too. And what about your own sons, Germania?

Now, what did I say, Ita-chan? Don't cry! Ojii-chan gets really sad when you cry. Smile for me, my dearest Italy. Ojii-chan is sorry that he has to leave… He really is.

I'm sorry. I apologize to all who got caught in this mess.

But I guess, it's a little late for that.

It was fun, though. While it lasted. I… Don't regret what I did. Everything I've done. I made some foolish mistakes, yeah sure… But who doesn't. Now don't give me that look Germania. I may act stupid, but I didn't conquer the entire Mediterranean through sheer luck. Don't give me that look Germania! You know better!

Ne, Germania. Thanks.

Even though I know I was a pain in the butt, you waited until now to kill me. That sounded more morbid than I hoped—But really. Thanks. Life wouldn't have been half as fun without you.

That's all I have to say, I guess. I wanted to be all cool and go out with a bang! Hehehe. That would've been fun. But I know the others wouldn't have appreciated that.

So this is how it ends? I suppose I could be all bitter about it. But I think my grandson has shed enough tears.

Good-bye Greece, Egypt. So long, Germania. Farewell Ita-chan.

My cute, cute Ita-chan. Please stop crying. You're much cuter when you smile. So smile okay? Ojii-chan will always be watching over you. Always. Never forget that.

So be happy okay? Otherwise, Ojii-chan will get sad.

Besides, I'm leaving you and your brother my legacy. That's something to be plenty happy about, right?

Take care of your stubborn brother for me okay? I know I played favoritism, and I know I owed him more attention than he received. So take care of him for me okay? And… And let him know Ojii-chan cared about him too. In his silly, round-about way.

Ah, I feel like everything I've done is silly. It looks that way in retrospect. I guess, I really must be getting old.

I feel exhausted.

I think I'll go to sleep now. Good night, world.

And just like that. As the sun set on another day. The Ancient Roman Empire disappeared. Never to be heard of, again.