"Let me tell you something, man. That concert was insane," said Randall 'Pink' Floyd. He and his friends were on their way home from an Aerosmith concert. "You're lucky I let you get shotgun, man. I just felt like chilling in the back today," said Slater. Of course, he was getting high as was everyone else in the car. "Slate, watch the leather, man. Your feet are all over the place," Wooderson said as Slater passed him the marijuana. It had been his idea to go to the Aerosmith concert and he had invited Cynthia along for the ride as well. She was in her own car though with Mike and Tony who had brought along Sabrina.

"Hey, sweet cheeks. We're having another beer bust later on tonight. Same place and same time as last time. Be there," said Wooderson. "I'm digging red, man." "I can see that. Just make sure you don't get arrested," said Pink. "Hey, get next to Don's car." Wooderson shifted lanes and got next to Don. "Hey, beer bust at 11:30 on the field. You better be there be there." "Don't worry, man. I'll just pick up Benny and Melvin and I'll be there. As Slate would say check you later!" said Don. "Hey, man, that's not cool, man," said Slater. "Pass it over here, man." He took a hit and passed it on to Simone who was next to him. "Pink, have you decided if you're going to play next year?" she asked. "Don't worry about it. I'll make my decision later," he answered.

As they made they're way to the field, Jodi, Kaye, and Shavonne as usual were talking shit about Darla and Simone. "I know that she's a bitch but I'm just her friend to keep up appearances," said Jodi. "I mean, how would it look if she found out that Pink is cheating on her with me. I guess it doesn't matter since I did it just to get his weed. Right?"


About thirty minutes later mostly everyone was already at the beer bust and it was very reminiscent of the last day of school. That day held many memories for everyone. As Wooderson, Pink, Slater, and Simone arrived, so did Don with Benny and Melvin and along with them, the beer. "All right, all right, listen up guys. I wanna make a toast," said Wooderson. "This is for my man Pink, and for this summer. It's been a hell of a fuckin' summer. To summer and to keeping on livin'." As everyone partied the night away, Pink went to Wooderson's car and blasted his Aerosmith 8-track so they could have music this time. Once again everything was going well until Clint showed up and jumped Mike. Just like last time, Pink and Wooderson jumped in to save him. "I hate that motherfucker," said Mike. "We know Mike. We know," replied Cynthia.

Don brought a football which started an impromptu football game between the guys with a bet involved as well. The bet was that the losers would have to paddled by the winners. Wooderson was all time quarterback. The teams consisted of Slater, Pink, and Don against Benny, Melvin and Pickford. Of course Pink's team won and since the other team lost they all got paddled by Pink and the guys. Wooderson just sat back with Cynthia and enjoyed what was going on.

As the night came to an end, so did everyone else. As everyone made they're ways home, Jodi pulled Pink into the woods and they started to make out. As Jodi left, Pink just stared at her. "Boy, let her go. She's just gonna end up fuckin' you over. Trust me. I've been there before, man," said Wooderson. "Yeah, you're right. Fuck her. Let's go smoke a joint," said Pink.