I love my job. It never ceases to amaze me, every corner you turn, there's a new adventure waiting to be taken on.

You know the saying, "History comes to life?"

Well in my job it literally does.

You see, I'm Rosalie Wallish Daley and I work at the Museum of Natural History with my basically adopted dad Larry Daley and his son Nick.

You see, I was left by my mom 6 years ago when I was 14 on the streets of New York and Larry and his son Nick, who's only 2 days older than me but he likes to rub it in my face, found me and took me in.

I'm now 20 and Nick and I work the night shift at the museum. Larry (or Dad as I call him now) started his own company after his inventions finally started to take off.

His business brings in the money all right, but I still love working with all my friends at the museum. It's just way to much fun to ever give up.

Also working with Nick has its positives too. You see, I've always had this tiny thing for him, but he's really never thought of me as anything other than a sister to my disappointment. But hey, it can't hurt to dream.

But all I knew was about to change. You see, Nick and I just found out we were basically out of a job cause, almost all of our beloved friends were being shipped to Washington D.C. to the Smithsonian Institute to be put into storage.

We then found out that we could possibly transfer to the Smithsonian too if we wish to still work the night shift at a museum.

We really didn't know what to make of this news so we decided we should make our last night with the exhibits memorable. After spending our last night with them and after they were shipped off we headed back to the house to spend some time with Dad.

Little did we know that this was only the start of our adventure.