A sneer graced Veck's lips as he looked at his hostages in the bank. A second mall and a second chance to go with it. He'd undergone extensive plastic surgery and an identity change. He was a completely different person in one sense but in another he was still Veck, the guy that was defeated by Paul Blart. But that wouldn't happen this time and it was all because of the beautiful fact that Paul Blart didn't work at this mall. Another thing that convinced Veck that he couldn't lose here was that the only mall cop still in the mall was a girl.

Veck was quite sexist when it came to guys being stronger than girls, (very few girls had impressed him enough to be on his team) but this mall cop seemed extremely shy and quiet. Not one to try to go against him. He didn't like the fact that she was still running loose in the mall, just like Blart had been, but he wasn't too worried.

The mall cop's name was Lexi. Lexi wasn't very big, in fact she was what you'd call on the small side. She was quit thin and no higher than 5'1. She was quiet pretty but she was so quiet that no one really paid attention to her, besides a few select employees at the mall who happened to be her friends. She had blue eyes and light blond hair that was cut in a pixie style. No one really paid her much respect and she had a hard time ever getting relationships. She wanted a child but it'd never happened yet. The only family she really had left was her older brother, Kyle, and he was very close with her, the kind of brother that was very protective of his little sister. She lived with him and he always brought her lunch and made dinner since he worked from home as a writer.

Lexi looked around the empty mall with fear. How could she have been so stupid? She'd seen the report about the takeover at that one mall on the news. How did she not recognize him, he'd been all over the news for months and now she'd revealed everything about the mall to him.

Who was he? He was Veck Sims, the guy that had been defeated by the world renowned mall cop known as Paul Blart. It had seemed so unlikely that a guy like Paul could defeat a guy like… well any guy at all but even more so in Veck's case.

Lexi wasn't exactly sure how she knew that he was Veck, but she had a strong feeling it was. How he'd gotten out of jail was a mystery to her, but he had. A feeling of nausea swept over her. She'd trusted him and even… liked him. Not nearly as much as Jeremy, one of the clerks in the food court. Lexi had liked Jeremy for the longest time, since the first time she'd every seen him even seen him. What was not to like? He was extremely good looking, sweet, active in charity, and he was nice to her. She'd tried to ask him out before but she just couldn't. She didn't have the guts to and she didn't want to get turned down.

Lexi knew she'd never be able to take down Veck on her own and wished she'd stayed home sick that day. But a feeling of obligation to the mall kept nagging her in the back of her mind. She knew that it was her job to protect the mall but she hadn't thought this would happen when she'd signed up for the job. She thought she'd just be chasing after shop lifters and stuff like that. Never in all her life had she thought she'd have to deal with something like this.

Lexi jumped with fear as Veck's voice came on over the intercom of the mall. "Lexi, no one wants to see you get hurt so just come to the security room and you won't have to be hurt and brought here by force."

Veck watched Lexi through one of the security cameras as she looked around with panic. This is going to be way too easy. Veck thought to himself.

"N-no…" Lexi said with fear.

"What?!" Veck asked through intercom with annoyance and surprise.

Had she just said no to him? He was the one with the gun and hostages. He was supposed to be the one in charge of this, not her. "I said no."

Veck growled with annoyance as he zoomed in on her to see if she was actually scared or not. She had look of pure terror on her face. Veck felt a sneer appear on his face as he realized that she was trying to act tough and possibly do what Blart had somehow managed to do. He laughed with cruelty. "You're terrified and you know it. You think that brave act will work. I can see the fear on your face. You have to realize that you have no chance of defeating me. You do realize that, right?"

Lexi winced at Veck's words but tried to put on a brave face. "I'm not afraid of you Veck. If someone like Paul could defeat you and your plans then someone like me can also defeat you and your plans."

Veck laughed loudly and cruelly at Lexi's words. "What a heartfelt speech. I don't like heartfelt speeches though and you're obviously living off in your own world. You're an idiot if you actually believe what all you just said. And as for Blart, he got lucky."

The hatred for Paul was obvious, to Lexi and everyone else in the mall, by the way he'd said his name. "You don't scare me Veck. And you don't really think he was lucky, do you? You know it was more than luck, don't you? It was justice."

Veck laughed with amusement. "Justice? Justice had nothing to do with it! The overgrown bag of lard got lucky and everyone, including him, knows it."

Lexi knew he was probably right about Paul getting lucky on beating him, but he could also be wrong. "And what if wasn't luck? What if was justice?"

Veck rolled his eyes as he noticed the sudden lack of confidence that was oh so evident on Lexi's face. "You don't even believe what you're saying. It's a fact that anyone could easily see, even if they were standing a mile away."

Lexi knew all too well that Veck was right and wished that she could believe that it wasn't luck that had been on Paul's side that night. She wished she could believe that it was really justice or even skill that had helped Paul win, but how could she, or anyone else for that matter, believe it was anything more than luck that had lead Paul to victory.

A thought suddenly arose in Lexi's mind though. "That may be true, but who's to say I won't have the same luck that he did?"

Veck laughed at this. "And who's to say that you will?"

"I say that I will. What are the chances that someone gets the luck to defeat you and your crew single handedly? There's the same chances that someone else, someone like me, gets that same luck that lets them defeat you and your crew a second time."

This sent Veck over the edge. How dare she speak to him like that, like she could take him down with ease. He was the one that knew how to use a gun and even had one, while she had told him while she was 'training' him that she'd never even touched a toy water gun, so much as a real one! "Fine, if you think you have the luck that Blart got you can use it when I send my crew down there to get you." Lexi's eyes widened with fear as Veck smirked with satisfaction at her expression. "Unless you'd like to take my offer from earlier and just come to the security room where you'll become my hostage, though it will much less painful for you that way."

Giving up and becoming a hostage sounded like such an easy choice to Lexi, but it didn't sound like the right choice to her. The right choice would be to stand up to Veck and his crew, like Paul had. But that also sounded like the scariest decision she could make in all of her life. In all honesty this was a life or death decision. Life would be following Veck's orders and death would be standing up for what was right by defying Veck and his orders. "So you going to give up now Lexi?" Veck asked in a mocking tone.

His tone told her what she had to do. A tiny lump of confidence grew with-in her as she recalled the words that Paul had repeated on the news so many times before. "Sure, I'll meet you on the corner of 'Ne' and 'Ver'."