Jessica groaned and turned her body round, unsuccessfully, on the sofa she had fallen asleep on in the early hours of that morning. As she opened her bleary eyes she recognised her surroundings to be that of her Dad's house and she remembered that she was house-sitting for him whilst he was away for a couple of days on his mate's stag do in Ireland. She sat up too quickly and her head swam as she raised a gentle hand up to her forehead. The amount of vodka she had consumed last night hadn't been much, but seemingly enough to give her a headache this morning. She slowly and reluctantly sat up from the sofa with the intention of going into the kitchen but she paused in the hallway and glanced up the stairs, thinking back to the events of last night:

Jessica had sat down in front of the TV, waiting for the Real Hustle to come onto BBCThree. She was seriously debating whether to invite her boyfriend round but it was 9pm and he was probably out with a couple of mates anyway so she chose to use this alone-time wisely and began tucking into a big bowl of popcorn.

No sooner had she raised one bit to her mouth the doorbell rang. She had no idea who it was - especially at this time of night - so cautiously approached the front door, slightly narked that she was missing her favourite chill out programme. She attempted to recognise the figure through the frosted-out window of the door but couldn't, all she could tell was that it was a tall, blonde woman. She nervously unlocked the door, pulled it open ajar and the woman on the doorstep looked at her in surprise and confusion:

RONNIE: Jessie?!

Jessica remained where she was, not thrilled that her Auntie Ronnie stood outside. She had no idea what to say to her. Why was she here? And why was she here now? Jessica hadn't heard anything from her for the past three years and all of a sudden she had just turned up out of the blue. She never cracked a smile at the recognition. What was the point? She had spent so many years, especially when she was a kid, desperate for her eldest Aunt's attention, without a response. Ronnie had always been so cold and resentful, not wanting to be anywhere near her most of the time. Jessica had always thought she was so cool, but over the years she had settled for her Auntie Roxy who had always given her love and attention and had always, without fail, remembered to send her birthday and Christmas cards and presents. Her Auntie Ronnie had always forgotten. She pulled the door open, slightly angry:

JESSICA: What do you want?

Ronnie took in a deep breath but remained silent. For twenty years she had been harsh to this girl, never being overly-keen to play with her when she was little, or talk to her when she was older and it was for one pure reason. Jessica had always reminded her of how her daughter could've been had she not given her up at birth. Jessica had the blonde hair, the blue eyes and the lips, which she knew her niece would've got from the Mitchell side. But the thing that Jessica hurt Ronnie the most about, without even realising, was that she had been born the same day as her baby had. Ironic really, but her brother and father had had an argument two years previous and had never spoke again, so Archie had never battered an eyelid that Ronnie's big twenty year old brother was having a baby, instead he forced her to get rid of hers. Her Amy. Her Danielle. And now Danielle was…

JESSICA: Oh…crumbs…erm…

Jessica had no idea what to do. She was rubbish at keeping up a cold front, especially when someone started to cry. Her anger melted away as her Aunt began to cry hysterically on the doorstep. She didn't think that her words had been said that harshly but maybe they had. As cruel as her Aunt had been, it had never been enough for Jessica to stop loving and admiring her.

JESSICA: …oh…come on, we'd better get you inside.

She put an arm round Ronnie and escorted her into the living room, switched off the TV, then put a nice bottle of Vodka on the table, knowing that one route to her Aunt's heart was through alcohol.

Jessica slowly crept up the stairs towards her bedroom which she had offered to her Aunt last night. The door was open and Jessica couldn't help but crack a small smile as she saw Ronnie sprawled out on the bed, fully clothed, with her hair all over her face. Her Aunt looked so…human when she was asleep. A lot less scary and a lot more approachable. Maybe at some point, she could find it in her heart to forgive her Auntie Ron for all the neglect over the years. After all that she had been through over the past year and a half, Jessica was impressed that her Aunt was still standing, even if it was only just.

* * *

Well, dunno what you think about the idea but I've thought up SO MANY twists for this character including who her mother is, who her boyfriend is etc.

Tis gonna be fun to write it all but for now I've just gotta establish the character - hope I've done a good job so far?

Comments and feedback are great and I'll keep updating as much as possible, as well as updating my fic 'Revealed' :) Soph xxx