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Note Musicali

By: Satirical Juxtapose

Sound File 036: Humanap Ka Ng Panget

Written: Tuesday, July 07, 2009, 05:43:11 AM

Edited: Tuesday, September 29, 2009, 08:06:58 PM


Time: 10:12:10 PM

Location: Namimori High School Library, Namimori High School, Namimori City, Japan.

Note: Requesting for further observation and data-gathering on physical features and habits of Tomaso Boss' female love interests for confirmation of intermixing alien life forms in Japanese human population.

Archive Summary: Record of interactions between Tenth Vongola Boss, Sawada Tsunayoshi and Eighth Tomaso Boss, Naito Longchamp.

Archive File Status: Downloading 27.32423425 percent complete


"Pururinko- tan, you're so cuuuuutttttteeee!!!"

"Baka…!" The… err… 'girl' bellowed across the library. 'I don't want to be seen with this guy…' Tsuna thought, trying to disappear behind his library book.

"Hey! Hey! Hey, Sawada- chan! I've got a super- duper secret to tell you, Sawada- chan—!!!" Tsuna braced himself: "IT'S OUR SECOND YEAR ANNIVERSARY!" Although he made his relationships last a little longer now, Longchamp's taste in girls' seemed to have gotten worse...

"IT IS NOT!" She screeched back.

Tsuna put his book over his head in a desperate attempt to hide himself from the other glaring students.



Author's Notes: … I have no idea what "Puririnko" means. (=.=;;) I just made the name up following the weird naming trend Amano has for Longchamp's girlfriends. OTL

"Humanap Ka ng Panget": performedby "Radioactive Sago Project"; from their self- titled album "The Radioactive Sago Project". (Uhm… Another Tagalog song; unfortunately I can't find an English translation on the Internet. ==;) The title of the song loosely translates to "Find Someone Ugly". According to how I understand it, it's a satire about how an ugly lover won't leave a person and will remain more faithful than a good- looking one. It's a funny song and it's really too bad I don't know yet how to translate it without compensating the original context. XP

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Gokudera is convinced there are alien life forms walking among them in Namimori City and only Longchamp knows where to find them.