Veck inserted his two bullets and readied the gun shoot Lexi in a few swift movements. Lexi shut her eyes tightly, ready for the pain to come, as Veck pointed the gun at her. A loud bang echoed as Lexi felt a bullet suddenly come in contact with her left kneecap. She cried out in pain as she collapsed onto the ground.

A smirk graced Veck's face as he walked over to her, bent down to her level and put the cock of the gun to her temple. "Do you want to cooperate with me now, or should I pull the trigger right here and now?" he asked, his voice full of a cruel amusement. Tears of pain streamed down Lexi's face, but she gritted her teeth and glared, defiantly, at Veck. She knew that she didn't have any chance at this point, so why cooperate at all? Not that she'd really cooperated with him at all that night. "Well?"

"Never," Lexi spat defiantly.

"Fine have it your way then," Veck said, he sounded angered, though, that Lexi would rather take the bullet than just cooperate with him.

Lexi prepared herself to die. Funny… she thought to herself. I always thought your life was supposed to flash before your eyes right before you die… but I don't see anything though...

A loud bang echoed throughout the air and Lexi fell to the ground, her body suddenly heavier. Her body ached and stung with pain as struggled to stay afloat in the hazy darkness that was beginning to envelope her world. Sirens echoed in the distance and she felt herself being picked up. "Lexi! Lexi! Wake up! Don't go to sleep!"

Lexi's breath stopped at the voice she heard. It sounded like Kyle, her older brother. She wanted to blink but she found that she didn't have the energy to. She did, however, manage to open her mouth and get a few words out. "K-Kyle, is that you?" she asked weakly.

"That's right Lexi, its Kyle. Just stay awake for me, okay?" the voice pleaded.

"O-okay," Lexi murmured quietly.

"You're gonna be okay Lexi, can you keep talking to me?"

"Y-yea… where's Veck?"

"He's back there on the ground."

This managed to give Lexi enough energy to quickly snap her eyes open. "Wh-what? What happened?"

"I shot him before he could shoot you."

"You? Y-you shot V-veck?"

Lexi had a shocked look on her face, as far as she knew Kyle had never touched a gun. "Yea, I've been too shooting ranges every so often and when I heard what was going on I drove down to the mall and demanded that they take me when the car with you and Veck sped past us. I was the first out of the car when we caught up and I'd grabbed a gun. So I shot him before he could shoot you… unfortunately, he still managed to shoot you in the chest. I'm pretty sure you're going to fine though."

"He got me in the knee too…" Lexi muttered. "So is he…"

She couldn't even bring herself to say the word. As much as Veck deserved it, she didn't want him to die. She would never wish that on anyone. "Dead?" Kyle asked causing Lexi to cringe a bit. Kyle looked at her sympathetically with his blue eyes. Lexi had been sensitive on that subject ever since their parents had died in a drive by shooting. "No. Just unconscious. I hit him in the back of the leg and he fell face first onto the ground."

"Oh…" Lexi said with a bit of relief. "How are the other employees?"

"They're all fine. In fact, a couple of them are waiting at the police station right now to find out what's up with you. I think the only one that didn't go was named Kelly." Lexi's breath stopped again, Jeremy had gone to see what happened. "One of them, Jeremy I think, had one of the police that stayed behind radio us to tell us that he wanted to know what was going on as it happened."

Lexi mentally smiled as she suddenly found herself being placed on a cot inside of an ambulance.


Lexi sat on the couch in her living room. It'd been a week since Veck had been apprehended and he was now back in jail where he belonged. Lexi was on leave from work because of her knee and chest. The bullet had narrowly missed all of her vital organs so she would be fine after plenty of rest.

The doorbell suddenly rang causing Lexi to look up from the book she was reading. Kyle was at the grocery store getting some food for dinner so it was up to her to answer the door. She sighed as she set the book down and grabbed her crutches. She slowly wobbled to the door and about two more rings she managed to open the door. What she saw took her breath away. "Jeremy?" she asked with surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"Hey," Jeremy smiled. "Sorry I wasn't here sooner but everything's been pretty hectic lately."

Lexi smiled as Jeremy came in. She closed the door as they both went and sat down on the couch. "I know this is going to sound extremely random and all but after what happened I have to tell you something," Lexi said looking at Jeremy.

"Same here, that's why I came over, you go first."

"Kay… well I really like you, a lot."

Jeremy smiled. "Same here," he said as gently leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Lexi's lips.

A feeling of happiness filled Lexi as she kissed him back. Maybe this whole fiasco was for the best…

The End

(Yay! I did it! I managed to get enough inspiration to finish this story :D I enjoyed writing it quite a bit though. It seems like every time I finish one of these long term stories it feels like a piece of me is missing :( The characters really grow on me when I'm writing them. They become my friends and family through the process. Hope you liked them as much as I did :D)