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Chapter 3-Graduation

BPOV (Bella's Point of View)

I slowly opened my eyes to see the familiar faces of Edward and Jacob above me. "Bella? Are you alright?" Edward asked.

"Yeah, ouch, my head." I slumped back down and then realised where I was. Shit. I turned around to see the whole school board staring at me with mixed emotions. The colour rushed to my face with embarrassment. "Oh my God. The whole school. Is looking at me." Edward hoisted me up and firmly gripped me from the waist.

"You may resume Mrs. Campbell." Mrs. Campbell, looking a tad flustered, nodded at me then resumed her name calling. "Bella, you need to stop overreacting over everything." Edward whispered into my ear. My face was still heated up and I spotted Charlie glance at me nervously. I smiled to show him I was ok, and he returned the favour.

"This is so humiliating," I whispered. "I feel like a fool." There were only a few people left to graduate and Jacob was one of them. He winked at me before he walked onto the stage with large strides, received his diploma and joined us at the other end of the hall.

"Are you ok Bells?" He placed a hand on my back reassuringly and Edward brushed it off brusquely by holding me closer to him. Jacob turned sour and whispered to Leah who was next to him. Now the last person was being called out, and people were shifting in their seats, waiting to burst into an uproar.

"Ana Cheang!" The audience weren't sure whether to applaud or to wait until the headmistress instructed them to do so, so they just nodded in anticipation. We all took our places on the stage, Edward on one side of me, Jacob on the other. My head was still spinning from what they had both said to me earlier, and surprisingly, I was still in indecision. I glanced at Edward, my love, my completion, my guard, my protector. Then I saw Jacob, also my love, my sun, my happiness, my immatureness, my fun. The people were staring intently at Mrs. Campbell, waiting for her order. My heart was beating, any second now and I would be done with high school, any second now.

"Ladies and gentleman," This was it.

"I present to you," I squeezed Edward and Jacob's hands.

"CLASS OF 2003!!!" We all screamed and threw our caps into the air in exhilaration. The audience stood up in an uproar of applause. Done. I was done with high school. I couldn't believe it. Edward twirled me around and kissed me forcefully again, and I felt something harden of his down below. For the first time in my life, I pushed myself out of his grip. Luckily the hall had become so crowded no one spotted it, but Edward seemed shocked.

"Bella? What's wrong?" He ran his hand through his hair.

"Umm, nothing!" I squeaked. "Just got to go and congratulate people, say hi to Charlie, you know!" I ran off before he could see the colour of my face. I hated lying to Edward when he was always honest with me. I spotted Charlie and ran up to him. He enveloped me in a warm hug and I smiled. "Hey Dad," I said. "So, I've finally graduated then."

I was surprised to see that when I released him, he had a single tear streaking down his face. "Dad, are you actually crying?"

He sighed. "Your Mom would have been so proud of you Bella. So, so proud." The mentioning of Mom made me tear up slightly and I dug my neck into Charlie's shoulder. My Mom, Renée had died of a heart attack when I was just 7 years old, but I still remembered her every feature and quality to this day.

"I know Dad."

He sniffed. "Well, don't let me ruin your fun, I know Alice has that graduation party for everyone later on, so enjoy. Anyways, me and Billy were going to catch a game anyways." Short but sweet.



"Can you sneak me in your car? Quick! Before Alice sees!"

He laughed merrily. "Bella, you know it would hurt her feelings if you didn't attend the party. Just have fun ok? I'll see you alter." He camouflaged in with the crowd and I searched for someone familiar to talk to. All of a sudden, my vision was blurred by a massive hand.

"Guess who?" A loud deep voice boomed. I turned around to see Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper beaming at me. "Congratulations!" They chorused in perfect unison. We all had a group hug and Alice said she'd see me later at hers.

"Hey gorgeous." I spun around and leaped into Jake's arms, choosing to ignore the comment he just made. "Congrats Bells!" He whispered against my neck. The touch of his lips against my neck sent shivers down my spine. I was worried of Edward getting all possessive so I gently pulled away from Jake's grasp. He understood and grinned. "So, we've graduated huh?"

"Yup." I popped the 'p' and swayed on the heels of my feet. I'd had this conversation too many times. "So, you coming to Alice's tonight?"

"Nah, me and the boys are gonna go down to the beach for a barbeque, wanna come?" I ruffled his too short hair and laughed.

"I wish I could, but I have to go to Alice's party."

"Oh well. I guess I'll see you round then Bella."

"Yeah I'll-"

"Talk to you-"

"Call me-"

"I'll call you." And with that, he sauntered off. I scanned the crowds for a sign of Edward, and saw him with Leah, his arms wrapped around her waist in a hug that was too long. They spun round and Edward caught my eye, but I just walked out of the hall and into the fresh air.

Moments later, Edward appeared by my side. "Bella-"

But I didn't really want to discuss that incident right now. "Umm, why don't we head over to yours, go help Alice get ready for the party?" A guilty look passed his face. "What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing, don't worry about it."

"Oh, ok then. I'll see you there." I hopped into my truck and watched Edward pull out of the school parking lot and drive off. Something had gotten into Edward lately, and I didn't like it one bit. I sighed and followed Edward's silver Volvo to his place, there were white lanterns leading the way so it was impossible to get lost. Alice really knew how to throw a party.

I could hear music blaring from inside, and I prepared myself for the long night ahead. Edward seemed tenser by the minute as he opened my car door for me. "Come on love."

I left my graduation clothes in the car and I saw Edward literally checking me out as if I were a prostitute. "Edward!"

"Sorry!" He gasped and led me to his house. I was welcomed by Esme, Edward's mother who had to be the most generous woman I had met. "Hello Bella! How are you dear? Congratulations!"

"Oh! Thank you so much!" I hugged her and shook hands with Carlisle, Edward's father who was equally as hospitable as his wife.

"Congratulations Bella."

"Thank you." I blushed as Edward took me to the lounge where a few people had already arrived.

"Bella! Over here!" Alice shouted aver the loud music. I strode over to where she was testing out music. This would be a long night…

A few hours later and the party was pumping, there were about 200 people making out, getting drunk, dancing and playing party games all around the Cullen's house. I had a sore headache so I slipped away into Edward's room (I had the spare key) and sat down on his bed.

About 10 minutes later, the door handle turned and Edward appeared, closed the door behind him and locked it so no one else could enter.

That was when I saw it.

A huge lump, protruding Edward's trousers painfully. My eyes widened in shock. "Bella, there's something I have to tell you."

What did this mean?

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