Coming Home

Chapter One

Summary: Buffy and Faith's relationship takes a different turn, but will Buffy be able to accept it?

A/N: After reading some of the great stories on this site, I decided to give it a shot. This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic, so be gentle with me, and feel free to offer up any advice. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, and I hope you enjoy.

"Can't or won't, B?" She asks with a look of hurt and confusion etched on her face.

"Both," I answer and turn to leave her standing alone in the middle of the street, with not so much as a glance back.

There she is again, lifting weights. What does she think this is? Some sort of gym? Ok, so maybe it is a gym, a very nice one, but she doesn't have to come in here and flaunt herself everyday. I know that I'm a Slayer, too, but everything just looks so effortless with her. The way her muscles move under her skin every time she...Ok, I really need to get laid.

I hadn't been with anyone since...that guy...whose name I can't remember. That was over six months ago, so everything is looking really good right about now, including Faith.

"Good daydream?" The girl I had just been thinking about asks, startling me out of said thoughts.

"No, not really," I say with more ice in my tone than I intend. It makes her take a small step back and I immediately regret the words. She really hasn't done anything wrong, other than look sexy with all that sweating and breathing hard. "I'm sorry. I'm just a bit on edge."

That certainly wasn't a lie. After the Hellmouth formally known as Sunnydale collapsed into the ground we were a little lost. Not having a home or a city full of demons will do that to you, and it wasn't until a month later that Giles suggested Cleveland, again.

I wasn't too thrilled about the idea at first, but can you blame me? I had just spent the past seven years of my life living on one Hellmouth, why would I want to run off to another so quickly? It took me another week just to come up with an answer and, with a lot of prodding from Faith, I agreed. So, the extended Scooby Gang, now including a dozen or so new slayers, loaded up and headed out of LA towards the east.

Wait, where was I? Oh, right, being on edge. It's in large part due to the woman standing in front of me, giving me a 'what the hell' look, and the complete lack of anything evil for the past few weeks.

"Earth to Buffy. Did you go retarded on me? I asked you a question."

Right, paying attention and talking equals good. "Sorry, what'd you say?"

She lets out a sigh but follows it quickly with a chuckle and a shake of her head. "I asked if you wanted to hit the town tonight. It might help with this 'edge' thing you've got going on."

Did I want to go out? Not really and, just when I'm about to decline, she gives me that smirk. A smirk I think she only uses on me, one that she knows will always end in me agreeing with anything she says. Stupid smirk. Stupid Faith.

As the blonde stood there staring at the gaping hole that had once been her hometown, nothing was really going through her mind. She was hardly registering her friends talking behind her. They had done it, they had won, and all that went through her head, as a tiny smile pulled at her lips, was that she was free.

After a few more seconds, seconds that she had to allow herself, she turned from the crater, finally acknowledging that people were actually speaking, and let her smile grow as she looked on at the people who had made it. They really had done it.

A few more jokes were tossed around, not because anyone found the situation particularly funny, but because it filled the silence that no one wanted around them. Each gave one last look towards the hole and started walking back to the bus.

It was made clear, after everyone had re-boarded the yellow vehicle, that no one had a plan. No one knew what they were supposed to do. Buffy's blood soaked top answered that question for them.

Faith had noticed that the girl was a little too quiet but didn't think anything of it. She just figured that she was letting memories flood her mind. When she went to the back of the bus to check on the blonde, however, she saw that she was bent over, her head resting against the seat in front of her, and her hand clutching her stomach.

Without asking for permission, or even thinking about it, the brunette sat down next to the other girl and lifted her hand from the wound. With a gentleness that Buffy didn't know the ex-con possessed, she lifted the garment to get a better look at the gash.

No words were spoken, just creased brows and a look of worry met Buffy's gaze. Before getting up to tell Giles just how serious the wound was, Faith reached up and tucked a stray blonde hair back behind the girl's ear.

Buffy watched the girl walk away from her unsteadily as the bus raced down the road to no real destination. After she reached the front, she turned and gave Buffy a smirk, letting her know that everything would be OK.

I can't believe we've been here seven months and I haven't been to a club, yet. The closest thing I got was that dump of a bar where I met John....Jake...James? At first there was no time, not for me, anyway. We had to find a home big enough for all of us. Giles took Dawn and Andrew with him to London for some Council stuff but the rest of us decided to stick together. Finding a house big enough to fit all of us comfortably had been a little difficult, but we finally found one.

And what did we get as our welcoming gift? A stupid bad guy trying to end the world. Can't anyone come up with something more original? I mean, it gets a little old after the first few hundred people that try it. This guy was actually pretty tough, though. He was some big time wizard that had been wronged by the love of his life.

So, between trying to stop this guy from destroying the world, getting the house situated and taking care of more girls than I would ever want to, I just didn't have the time to check out the nightlife. But Faith had. Of course she had, this is Faith we're talking about.

As I watch her finish her last set, my workout completely forgotten, I can't help but smile. We haven't gotten extremely close over these past few months since Sunnydale fell, but we have reached this comfortable acceptance of each other. Oh, she's finished and making her way back over here. Act like you have a brain. Act like you have a brain.

"You done?" Am I done? Done with what? Is there something I'm supposed to be done with?


"Your workout, are you finished?"

Yes, I have a brain, it just works whenever it wants to, which is almost never. "Oh, yeah. I'm done." That's a lie, I haven't even gotten through half of it before I start drooling over Faith and her...I have to talk to Willow. There's no way I'm not under a spell.

"Do you wanna get out of here, then? I think some of the newbies want to use the machines," she says as she picks up her towel and starts to dab it across her chest.

I can't help but stare, it's like she wants me to. At least this time I can form words, "Yeah, out."

No one said they were good words.

I finally make it back to my room, it was touch and go there for a minute. Twice she accidently rubbed her arm against mine, and twice I had to hold back from shoving her against the wall and having my way with her.

She says that her and Kennedy know of the perfect place to go out to tonight. I'm just glad it's a group outing, I don't think I can handle being alone with anyone right now, especially Faith. Willow and Xander agree to come along, and we all decide to leave around 10.

It's six now, so that leaves me just enough time to eat and get ready. What? It's my first night out in months, I want to look good and maybe catch someone's eye.

And good I look.

After racing through dinner, I ran back up to my room and jumped in the shower. It took me a little while to decide what I wanted to wear but I finally decided on something simple. You have no idea how long it takes to look like it didn't take you very long to get ready.

Tight blue jeans, an even tighter black tank top, my sexy black boots, and a tiny cross necklace resting just above my cleavage. Oh yeah, I look good and it only took me three and a half hours to pull it off.

"Wow, Buffy. You look awesome. I suddenly feel not so hot anymore," Willow says to me as we both exit our rooms at the same time.

"Will, you look great. Kennedy is a lucky girl." Does that sound flirtatious? I guess not because she's giving me one of those friendly smiles.

"Thanks, we should probably head down. The others have been ready for awhile, now."

It's like one of those scenes from a movie. You know, where the girl walks down the stairs with her date waiting at the bottom, thinking how beautiful she looks. Yeah, this is exactly like that except Willow and I walk down the stairs to find the other three in the living room playing Xbox and shouting at each other.

Stupid movies.

The club is called Outer Limits and, for the most part, it looks normal. I really thought the two of them would pick the wildest place they could. We all get in without much trouble. Xander's lucky that he came with four hot girls or no way would he have gotten in without waiting in line with the rest of the people.

The five of us make our way through the crowded club and, to make sure we don't get separated, Faith places her hand on the small of my back. It's not that big of a deal, except that her pinky is resting on the skin between my shirt and jeans. The skin on skin contact is driving me insane, and I think she knows it, too, since she's slowly moving it up and down my back.

I look over at her and give her a glare but am met with that stupid smirk and shrugging shoulders as my response. She does move her hand, though.

We finally make it to a booth towards the back of the club and climb in. Of course Xander sits next to Willow and Kennedy, leaving Faith and I to sit on the other side. As long as she doesn't touch me, I'll be fine.

She touches me. Her hand on my knee to be exact. It's obviously not a big deal to her, but all I can do is sit here and stare at my leg. What is happening to me? Am I really in that much of a need to get laid that suddenly everything Faith does turns me on?

I'm brought out of my thoughts, once again, by her leaning over and talking into my ear. The music isn't so loud where we are, so I think she's doing it just to get a reaction out of me, and she does. I shiver as the words leaving her mouth cause her breath to tickle my ear.

"How about a dance?" She asks me as she slides her hand just a little further up my leg.

Maybe a dance won't be too bad. It'll mean that her hand will stop its inching. I don't even have time to answer, though, as she grabs my hand and pulls me from the booth. She practically drags me out onto the dance floor but, when we make it there, she turns towards me, and it's like we're the only two people in the room.

She pulls me closer and gives me a real smile. It causes my insides to go into more turmoil than that smirk ever did. I guess because she so rarely smiles. All I can do is smile back and let her guide me into the dance.

Our bodies don't even match the beat of the song. It's some fast paced pop song of the week but our bodies meld together and sway slowly. Her leg finds it way between mine, and it fits there perfectly.

I can't help but let out a gasp as she pulls on my hips, causing me to grind down on her thigh. Her hands never move, either. She keeps them there and rubs tiny circles just above my jeans with her thumbs. God, it feels good, and she knows what it's doing to me as she ducks her head down and finds my ear again.

"Did I tell you how sexy you look tonight, B?" She breathes out, just above a whisper. If I was any other person, I wouldn't be able to hear her.

All I can do is shake my head 'no' and sigh when I feel her laugh vibrate through both of us.

I'm so turned on, and I don't think you can call what we're doing dancing. She doesn't even need to pull on my hips anymore, I'm rocking them into hers of my own free will. The feeling of her strong thigh pressing up into me is driving me so crazy that, if this 'dance' doesn't end soon, she'll be the first person since get me off.

The song ends but the dance doesn't. I'm so close to going over the edge that one little thing might just shove me over. And then she kisses me. Not anything major, just a light touch of her lips to my ear. That's all I need, one more rock of my hips and I'm falling off the cliff. Good thing she's here to catch me, though, or hold me up from falling to the floor, it's the same thing.

Faith is still holding me up as we both wait for the aftershocks to wear off, but the only thing going through my mind is: I can't believe I just humped Faith's leg.