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So here's the basic plot. Bella is 22, married to Jacob (Don't worry, I swear to you that it is not a Jacob/Bella story). Edward is married to Leah (Again, it's not an Edward/Leah story either). Bella works at a nursery with Rosalie and Alice is a mum who brings her little girl in every day. That is all I am going to say.

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Prologue-Broken Bonds

BPOV (Bella's Point of view) The Present Day

"Bella? Did you remember the paints for the kids?" Rose called whilst balancing a toddler on her hip.

"Oh yeah, they're still in the car. I'll just go and get them." I grabbed my keys from the table and raced outside to my rusting old red Chevy truck. It took me some time to prise open the passenger door, but I managed in the end. Balancing the paints on one hip, as you would with a child, I slammed the door shut and the keys slipped from my fingers and landed on the ground with a light clang. I sighed as I bent down, but someone else beat me to it. I looked up to see Adonis himself hand me the keys. I mumbled thanks and straightened up.

Somehow those emerald green orbs seemed remotely familiar.

He spoke. "Hi, I'm Edward."

Out of shock, I dropped my keys once again, only to find that he had already picked them up. I was speechless. It was bronze hair, not a bronze shirt. "You're Bella Swan aren't you?"

My keys fell again. Shit. I clutched my stomach. If only he knew.

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