Disclaimer- I do not own these characters even though I wish I did: P Just Another 'Once Upon a Time

Chapter One: A Night Out

Bella's point of view

"Could you turn it down some!"

Roommates you got to love them. NO! Not really, but I love these two. Considering that I've been best friends with them since the first grade. Even though I'm complete opposite from them. Rosalie and Alice love to shop, party and flirt around with any guy they find "hot". And then there's me….I sit in out apartment all day and read or write- I love to write music lyrics and stories-. There also a year older than me I'm 21 and there 22. Rosalie is very tall, slim and built with long blonde hair and blue green eyes. Alice is very short and slender with short black hair and green eyes. So even though were all different we get along regardless.

"You know Bella…." Rosalie started but I cut her off

"NO! Absolutely not! I am NOT going to that club! Just forget it okay!"

"No you're going alright!" Alice said with authority "So get dressed! Were going to the mall, getting you an outfit, our choice not yours! And then we have to get back before 7:00 to get you ready by 8:30 and eat then be at the club by 9:15! So go up stairs NOW!" she screeched

After I got dressed we headed out to the mall. It was pure agony. I was drug through each store, tried on a million different outfits and then they finally decided on an outfit. Ripped light blue jeans, a red and black corset top, with high heeled boot! As If I could already walk straight in flat shoes! This was going to be a very long night.

"OUCH! Seriously could you try not to kill me!" I complained even though I never really complain about anything they were seriously hurting me.

"Oh be quiet. Were trying to make you look stunning, for tonight." Alice said

"What's the point? I've seen every guy on this campus and none of them are my type. And even if they were it's not like they would fall for someone like me. I mean look at me! I trip over air most days and I'm way to shy for my own good and.." they cut me off

"Bella! Come on and loosen up. You may be clumsy but oh well, and the shy thing will pass once you meet the right guy..." Rosalie said

"That is never going to happen..." I muttered and regretted it instantly they both hit me

"And there's no denying that you're beautiful. Any girl would kill for your figure and features." Alice said.


"Okay just some last minute touches….done!" Rosalie stated happily

"Take a look!" Alice said excitedly

I did as told and walked over to the long mirror in my bathroom. I couldn't believe what I saw. That couldn't be be…could it? The girl in the mirror was tall and slim, with bright facial features and well needless to say she looked hot! But it was me.

"WOW! I can't believe it! You two are miracle workers!" I exclaimed

I ran over to them and gave them a hug. Since they were already dressed and ready we went down town across the street from the club and got some food.

"Look at the piece of man candy." Rosalie whispered pointing at the far corner of the café.

"Look at the guys next to him." Alice said

"I don't think I've ever seen them on campus before they must be new…" I stated

"Well…let's go greet them." Alice said cheerfully

We walked over to their table and two of the boys look up and smiled.

"Hey! I'm Alice and these are my roommates Bella, and Rosalie" Alice said gawking at the blonde boy.

"I'm Jasper," said the blonde "And these are Emmett and Edward." He said pointing them out. Jasper was a tall and lean boy. With pale blonde hair, and blue eyes and a little muscular. Emmett was plain to say massive. I mean the boy was huge, muscle after muscle. With brown hair, and eyes. They were both cute but then there was Edward….He was needless to say hot! He was tall and lean, but still built but not like the other two. He had reddish brown hair with piercing green eyes. I guess he felt me staring because he looked up and smiled at me looking taken by surprise.

Alice and Rosalie were already all over Jasper and Emmett so I decided to go over and talk to Edward. Being my regular clumsy self I winded up tripping, but before I could hit the floor I felt a strong pair of arms catch me around the waist. I looked up and blushed. Edward had caught me and everyone was now laughing.

"Sorry about that." I stuttered

"Are you always this clumsy?" he asked

"YES!" Rosalie and Alice said at the same time laughing

"Well what are you girls up two tonight?" Emmett asked

"Well we finally got Bella to go out, so were all going to the club." Rosalie said

"Yeah Rose and me are on stage tonight!" Alice squealed

"Wait. The club across the street?" Jasper asked

"Uh. Yeah. Why are you guys going too?" Alice squealed

"Yes actually," He said looking at the clock "Were on in five minutes!"

"Let's GO!" Emmett boomed

So we all went to the club together as soon as we got there us girls went to a back booth to put our stuff down while the guys went on stage. We all ran to the front of the club to see them better. And when they started to play my jaw feel open. Emmett was on drums Jasper on bass both singing back up, and Edward was singing lead on guitar. They were singing, Hysteria by Muse.

"It's bugging me crawling in, And twisting me around

Yeah I'm endlessly caving in, And turning inside out

'Cause I want it now , I want it now

Give me your heart and soul, And I'm breaking out

I'm breaking out, Last chance to lose control

It's holding me, morphing me, And forcing me to strive

To be endlessly cold within, And dreaming I'm alive

'Cause I want it now, I want it now

Give me your heart and soul, And I'm breaking out

I'm breaking out, Last chance to lose control

And I want you now, I want you now

I feel my heart implode, I'm breaking out, escaping now

Feeling my faith grow old"

Now everyone went wild. All the girls were screaming and whistling, while the guys gave them dagger looks. It was awesome they could really sing. Who would of known.

Edward's point of view

It was amazing. Everyone was cheering. As we got off stage the boys wanted to head over to the girls when we saw that they were already going on stage and dragging a frightful looking Bella along with them. As they got on Alice and Rosalie automatically started to sing to the music. It was Misery Business by Paramore but they did a mix version of it. While Bella stood there just staring.

"Hey everyone! It seems like our friend Bella her is to afraid. Give her a big cheer, maybe she'll sing.!" Alice yelled into the microphone

Everyone started to encourage her to sing and they started to clap and cheer as she slowly walked towards the mic.

"Whoa I never meant to brag, but I got him were I want him now

Whoa it was never my intention to brag, to steal all away from you know.

But god it feels so good 'Cause I got him were I want him now

And if you could then you know you would, 'Cause god it just feels so good"

They all started to sing and dance and Bella look great up there. That is when I knew I was falling for her. Falling bad.