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The rain beat down heavily on the jeeps' windows, as if demanding entry in to the vehicle to get to the stoic boy inside. The boy barely moved, his eyes staring blankly out the window-a perfect Madame Tussauds wax figure. The rain beat down harder, desperately wanting to reach the boy to splatter him in its refreshing, cooling moisture-to replenish him and give him life, the way it did with the plants and soil. The window however, remained defiantly shut.

Alex sat in quiet solitude. He didn't think he'd have to see the almost continuously wet landscape of Brecon Beacons ever again-at the very least not so soon. But then, he argued with himself, where else would MI6 put me? After his return from Australia he'd had all of a month of bliss…no, that wasn't the right word. A semblance of normality perhaps?

School was hard. His subjects he could deal with-he had even managed to catch up in most of them as he would stay up all night doing homework, to evade the horrors that sleep brought him. No the real problem where his classmates and to a certain degree, the teachers as well. They didn't buy his sick excuses. His appearance, they reasoned, was far more similar to that of a druggie or gang member. What would they know? He silently fumed to himself. Alex didn't know which hurt him more-those that taunted him or those that ignored him, acting as if he never existed. His school life was shattered. Tom was the only one who made his school life somewhat bearable.

Jack…she had done everything she could to make him as comfortable as possible. To let him have fun- with cinema trips, and outings to see the sights of the city that although home, was beginning to feel like a stranger to him. Even though he could feel the curiosity burning in her eyes, she didn't ask him about his mission and for that, he was thankful. How would he explain to her that the man she'd had a fling with years ago was a backstabbing murder-stop right there,he thought firmly.

What did it matter anyways? Jack was gone. Her body had shut down, due to her undiagnosed diabetes. A bitter laugh rumbled in his chest. It was ironic really. What with his parents and uncle getting killed by criminal organisations he'd feared for Jack losing her life in a similar way-not something so normal.Even though for once, he logically knew that he wasn't responsible he still felt guilt eat at him. Maybe if she hadn't been so worried about me, she'd have noticed her condition earlier, he reasoned. He felt a pang deep in his chest, one that had nothing to do with his bullet wound.

MI6 obviously jumped at the chance to own him completely now. If he said he was surprised, he would have been lying to himself. They took him out of school on the pretence of getting home tutored due to his illness. They would keep him in Brecon Beacons so that he was always ready for a mission. He would have a tutor who would teach him at the camp, so in a way the excuse for his school was only a half lie.

When he had been told that he would be sent to the SAS he'd felt relief-and that emotion alone scared him more than anything else. He didn't want to admit (even to himself), that though not at ease he preferred this life to his old one. At least here, he knew what to expect…and he didn't have to lie as much. At school he was constantly in deep cover for his spy life and then also in a way, he had a second mask over that, as he didn't truly feel like a normal teen. He had to act like one rather than just be it. At least here he would only have one mask rather than two.

Cold air rushed towards him as the MI6 agent who had been driving him to the camp, opened his door. Alex hadn't even noticed the car stop.

'Come on. You're meant to report to the Sergeants office.' Alex nodded distractedly, still wrapped in his own thoughts. I should have said yes to the orphanage, right before my first mission, he thought grimly. He stepped out of the car and immediately the rain captured him. It had him in its clutches and was desperately trying to bring life in to those forlorn eyes. But Alex Rider wasn't a plant. It would take so much more than rain to put a flicker of life in to those eyes.

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